How to use professional chatting sites effectively

How to use professional chatting sites effectively ?

Instant Massaging is an essential for each generation using the internet at the present day. While there is numerous live chat software it is very important to adapt a sound strategy to use them for the success of any e-commerce venture. The term “online chats etiquette” is actually the set of practice guidelines for live chat and instant messaging. The following tips will certainly help you in effective application of these live chat tools and convert the potential clients into finalized deals. With these, you can successfully get the valuable partners out of your various casual contacts.

17 way to use live chat tools effectively:

  1. Suitable screen name and icon:
    The use of funny and humorous screen name is not right for a business environment; it is your first impression so it must be relevant and impressive. Also, the picture or the image to your profile must be chosen carefully.
  2. Introduction:
    As the first step of commencing the online chat with a potential customer, you should start it in the same manner you would use in a business telephone call, like “Hello, I’m Vijay Sain from Digital Marketing solution.
  3. Make sure the point of your discussion:
    In the business environment usually people don’t want to chat just for the sake of chatting, they need a special cause to spend the time out of their busy schedule. You should provide the most relevant information about your products and services as soon as possible during your chat as they would not like to wait while you try to find the technical information or  the specific page.
  4. The short and pointed messaging:
    It is quite right to deliver the messages with the acceptable word limit. It will give a positive impression and influence the receivers’ minds when your discussion is short yet relevant.
  5. Avoid “SHOUTING”:
    Typing the message in upper case is regarded the rude behavior and very aggressive. Using the lowercase overall is the ideal practice.
  6. Have patience and wait for the response:
    Once you have sent a message or posed a question, give the receiver some time to think and make up their mind for the response. Never irritate them by asking for the response or the answer to your proposal, as it will ruin your reputation and they will not take you seriously in the future.
  7. Stay polite and non-judgemental:
    As your live chat session is very brief and limited interaction, you should not make any judgment on its basis. If the other party is not responding, seems to be abrupt or taking a longer time to make a decision, you are suggested to stay professional and polite. No matter someone is not using “please” or “thank you”, you should carry on doing so.
  8. Serve the chat partners with attention:
    If a person or party who is rather new to you, has asked for your permission for chatting, don’t underestimate it. Handling some other matters along with the chat and not paying the whole attention is a rude behavior and you can lose a possible beneficial deal due to your carelessness. Giving the undivided attention is a sign of respect while you are serving your live chat partner without any distraction you easily earn their respect and trust for the sake of your better professional career.
  9. Jargons, abbreviation, and slang:
    Using these funky shortcuts is not a nice way to chat with a person with the business and professional relations. If the other person is not very familiar with you, these things can confuse him. So behaving professional and decent is the better way to communicate with the professional community.
  10. Emoticons:
    Many IM and Live Chat programs are furthermore added with emoticon features that help in attaching some feeling attached to the message. Instead of posting a joke or funny line, a smiley is the better way to express the emotion more clearly.

    use live chat tools

    Live chat tools

  11. Use of custom fonts, text sized and colors:
    If you are trying to give your chat or messages a designer and creative appearance by using hot colors or designer fonts and various font sizes, beware it can make your customers or the chat partners uncomfortable and disturbed. Most possible use the fonts with standard color, size and type.
  12. Behave professionally not the personal:
    While you have the business and professional relationship with your Live Chat counterpart, you should strictly avoid asking the question relating to their personal life and matters. As a shortcoming of the live chat application, you cannot expect the complete security of your confidential information. If you need to deliver or receive some confidential information from this messaging portal, they’re some applications having inbuilt features that allow the operation of secure IM sessions.
  13. Use of canned text:
    The sorting of the texts is another often used feature of many popular live chat applications. Usually known as the canned text, it is a superb way to save the time and typing labor. You just have to select the title of the text you often use during your professional chats to use it from your ready to send message window by click and select.
  14. Some unexpected events:
    It is always good to ask for the permission before sending any file, image or pushing of your own choice for your live chat counterpart. As there is lots of nasty stuff is making people too much irritated, the appearance of something unexpected just between. The conversation will not be in the for the decent talk.
  15. When the conversation comes to an end:
    Just like the like the beginning of the chat, the end also should be impressive and proper. And here you need to make it formal because sometimes one party thinks that the chat is over, but the next one may be staring at the screen for further communication from the another side.
  16. The intelligent use of the availability status:
    You are facilitated with the feature that helps you to set your “available” or “away” Sometimes it can be “online” or “offline”. You can customize them for wise use of your status setting. You must take care if you have left your status set “online” and people are sitting and waiting for your response which is not going to happen. It can put a bad influence on your reputation and customer relations. On the other hand, if your system is set to “offline” status, people will never mind leaving their messages for you and you can respond them according to your availability of time and convenience.
  17. Monitor your live chat conversation:
    If you are engaged in running an online business, where many employees are engaged in the live conversation with the clients, you need to monitor and review the conversations for quality control purpose. You must have knowledge that what image these people are presenting to the outside world. In many live chat software applications, you can get the facility of transcript storage and retrieval, and some also allow the direct email of the transcript to the software administrator.
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