Why Should You Use Bluehost Hosting For Your Business

When it comes to business, you need to be very careful about the choice of web hosting services like Bluehost hosting. It is not a good idea to compromise on the efficiency and profit of a business. That’s why it is rightly said that the choice of a good web hosting provider makes a great difference.

When you choose a decent web hosting service like Bluehost hosting, your business can make more profits in less time. 

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A hosting service can make a lot of difference on your blogging success. The choice for a bad one, it can lead to reduced loading times which could badly affect your business.

The concerns like downtime, reduced speeds, security frauds, etc. are removed with a good web hosting service. One of the best web hosting services for businesses is Bluetooth.

Are you interested to know why Bluehost for your business is a suitable choice? Well, this article will help you a lot. There are many things to consider before picking the appropriate hosting service.

The service from Bluehost hosting is beneficial for your business in many different ways. Let’s get into details of why you should go for Bluehost for your business:

Why Should You Use Bluehost for Your Business?

Bluehost Hosting For Your Business

There are various factors responsible behind why to use Bluehost for your business. Let’s look at its details:

Loading time

The loading time of your website is the crucial aspect that would affect your business in either a good or bad way. It is good if your site loads within a few seconds. As a result, you will have higher conversion rates. On the other hand, it demands too much time to load then your visitors would move to somebody else’s website and not yours.

Thus, keeping your loading time to optimal is the greatest challenge for any business or online marketer. Actually, your website’s loading time relies mostly on your chosen web hosting service.

When you use authentic service like Bluehost, it is sure that you can run a website that loads wonderfully fast.

There is some discount on Bluehost hosting available.

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Nowadays security is gradually becoming the top priority for the online marketers. If your website is not protected against hacks then it may get hacked or may get cracked one day.

When you choose Bluehost, it is possible to get a complete backup of your site. Bluehost is famous for protecting websites against hacking attacks.

Database and full website backup

It is important to make sure you maintain full backup of your entire website and database contents on a secure server.

When you choose Bluehost hosting for your business, you can get regular site database backups. This web hosting service is a safe way to backup all the contents of your website.

How a hosting service could affect your business?

The choice of bad hosting service can result in reduced uptime, reduced speeds, and make your website prone to security hacks. There are a number of ways in which a hosting service can affect your business is either good or bad way.

A good web hosting service will provide a boost in the website’s speed and overall performance.

Feature list of Bluehost hosting

When you look at the features of Bluehost, you will understand why it is said that Bluehost is the right choice for your business. Presently, it is being used by more than 2 million websites worldwide.

Moreover, it is one of the most cost-effective and famous web hosting companies in the globe. This company is a part of EIG (Endurance International Group) from 2010.

If you are confused about why to pick Bluehost for your business in 2021 then you may need to know its important features. They are listed below:


  • Free SSL
  • Install unlimited websites
  • Get unmetered website space and bandwidth
  • 1 free included domain (for 1 year)
  • Unlimited Email Accounts and Email Storage
  • Unlimited Parked Domains and Subdomains
  • Access to Spam Experts and Domain Privacy
  • More than $175 worth marketing offers (like Google AdWords and Bing)
  • Site backup is included with most advanced hosting plans from Bluehost

Offers several web hosting plans

Regardless of the size of your business, Bluehost proves useful for all kinds of business.

For any small business or an eCommerce store or a large online portal online, the service from Bluehost is famous for offering all types of hosting solutions. The Bluehost offers are beneficial to all sizes and types of business.

Bluehost Hosting For Your Business

This list mentions different web hosting plans from Bluehost:

  1. Shared hosting
  2. Dedicated hosting
  3. Cloud hosting
  4. WordPress hosting
  5. VPS hosting
  6. WooCommerce hosting

Now let’s briefly discuss about them to understand why to go for Bluehost for your business:

The Bluehost shared hosting plans begins at $2.95 per month. Actually, shared hosting is where many different users utilize the same server resources.

Also, you can get the web hosting plans for affordable prices. Currently, Bluehost is offering the below-mentioned pricing plans in its shared hosting option.

