Video Surveillance Innovations Are Transforming Business Security

Site security has always been critical for businesses, considering the growing number of incidents of thefts, pilferage, and violence. Whether it is retail, manufacturing, construction, or event industry, attention to security is something that every business owner should prioritize.

Apart from physical security, video surveillance is an investment that has become essential. However, security cameras have come a long way, from being simple, standalone equipment capturing videos of the area in front to becoming advanced, intelligent security systems that offer all-round visibility and complete control.

Indeed, video-surveillance innovations are transforming site security in more than one way. Let us explain how things are changing for the better.

360-degree fields of view

Initially, pixelation of a camera was the specification that defined its prowess, and one that delivered a good picture quality was considered ideal. A frontal view was all you could expect in the name of fairly comprehensive coverage of that area around.

But multiple camera views have taken things a notch higher and you can now get to see a 360 -degree field of view for better visibility. Beware intruders who think that they can get through by confining themselves to the areas where a video surveillance camera cannot reach because nothing can escape these cameras.

Live Monitoring

If you want to be present at your business site 24/7 without actually being there, the innovative live monitoring feature gets it done. This is a remote video service that uses trained video monitors for watching the property live with on-site IP security cameras.

Experts at explain that the system is even better than traditional guards as it is capable of keeping watch over multiple locations simultaneously. This is something that you cannot expect the guards to do if you have a huge site that needs to be monitored continuously.

Business Security

Cellular security

Compared to the traditional wireless security cameras, cellular modem technology has emerged as an innovation you cannot beat. It does not require a network for data transfer as it is capable of transmitting video signals over a mobile network. This makes it an apt solution for locations where the Internet and grid power supply is not available.

These cameras work like cell phones, using a cellular data plan to transmit signals. So location is not a constraint for video surveillance and you can have it up and running even at a remote construction site where there is no internet.

Voice control

Another innovation that is making it big in the surveillance industry is voice control. Now it is literally possible to talk to the site with the help of this technology, even if you are located miles away. With this feature, you get the advantage of the hands-free operation of the cameras and other equipment by simply talking to them.

These cameras have speakers embedded in them so that you may converse with them and give them instructions to manage them remotely.

These amazing new technologies have huge potential when it comes to taking site security to the next level. You just need to make a one-time investment and can be stress-free forever!

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