How To Use Grammarly Tool? A complete Guide 2023

Today, we are going to how to use Grammarly? A Complete Guide 2023It’s disgusting if you find any errors in your published post or an eBook. It makes you feel sick of making embarrassing grammatical mistakes on posts or book which you have specially designed for attracting an audience.

In those conditions, instead of getting apparitions you might get comments on your writing. So to stand out in the crowd all you need to know is the fundamentals of grammar and also a certain writing which is error free and easy to read and understand by your audience.

It’s not an easy task in this busy life we may overlook a few factors that are the human tendency, so it’s better to have a proofreader tool for your work. I think you’ll agree with my words because the spelling mistakes and grammar errors are pretty embarrassing.

I recently discovered a tool Grammarly which is amazing to proofread your content and very easy to find out your mistakes. Grammarly is a fantastic tool which is having some great features which can quickly turn around your work to a professional piece of content.

I am using this Grammarly premium version for a year, and it has been a tool for me. I make my posts error free, and I don’t have to worry about the spelling and grammar mistakes again. Grammarly also has a free version, but this version will only have some limited features.

Let’s go future:

How Easy To Use Grammarly?

Grammarly is a very easy tool which works much like the Google Docs. You can just log into your Grammarly account via a web browser. On the dashboard you can find the grammar editor and a menu on the left side, you can simply open a new document and paste your work and check your errors.

You can even check plagiarized content in that Grammarly editor all you have to do is just activate the plagiarism checker which is located on the left side menu. This feature is only for the premium users, so if you are premium users you can make use of this feature.

Along with these you can even install an extension on your browsers and install a plugin for MS Word.

What’s Special About Grammarly?

Grammarly has some unique features which detach all the grammar errors and plagiarized content all with the advanced wording errors.

It is having a software, Chrome extension, and MS Word plugin. But what I found was MS word grammar add-on is not that useful as the online grammar editor.

The best thing and unique thing about Grammarly is it’s not like other software’s which shows some unbiased errors and some crappy thing without making any sense. It has an excellent face of program design which is intelligent in nature and very helpful than other software.

How Grammarly Helps Writers?

Grammarly helps writers to present their story as perfect as they can to impress their readers. It identifies all the possible errors, and its complete solutions for your mistakes and it also explains why it’s wrong.

Grammarly helps writers:

  • To check grammatical errors.
  • It helps to resolve the confused prepositions errors.
  • It finds all the overused words and gives the perfect replacements for the overused words.
  • It helps to find out the Wordy sentences.
  • It finds out all the incomplete sentences and helps the author to finish the sentence.
  • It helps to resolve the Overuse of passive voice.
  • It also shows the guilty of using the occasional squinting modifiers.

With these tips, the writer can relieve his/her stress by finding their errors themselves. Many authors do such kind of mistakes. So it’s best to remove those errors by proofreading again with Grammarly.

Until now we have discussed everything, let’s jump into its features:

Features of Grammarly

Easy to use

Grammarly is an easy tool to use; it has a safe, user-friendly navigation to jump into any section of the editor.

Features of Grammarly

You can easily find the errors by just pasting the content on the grammar checker. Along with these, extensions are very easy to integrate. It won’t take much time to install and access them.

Having different tools and add-ons

Grammarly has different tools and add-ons which will help you in various ways. If you are MS Word user, then you can simply integrate Grammarly add-on to your ms word, with this add-on you can check errors and if you want to access the Grammarly while chatting then you can make use of web browser extensions.

Grammarly Apps

You can simple download extension and activate it, after activating it you can see all the errors while you were typing email, facebook chat or editing blog, etc. for any purpose it is helpful.

It also has a software edition where you can download and install it on your computer and find mistakes from that tools.

Intelligent proofreading software

Grammarly is obviously, a brilliant tool which never acts like a bot, it just act like a teacher who makes a list of whole mistakes done by students. This tool tracks all the errors including preposition, noun, spelling mistakes, etc.

This tool ensures that your content stands out without a single error and makes the author feel proud of his/her writing.

How to use Grammarly

Plagiarism Checker

It is an advanced feature, but it is only available in the premium Grammarly account. This feature helps you to find out the plagiarized content and make your content free from plagiarism as well.


Let’s know

How to use this Grammarly?

I have divided this content for your convenience.

How To Use Grammarly Browser Extension?

The first step to using Grammarly for Google Chrome is to download the Grammarly extension.

To download go to Grammarly extension hover over to its official site and then click on “Add to chrome”.

How to use Grammarly browser extension

When the extension is installed on your Chrome, you can find a green icon that is nothing but Grammarly. If you don’t find that extension then just jump to settings and extension on your browsers and enable the extension.

How to use Grammarly browser extension

After that just click on that icon and go to the Grammarly page, if you already registered to Grammarly then log into your account or else you can create a free account, or you can buy a premium version.

Soon after you get into your Grammarly Dashboard, you can see a new Grammarly editor which says upload.

How to use Grammarly browser extension

Just click that and copy-paste your content in the editor, then it will check

That’s it everything will be okay.

How To Use Grammarly For MS Word?

To use Grammarly add-on for MS Word, first of all, you should open Then you can find the Grammarly dashboard.

Now click on the Apps which is located on the left sidebar.

How to use Grammarly for MS Word

There you can find the options, now select the Microsoft Office and Grammarly for windows. When you choose them, those files will be downloaded.

Grammarly apps

Open downloads folder and launch the setup and follow the instructions that it’s.

How To Use Grammarly Software?

The Grammarly software is a dedicated software with the ravishing user experience. To set up the Grammarly software.

  • The software will be downloaded, then just open downloads and install the setup file that it.

That’s it, now after setup just log into your account and enjoy editing your content and be free from grammar errors.

Let’s wrap it up,


This is all about the Grammarly tool guide; I hope I have given all the information about the Grammarly. If you have any queries in your mind, do let us know in comments. I’d love to hear comments from you.

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