  • Basic
  • Plus
  • Choice Plus (previously known as Prime)
  • Go Pro

The Bluehost optimized WordPress hosting plans begins at $19.99 per month. The related plans are uniquely designed and configured for the WordPress sites.

It is found that Bluehost provides the below-mentioned pricing packages in its optimized WordPress hosting option:

  • WP standard
  • WP enhanced
  • WP premium
  • WP ultimate

The Bluehost WooCommerce hosting plans begin at $6.95 per month. When you plan to launch your online eCommerce stores then it recommended to try this hosting. In this package, Bluehost provides the following pricing plans:

  • Starter
  • Plus
  • Pro

The Bluehost cloud hosting plans begins at $6.95 per month. In cloud hosting, you would be hosting your websites on cloud servers instead of hosting on the physical servers.

This package offers complete security at cost-effective prices. Bluehost provides the following pricing packages in its cloud hosting package:

  • Starter
  • Performance
  • Business pro

The Bluehost VPS hosting plans begin at $14.95 per month. When you wish to increase the speed of your website loading times then this option is highly suitable. There are 4 pricing plans included:

  • Standard
  • Enhanced
  • Premium
  • Ultimate

The Bluehost dedicated hosting plans begin at $74.99 per month. When you want to receive admin root access with high website performance, it is a good idea to go for the dedicated hosting. It comes with 3 pricing packages:

  • Standard
  • Enhanced
  • Premium

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Bluehost offers you amazing uptime

In simple terms, uptime is the amount of time which a server has stayed up and continued running.

When you are using Bluehost or some other hosting for your business, it becomes important to know about their uptime is.

When going for Bluehost, it becomes necessary to know how great Bluehost uptime is.

 Generally, uptime is listed as a percentage such as 99.9% uptime. It gives you a rough idea on how good a web hosting provider works at keeping their systems running.

It is found that Bluehost provides you with 99.99% uptime guarantee. Bluehost performs very well in the Uptime Test.

  • February 2021 Avg. Uptime: 100%
  • January 2021 Avg. Uptime: 100%
  • December 2020 Avg. Uptime: 100%
  • November 2020 Avg. Uptime: 100%
  • October 2020 Avg. Uptime: 99.86%
  • September 2020 Avg. Uptime: 99.99%
  • August 2020 Avg. Uptime: 99.99%
  • July 2020 Avg. Uptime: 100%
  • June 2020 Avg. Uptime: 99.98%

Bluehost is the official WordPress hosting choice

WordPress is widely known as the world’s biggest CMS (content management system). It is being used by more than 65% of the websites throughout the world. Many leading websites like The New Yorker, TechCrunch, Bloomberg Professional, BBC America, and so on make use of WordPress.

bluehost wordpress hosting plans

WordPress is free to install, deploy, and its upgrade provides you easy access to plenty of plugins. These plugins usually include business or eCommerce or SEO. WordPress.org officially recommends Bluehost as a favorite hosting choice.

Since the WordPress itself recommends this hosting service for its users, it is important to check out Bluehost for your business websites.

Bluehost Shared vs VPS Vs Dedicated hosting: which one to use?

To answer the above question, it is important to first talk about the key differences between shared hosting, dedicated hosting and VPS hosting. Let’s look at the details of each of these hosting plans:

Shared hosting from Bluehost

In this kind of hosting an enormous number of clients have their accounts on the equivalent physical server, so you’re heading off to a similar asset that are apportioned for different clients as well and that is the reason shared facilitating is additionally cheap.

Bluehost shared hosting plans pricing start at $2.95 per month.

VPS hosting from Bluehost

The Bluehost VPS hosting plans are famous for supporting a large amount of traffic and provide more control over your websites like a dedicated server. This is made possible by offering you administrative access. All this is possible at the low cost of dedicated hosting.

It is found that the Bluehost VPS hosting plans begin at $14.95 per month.

Dedicated hosting from Bluehost:

The Bluehost dedicated hosting plans are advanced forms of hosting in which you can buy the whole servers. If you plan to get better speeds, safety, and exclusive servers which are managed only to serve your specific website then it is a good idea to go for dedicated hosting plans.

