Serpstat Coupon Code 2024: Grab 7 Days Free Trial + 30% Discount

If you are looking for Serpstat Coupon Code 2024 then this article is for you.

The importance of SEO tools is very high for your website. Any SEO tool comes with plenty of features for the benefit of the users.

Out of many SEO tools available, Serpstat is one of the most famous SEO toolkits. Also, it is known as an affordable SEO tool. You get to use lots of features at cost-effective prices.

If you are in search for the Serpstat coupon code for 2024, this article is useful to you.

It is found that Serpstat is one of the greatest practical SEO toolkits which provide lots of useful features. Moreover, its pricing plans are affordable. No need to spend a huge amount of money.

Now you can receive a great discount on the Serpstat tool. You can use the following link. It helps you to get 30% discount instantly. Keep in mind that this benefit is only available for a few days. Click the link below for this benefit:

Grab 30% Dsicount on serpstat Tool

If you want to receive a free trial from Serpstat before you have signed up for them then use the above link to get the free trial.

This free trial on serpstat helps you to know more about this tool and gain more benefits.

Click on the following link to quickly receive 7 days free trial on this tool:

Click to get 7 days free trial of serpstat

Now let’s look at the details on how to get the Serpstat coupon 2023. The following section also highlights details on why must you use it.

Serpstat Coupon Code 2024: 30% Discount [7 Days Free Trial Details]

Serpstat Coupon Code

When you findSerpstat coupon code, you can receive great discount to use this tool.

With the help of Serpstat coupon code from the link mentioned in this article, you can get 7 days free trial and 25% discount. Let’s learn more about it:

How to Get 7 Days Free Trial from Serpstat?

The free trial from Serpstat is helpful for both beginners and advanced users. In this section, you will learn how to get the Serpstat free trial for next 7 days.

When you grabSerpstat trial, you can try out different features of this tool for 7 days.

Now let’s discuss about the ways to receive a 7 days free trial from Serpstat.

Step-1: Click on the below link to quickly receive your 7-days free trial of this tool.

Serpstat 7 days free trial

Once you click on this link, you will observe a landing page.

Step-2: On the landing page, copy the coupon code: “digitalseoguide” and then click on the Sign-Up button. This button is available at the upper most corner of the screen. It helps you to receive easy access to this tool, for free, for 7 days.

You can sign up with the help of your Gmail account or Facebook. Also, you can enter your email and password to make a FREE account on Serpstat.

Step-3: After you have already logged in to this tool, you need to go to the Account Details.

Step-4: Find out ‘I have a trial coupon option available on the Serpstat dashboard. Now enter the promo code i.e.digitalseogide.

After that, you need to enter your mobile number for the purpose of 2FA authentication. Now you will receive a code on your phone number. You can use this code to quickly activate your fre trial for this tool, for 7 days.

Finally, you have successfully received its free trial.

How to Get 30% Discount OnSerpstat? (Offer is valid only for a limited days

If you are in search for the Serpstat discount then this section is useful to you.

With the help of the Serpstat coupon 2024, you can get may benefit of this SEO tool. After following the above steps, you now need to know how to get Serpstat free trial for the next 7 days. The below section will help you to save 25% on the pricing plans. Follow the below steps:

Step-1: Click on the below link to receive 30% discount on Serpstat.

30% Discount on serpstat Tool

After you click on this link, you will go to a new page. On that page, copy the Serpstat coupon code i.e. digitalseoguide. Now you need to signup for free with the help of your Google account or Facebook account or email. Within a few seconds, you can complete the signup process.

Step-2: After you have signed up, choose the proper pricing plan from the top right corner. As default, the pricing option set is monthly. You can change it to yearly.

Serpstat Coupon Code

Now click on the Upgrade subscription button available on any plan you like. As a result, you will be landed on the payment page. Here, you need to enter and use the Serpstat promo code which you have copied before. So, you will get 30% discount.

serpstat coupon code

In this way, Serpstat Lite plan just costs you $51.75/month. Below is the list of 4 pricing plans with the details after grabbing discount. Note that you will get 25% discount if you choose yearly subscription.

  • The Lite Plan charges you $51.75/month (after getting 25% discount, it will cost you $69/month)
  • Standard Plan charges you $111.75/month (after getting 25% discount, it will cost you $149/month)
  • Advanced Plan charges you $224.25 monthly (after getting 25% discount, it will cost you $299/month)
  • Enterprise Plan charges you $374.25 monthly (after getting 25% discount, it will cost you $499/month)

Now complete your payment process.


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Semrush Vs Serpstat

Why should you use Serpstat over other SEO tools?

Many people doubt on why to use Serpstat and what its specialties are. This tool comes with lots of unique features that are not found in other SEO tools.

In the market, there are hundreds of SEO tools available. They can be free or charge some amount. The question why use Serpstat? Is common and you will get its answer in this sections.

Do you confuse on why to go for Serpstat compared to other SEO tools?

