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Great Career with Cisco Certification

Information Technology has a great impact on a lot of areas of our life. They have changed the way we do things and made our operations more efficient and less costly. In networking, Cisco is one of the leading companies which provides reliable devices and services. These devices need to function properly in order to deliver quality products to customers. Therefore, Cisco developed a certification program to help candidates acquire the relevant knowledge and skills to handle their networking products. The program contains badges which target professionals with a certain level of expertise.

The certifications offered fall into an entry, associate, professional and expert levels. One of Cisco’s most popular certifications that most candidates strive to get at the associate level is the CCNA Routing and Switching credential Cisco Certified Network Associate.

The CCNA R&S accreditation can be obtained in two ways. One of which is bypassing two exams which are 100-105 and 200-105. The other way is to take one composite test, which is 200-125. Since the later save your time and money, it’s chosen by the majority to sit for. In this article, you’ll know the details about this test, and possible career positions after passing it.

About Exam 200-125

The Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices: Accelerated or 200-125 test checks the skills that allow you to apply for a position of a core network engineer. To pass this test you need to possess relevant skills to work with the technologies of the next generation.

Thus, you need to be proficient in the following topics:

  • Network fundamentals
  • IPv4 and IPv6 routing technologies
  • WAN technologies
  • LAN switching technologies
  • Infrastructure services
  • Infrastructure management
  • Infrastructure security

As for the exam details, you should expect to find about 60 to 70 questions to complete within 90 minutes. 200-125 test will cost you $325.

CCNA Exam 200-125

How to Prepare for the 200-125 Exam?

Candidates for the 200-125 exam have various options to prepare for the assessment. Depending on the candidate’s opportunities to take one or another option, as well as its availability in his/her country, the option picked out maybe either instructor-led or self-learning. Choosing the first variant may involve attending classroom training while the second one implies using exam dumps, books, joining forums and communities, and taking practice tests.

If practicing at your own pace is the way that suits you most, after checking the vendor’s website, visit PrepAway.biz. It is our number one recommended online platform among candidates sitting for the Cisco certification exams and for other IT tests as well, as it provides actual and up to date exam preparation materials.

For your 200-125 exam, you can find a wide collection of free exam dumps shared by the recent exam takers. You can also get the Premium bundle that supplies you with 1228 questions and answers verified by IT experts, 150 lectures of a training course, and a study guide. It’s a great package to get, practice and check your knowledge. It will cost you $24.99.

Moreover, all the dumps are opened on the ETE Exam Simulator that will dive you into the real exam environment and provide you with skills to tackle different exam questions. So, it’s a perfect tool to access the real exam atmosphere. The right preparation and your efforts can turn the process of passing the test into an amazing quiz of your learning testing.

CCNA 200-125

Careers Associated with 200-125 Exam

The ultimate goal for passing the test is to prove your associate-level skills in Cisco Routing and Switching technology and brings you the CCNA R&S credential. These skills checked are required in certain IT career positions. Thus, taking 200-125 exam and being CCNA R&S certified you are well placed to work in the following career positions:

1. Network Engineer

Network engineers are responsible for setting up an organization’s networks as well as maintaining them. They ensure that the networks function smoothly without any fails. The salary of a network engineer varies from company to company. According to Glassdoor, in the USA the average salary of such Cisco certified specialist per annum is about $77,390.

2. Technical Support Engineer

Technical support engineers typically diagnose technical issues and provide technical support to an organization. They have an in-depth understanding of different ways of effectively troubleshooting a problem. Professionals who qualify for this job have the ability to resolve technical problems by using remote access. The average salary for technical support engineers is $65,000 per year.

3. Network Administrator

Network administrator plays the role of installing, maintaining, and providing support for LAN/WAN and intranet systems. They perform many networking tasks and are also responsible for network hardware and software. This career position also involves network management. The average annual salary is about $87,000.

4. Systems Engineer

This is one of the top jobs which uses the Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching certification in the IT industry. Systems engineers possess the core networking skills required to perform tasks such as installing and maintaining systems, managing systems and handle backup and security of systems. The average salary in the systems engineer position in the USA is $109,000 yearly.

5. Network Data Engineer

The main responsibilities of a network data engineer are to efficiently design and maintain networks. They also perform other tasks such as troubleshooting server problems, handling switches, and routers, and providing real-time reports. network data engineers take home a salary of about $82,764 annually.

6. Network Security Analyst

Network security analysts take care of the security of IT networks in an organization. This position demands one to have up to date knowledge with all kinds of security problems in order to protect the network from them. Network security analysts plan and implement security measures, analyze security problems and anticipate possible security problems. Professionals in this job earn around $67,472.

The CCNA R&S certification opens major opportunities to create a prosperous career in the IT world, increase salary and become a highly qualified specialist.

If you’ve heard about the upcoming changes in the Cisco Certification Program, the CCNA R&S credential will be retired in February 2020 and replaced by the CCNA credential. The exam you’ll need to pass is a 200-301 test, that’s why you still have time to study hard and get the current 200-125 test to enjoy all the perks that it brings with it.

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Taking a 200-125 test is key to career success. When you obtain the CCNA R&S certification, you unlock the career opportunities mentioned above. Working in any of these positions will see you take home a good salary. In addition to this, holding this credential will earn you respect in your organization, increase your productivity and value as an IT professional. Since all these are possible after passing the exam, choose the preparation option that suits you most.

For instance, after using the materials offered by Cisco, try exam dumps from PrepAway.biz website. They are the best way to check the learned material and see how prepared you are for the 200-125 exam.

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