These plans begin at $74.99 per month. It is definitely worth your money if your business has a large amount of traffic.

After going through details of all these kinds of plans, what’s your decision? Whether you should go for VPS or dedicated or shared hosting from Bluehost to operate your business is confusing. It is recommended to go for VPS hosting because it comes at the price of shared hosting. However, it almost gives you the same benefits of dedicated hosting.

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You can click on the below link to get Bluehost Hosting and run your website.

Grab this Bluehost hosting plans for your business today

Bluehost comes with a custom domain manager which can be used by you to perform various tasks. These tasks are purchases, tracking, domain transfers, and overall administration from a single place i.e. your Bluehost cPanel.

This hosting service also provides you unlimited email accounts, POP3 and IMAP support, and spam protection. Therefore, you can make many email accounts that can be sent to your customers without worrying about spamming.

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Advantages and disadvantages of using Bluehost for your business

Now the question that will strike your mind is why should you go for Bluehost for your business?

Well, by now, you may have got an idea that Bluehost is certainly an excellent choice for your business.

However, if you are still not clear or confused then you must know the advantages and disadvantages of using Bluehost for your business. Let’s look at its advantages:

The broad range of hosting plans (the sharing hosting plans come at just $2.95/month)

  • Free domain name for 1 year (allows saving of $10)
  • Provides you free SSL certificates even in the fundamental hosting plans
  • Provides great features to avoid spam-like Spam Experts, SpamAssassin, and Spam Hammer
  • Bluehost also provides hotlink protection to avoid stealing of your images and content by other people
  • SSH access to secure your website
  • IP address blacklists to block bots or spammers
  • Bluehost provides great eCommerce features that enable you to easily set up an online store having lots of shopping cart options. These options can be downloaded and then you can begin growing your business

Look at some of the disadvantages of using Bluehost for your business:

  • You receive $2.95/month hosting offers from the Bluehost only with the 3-year plans. In case you want to receive 1-year plan then pricing is a bit more.
  • It does not come with monthly hosting plans. If you are leading an online business then it is not a big disadvantage. But for the starters having a limited budget then the monthly hosting plans provide great assistance. The monthly plans are generally costly.

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Why should you never use a free or cheap hosting service?

bluehost cheap hosting plans

The majority of the people, chiefly the beginners make use of cheap or free hosting services for their websites and blogs. Actually, this is the common mistake anybody can make. It is a bad idea to go for a cheap or free hosting service when you want to make a great online business. The reasons for this are mentioned below:

  • Such cheap services typically provide you low bandwidth which leads to site downtime whenever there is a huge traffic.
  • It is simple to crack into your free hosting service provided websites. This is because they do not follow severe security precautions.
  • They usually take much time to load. There are many blogs which are using free or cheap hosting services.
  • There is no support if there is any site related problems. They cannot provide you 24 x 7 live support.

Why use Bluehost for your WordPress site?

Bluehost is the leading hosting service which is widely used by more than 2 million websites and WordPress itself recommends it.

There are many users who continued using Bluehost for several years and never faced any issues regarding the site loading or downtime. It is recommended for those people who wish to make a successful platform online.

Discussed below are several reasons to go for Bluehost for your business websites.

You can use Bluehost Coupon from the below link to get maximum saving.

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Free domain name for a period of 1 year

If you want to receive a free domain name for a period of one year then Bluehost is the suitable choice.

It is not a good idea to spend more dollars on registering your domain name because you are getting it on free basis from Bluehost. 

Once you sign up with Bluehost, there is a chance of registering a free domain name. All you have to do is purchase their hosting service for a minimum of one year.

First-class customer service

When the matter comes to selecting a reliable web hosting service for your online business then you have to first check out their customer support or customer service. Top-notch customer service suggests high reliability.

When you face any site related problem, you can contact Bluehost’s support team. This support team is accessible 24×7. To solve your problem, you can send email, make a call, or perform a live chat.