Before discussing about some great benefits of using Serpstat to manage all your content, SEO based tasks, and PPC, let’s first take a look at its features:

  • Automatically recognize your top competitors
  • Easily find out many long tail keywords to boost your traffic as well as sales
  • Precisely rack your keyword positions on Google. It is possible to track limitless number of keywords every day
  • It comes with the on page site audits that allow you to recognize and solve your on-page SEO problems. As a result, there will be an improvement in your website’s search rankings
  • Find out your competitor’s pages with the greatest visibility score
  • Recognize your competitors in AdWords. It allows you to research your competitor’s keywords as well as their PPC ads
  • Checks the backlinks of your website as well as that of your competitors’ websites

Now let’s discuss about few of the powerful reasons to use Serpstat compared to other SEO tools.

Find top performing keywords without any problem:

One of the greatest reasons to go for Serpstat tool is it is a keyword research tool. This tool is quite easy to use and comes with many features. It helps you to easily find out the profitable keywords. This is applicable for all niches.

After you are in the keyword research tool, just enter a topic or keyword of your choice. Now press enter. It quickly gives you lot of details that includes;

  • Competition for the keyword
  • CPC of the keyword
  • Keyword search volume
  • Keyword difficulty score (that allows you to easily know how easy or difficult it is to rank for a particular keyword)
  • Ads keywords
  • Organic keywords list
  • Keyword trends
  • SERP results for your selected keyword (here you can quickly find and analyze the top most results for the topic or keyword)
  • Competitors present in organic results

You get lots of detail in less time. Moreover, you can choose any database you like instead of performing keyword research only on Google.

serpstat keyword research

Easily inspect your competitors SEO tactics

Serpstat is famous for its competitor research. This is because it allows you to easily keep an eye on your competitors’ websites. Hence, so you can quickly find out their top-performing pages as well as the organic keywords. Moreover, you can find out in brief about their organic visibility, search traffic, and many more features.

serpstat keyword tool

It is easy to find out the approximate search traffic of any website or domain. Whenever you click on the organic keywords, this tool shows you a list of keywords. These are the keywords that your competitors are already using to attract more traffic to their websites.

In addition to this, you can easily find out their recently ranked keywords, superior and rejected keyword positions on Google.

Instantly carry out page audits

Are you interested to know why your website is facing the problem to receive high traffic from search engines? Well, it may be due to on page SEO problem or some speed related issue of the website. Also, there can be some technical problems like duplicate content problems, missing meta tags, incomplete link issues, etc.

You may not know what problem is. Hence, the Serpstat Site Audit feature is useful to easily find out and solve these issues on your page. Here, you can get daily reports directly on your email. It helps you to know the on page performance.

This feature divides this issue on your website into 3 ways:

  • High priority errors are the most risky for your website. These are the errors you must be resolving initially to enhance the SEO of your website.
  • Middle priority errors are not major and resolving them can improve the overall organic visibility and SEO of your website.
  • Low priority errors are not so harmful but resolving them improves the overall SEO of a website.

Overall, Serpstat is a great SEO toolset for all types of SEOs and bloggers who wish to make the performance of their website better.

Now, no need to wait, just click on the below link to receive 30% discount:

Checkout 30% Serpstat discount

If you are in search for a free trial from this tool,  then you can get it with the below link:

Serpstat 7 Days FreeTrial

 This link benefits you with a 7 days free trial from Serpstat.

FAQs About Serpstat Discount And Free Trial

To benefit from Serpstat discount, you need to know some FAQs people usually have. The below section shows some important questions about the Serpstat coupon code, its free trial, and discount:

1. How much maximum discount can I receive with Serpstat?

You will receive 25% instant discount on all the Serpstat pricing plans. This benefit is applicable when you click on the below link:

30% Serpstat discount link

Simply select the annual subscription option and make use of the promo code: digitalseoguide. As a result, you will receive 25% discount on all its pricing plan.

2. Which is the cheapest plan in Serpstat and what does it provide?

The Plan A in Personal plan is found to be the cheapest pricing plan in Serpstat. It starts at $69/month. However, when you select the yearly billing cycle, it will charge you $51.75 per month. Also, you will receive many great features.

3. Does Serpstat provide any free trials?

Yes, you will receive a 7-day free trial using the below link:

Serpstat 7 Days Free Trial

Simply follow the steps given in the above link. Also, don’t forget to use the promo code to get its trail free for 7 days.

4. What to do if I want to contact the customer support team of Serpstat?

Serpstat offers you facility of chat. So, you can do an online chat with their customer support staff. This staff is friendly and responsive. They help you to solve most of your problems quickly.

To get in touch with this customer support via email, you can send email to them at

5. Is it possible to delete my Serpstat account anytime I want?

Yes, you can delete your Serpstat account. For that, simply contact the Serpstat customer support team via online chat or email.

Final thoughts on Serpstat coupon code for 2024

Serpstat is one of the finest SEO tools in the market. It is not just affordably priced but also comes with many useful features. For all types of SEO related tasks, this tool is useful.

With the help of Serpstat coupon code for 2024 as discussed above, you can easily use this tool. In terms of price and practicality, this SEO tool is one of the best ones.

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