8 Actionable Tips for Writing Great SEO Content

Creating SEO content helps you get better rankings on SERPs and allows you to attract more prospects towards your brand. The truth about writing SEO content is that it’s not easy unless you know about the basics of proper SEO writing.

Are you going to write content for SEO purposes for the first time? Keep reading this article to find out the eight tips that can help you on this journey.

Tips for Writing Great SEO Content

8 Tips for Writing Great SEO Content

1. Choose The Keywords Carefully

It’s a common misconception that stuffing the keywords in the content is the only way for ranking content on the top of SERPs. However, the truth is that tricks like these are not effective at all nowadays, and only the content that’s authoritative and focused around the right keywords can rank higher.

So before you start writing content for guest posting or any other SEO project, you have to ensure that you focus on keywords first. You can use any of the famous keyword research tools to find out which keywords can be included in your content without damaging the quality of your content.

Focusing on keyword research at the start will help you create relevant content and help you write something valuable for your readers.

2. Drafting is Important

Most people think that writing SEO content doesn’t require proper planning. But on the contrary, if you want your content to rank on the first page of Google and other search engines, you have to ensure that you follow proper content before you write a single word.

The biggest benefit of proper drafting is that it helps you cover all the important topics in your content. Instead of beating about the bush, you brainstorm about all the ideas you can easily include in your next blog post.

Take a look at the blogs that currently rank against the target queries in your target industry. Then identify the format that’s used the most and create content accordingly.

3. Keep Your Audience First

It’s easy to forget while writing that you have to focus on your target audience. Most rookies make the mistake of writing content that might get them praise from the experts in the industry but might be too difficult to understand for beginners.

So make sure that you don’t make the same mistake and write content with your target audience in your mind. Overcome your inner desire of writing content that sounds fancy and makes you feel highly of yourself. Instead, focus on covering the basics and making the content relevant for the readers.

For example, if you take a look at the top blogs in any industry, you will find out that the blogs that rank on the first page are simple to read and understand. Follow the same pattern in your blogs too.

4. Cover All The Details

The best way of writing good SEO content is coming up with a final product that covers all the details about the given topic. For example, if your readers search for “How to make coffee at home,” then your content should include all the essentials of creating delicious coffee.

Avoiding the necessary details and then babbling about things that don’t provide any value to the reader is not the right thing to do. Useless content is not only troublesome for your readers, but it also alerts the bots of search engines as NLP and other advancements have increased the smartness of search engines. Write content that’s valuable and actionable – and nothing else!

Best Tips for Writing Great SEO Content

5. Structure Your Content Properly

An amazing tip that can help you increase the readability of your content and ensure that it ranks on the first page of Google is structuring your post the right way. A structure allows the reader to know what they can get out of your blog and how it can help them achieve their goals.

Make sure that you put an outline of your content at the start of your blog/article. Put headings and subheadings throughout the content to make it easier for the readers to get the gist of what you want to express. Add bulleted lists, too, as they increase the flow of your content and make your content actionable.

6. Include Some Authority Links

How can a reader be sure about the authenticity of your content? If your content reads like it was not researched properly and you have added nothing but your personal opinions about different topics, then your blog will lose its credibility in no time.

The only way to ensure that your readers find the content authoritative is by adding high-authority external links to your content. These links help the readers get more information about the things you are discussing in your content.

An added benefit of external links is that they increase the reliability of your content, as search engine bots prefer pages that contain links to other authoritative websites.

7. Add Relevant Images

Adding images to your content is a great way of adding value to the content and explaining things the right way. Images not only make your blog post easier to read but also increase the authority of your written content.

However, avoid adding decorative images as they block the view of your readers. Choose infographics that resonate with the substance of your content. Don’t go with stock images all the time. Instead, think about images that can enhance the visibility of your brand.

The main reason why you should add images to your content is that they can also help you reap the benefits of proper Image SEO.

8. The Editing Session

After you’re done writing your blog post by following all the above guidelines, it’s time to edit your content as you mean it. You can only ensure that you are not missing out on any important details by editing your content with a critical approach.

Think about the details that you can add or things you can remove to increase the readability of your content. Take some time to learn how to edit your content properly, so you don’t end up publishing content full of wrong information and grammatical mistakes.

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