The support team from Bluehost is user-friendly and assists you to solve your problems within a few minutes.

Reasonable pricing

You can receive a 3-year hosting service by just spending $2.95/month. At this nominal price, you get a leading web hosting service. Actually, there are 3 affordable packages available in Bluehost. They are mentioned below:

For 1 year period: $4.95 (when you register for 1 year, the price is $4.95/month)

For 2 years period: $3.95 (when you register for 2 years, the price is $3.95/month)

For 3 years period: $2.95 (when you register for 3 years, the price is $2.95/month)

In the $2.95 per month, you get a free domain name.


There are over 20,000 webmasters who are launching their blogs and websites on Bluehost every month. This suggests that its service is highly reliable. There are tons of positive customer reviews when it comes to reliability.

Moreover, there are 2+ million bloggers who are using Bluehost globally. Mainly, Bluehost is made for delivering high speed and they also come with first class servers to effectively host your websites.

There are no chances of downtime if you are operating your websites on Bluehost hosting service.

Limitless domain space and bandwidth

Using Bluehost service, you can save limitless databases and use infinite bandwidth according to your needs.

It is important to keep in mind that Bluehost never restricts your bandwidth and you will not face issues from slow loading website. This hosting service lets you run unlimited websites on one account.

This is a big plus point of using Bluehost for hosting your website.

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Final thoughts about Bluehost Hosting

From the above discussion, we can say that it is rightly said that Bluehost for your business is a good solution. When you want to create a long-lasting profitable online business then selecting the suitable hosting service for a business is important.

There are very few web hosting service which provides service closer to Bluehost.

All the pricing plans are affordable and its customer support is first-class along with high reliability. There is nothing more you can ask for from a good web hosting service. Once you try Bluehost, you will love its services.

Click the below link to sign up for Bluehost at just $2.95/month:

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FAQs: Why Should You Use Bluehost Hosting For Your Business

The below section shows some important FAQs you should know if you are planning to use Bluehost for business in 2021.

1. How much is Bluehost hosting per month charges?  

Generally, the Bluehost web hosting plans begin at $2.95 per month. You can get easy access to their shared hosting plans. In addition to shared hosting, Bluehost also provides you many other options like dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, etc. The corresponding pricing plans vary based on the type of plans you select.

2. Is Bluehost hosting good for e-commerce?

Yes, Bluehost is a suitable choice for your business. If you want to start an eCommerce website or start an online store or launch a big eCommerce portal for online selling of stuff, Bluehost offers you a broad assortment of hosting plans starting at $2.95 per month.

Bluehost is famous for offering you superb hosting features like a free domain name for 1 year, the free SSL certificates to launch your eCommerce sites, high security, backups, and superb customer support.

3. Can you cancel Bluehost hosting at any time?

Bluehost provides you 30 days money-back guarantee. This suggests that you can cancel your account any time and receive a 100% refund if you have canceled within 30 days. If you have canceled your Bluehost hosting account in 30 days and if your plan contains a free domain, Bluehost would take away a non-refundable domain fee charge of $15.99 from the refund.

4. How to install WordPress on Bluehost hosting?

Installing WordPress on Bluehost is quite easy because Bluehost provides you easy access to 1-click type WordPress installation. This allows you to install WordPress within 5 minutes. It becomes easy to install WordPress on Bluehost if you carefully follow the step by step tutorial.  All the steps in the tutorial are easy to follow and they help you launch your WordPress website quickly and easily.

5. Which Bluehost plan is best for WordPress users?

There are many customers who are confused about which one is the finest Bluehost plan. Well, it is a common question and the answer is here. Though Bluehost provides you a broad range of hosting plans like VPS hosting, cloud hosting, etc., it is recommended trying out shared hosting or the WordPress optimized hosting plan from Bluehost.

The reason behind this is both of them provide you great features at reasonable prices. It is found that Bluehost is the best and most affordable web hosting service at $2.95 per month for business.

If you are confused then you can compare any hosting provider with the service from Bluehost to know the difference in features and make a conclusion.

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