11 ways to manage multiple email account

How to manage multiple email accounts like it is one ?

Usually, people prefer to have just one email account as it is deemed facilitating to maintain and also easy and time-saving. But from the recent past, both the online marketers and the business persons are using the multiple email accounts to increase their  productivity and facilitate the handling and maintain the process.

There are different email accounts for the different specific needs such as:

  1. Business email account which should be checked twice a day.
  2. Financial email account which should be checked once a day.
  3. Personal email account which can be checked within 2 to three days.
  4. Social media, which are of not a great importance and can be checked within a week or two.

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By having a multiple email account system, you can keep your into well managed and not look like a mess. Actually, it is the systematic way to classify the emails on the basis of higher import and less and then least important emails. There are many emails which you don’t want to see during your busy schedule and sometimes it is also possible that any of your extremely important emails is remained hidden within loads of emails. In the other words, it saves time and improves the performance level.

Apart from the facilities provided by this system, there it is a bit complicated or problematic to manage the handling, maintaining, and scheduling of multiple emails accounts. Here are some tips or practices suggested by the industry experts to perform this task with a significant ease.

manage multiple email account

Let’s go through the 11 ways to manage the multiple email accounts effectively and efficiently:

1. Have a master email account:

To save time, and improve the performance, it is good to select a master email account that includes your major stuff and may be checked on the regular basis. It is further advised to prefer the leading email service provider (such as Yahoo or Gmail) for this.

2. Combining the other emails to this master account:

For additional enhancement of the email services through the incoming ad the receiving the emails from the other email accounts you can add some specific emails to this master account. By this, you can get all your selected emails automatically synced and you can respond them directly from your master account.

3. Set a schedule for reading and replying the emails:

Having a balanced schedule for reading and replying the emails so important to preventing loads of messy emails in your social and personal inbox. As possible one should not compromise the routine set up for the inbox-check and answering / deleting the emails. It is also a good habit to reply the emails, including the short requests and needing a very little time for replying. Leaving it up for later may consume the extra time in the future.

4. Email notifications:

For saving your time and saving you from the mind diversion during your routine business, you should turn off this unpleasant barrier. Generally, the notifications create the curiosity and break your routine as you leave all your ongoing work and open the email account and start reading and replying.  Instead of this, you can adopt a system which allows the notification of only a few emails which are of highly important contacts or of the prime business and professional interest.

5. Have a decent yet straight answering manner:

You need to avoid the policy of writing the broad and beautifying material while replying the email. It not only takes a great deal of time and effort but also prevent you from focusing on several other important matters. So try to be straight forward to your words and also develop a language by which you can explain yourself without circuiting the lines. It will work efficiently and of course save the time.

6. Email organizing:

It is also very important to organize the emails and email accounts so that it may not be your headache. With a genuine practice of the various features offered by the email service providers such as Yahoo and Gmail, it is very convenient to reduce the load. One can simply organize the emails as well as classify and schedule through using the folders, labels, and stars.

7. Develop your signature text:

This habit is special been observed in the emails of many professionals. The signature text usually includes the name, title, company, contact information, and the common salutation. Once decently developed, this signature text can be applied in all your email and email replies to save the time and labor of typing it again and again.

8. Develop a reply templet:

While you are engaged with a company or the position related to providing the information about any brand, product or service, you often get the emails with the inquiries of related aspects and mostly the similar questions.  So instead of writing the same answer each time, it is good to develop a text document and save it for the future use to copy and paste each time when required.

9. Unsubscribe the unnecessary stuff:

There are many things which are completely uninteresting as well as non-important for you and your business. Don’t think twice to remove them as they only increase a mess in your inbox, nothing else. It is best to delete them and unsubscribe immediately.

10. Have an email management soft support:

Alike many other applications, the soft solutions helps in the email management also. There are various popular email account handling tools that can help you to perform this task with higher efficiency, flexibility, and technical advancement. Some leading names are:

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Opera Mail
  • Em Client
  • Mozilla Thunderbird

11. Hire  a support to manage the things:

There can be many reasons to hire an email manager; either you don’t have the time to deal with the numerous emails or you don’t find yourself skilled enough to deal with the technical complications of the emailing and replying schedules. In these circumstances, it is a smart decision to appoint a professional that can manage and maintain your email accounts as well as set a decent email schedule for your business. It is very easy to hire a right candidate through the various freelancers sites out there such as UpWork.com and Freelancer.com.

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At the end, we can say that having the separate email accounts for the different types of emails helps in better management of emails and saving the time and efforts. But it requires the understanding of the email management tactics and their practice so that one can easily handle them.


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