11 Serious Mistakes That Every Amateur Blogger Make

The blogging is a field that attracts attention of many people. There are many people who are fond of writing interesting blog content. Have you just begun your blogging journey?

Well, are you making some silly mistakes like Amateur Blogger? If answer to these questions is yes then this article is helpful to you. Those people who have just entered the blogging world, for them, it is important to know what mistakes to avoid.

Being a newbie blogger, you may commit some mistakes because of insufficient knowledge.

Though the mistake is small or large, you need to fix it to become a successful blogger.

This post includes the top mistakes new bloggers usually make. When you read this post till the end, you can easily know what your mistakes are and how to avoid.

After you fully read this article, you can know about 11 mistakes that every newbie blogger make and how to start a blog successfully. Also, you will find out a solution to all the mistakes that are mentioned below:

11 Serious Mistakes That Every Amateur Blogger Make

1. Use free domain

free domain

Making use of a free domain is one among the biggest mistakes that every blogger commits in beginning. Many people don’t know about this and this can lead to a big damage. You may have done a lot of hard work on the free domain but you may not get desired results.

Some bloggers may move to a custom domain name, and due that, they do not get proper results. Therefore, having a custom domain name will provide more results that you deserve. You just need to register for a domain name, and create your online presence through your blog.

With the help of a custom domain name, you get the freedom to do many things with your blog. Also, being an amateur blogger, you can establish your brand.

In case you are a newbie who is committing this mistake, it is a recommended idea not to go for a free domain but buy a custom domain name. This is due to the fact that the free domain name cannot provide you the perfect result you want in the long run.

Some limitations of using a free domain name:

  • It is not possible to control that domain: Free domain providers do not provide complete access to the particular domain name. In case you did something wrong with the domain then that domain provider comes with full access to remove your domain. Also, you will lose all your content.
  • SEO Unfriendly: The free domains cannot be indexed within the search engines in a proper way. If you plan to earn money through blogging then it is suggested that you don’t try out free domain but go for a custom domain name.

Actually, there are some drawbacks of using a free domain name, and now you know that. If you are confused on where to buy a domain name then it is good to choose domain name service providers such as GoDaddy and NameCheap.

2. Not choosing a good domain

Don’t you have a good hosting or are you using any free hosting? If the answer is yes then actually you are committing a huge mistake by neglecting this. For any blogger, good hosting is important.

This holds true if you are making use of any free platform for hosting your domain name.

Similar to blogger.com domain name, it is possible that you have limited control in the blog as well as in free platforms. The blogger don’t get sufficient options to personalize that blog on own.

In case you are making use of any free hosting, there is high chance that you would lose all the content. In case that company shuts down then there will be an issue.

In case you are a blogger committing this mistake, it is recommended to change to good hosting that provides you fast speed.

There are plenty of hosting present in the market who mention to offer fast speed, high bandwidth i.e. unlimited bandwidth, and 24×7 support.

But all hosting providers do not provide that high value in their sales page. Now the question is which hosting you must use being a newbie blogger.

It is recommended to choose Siteground because they are offering wonderful features at affordable cost.

In the recent times, there are millions of websites that are being hosted on siteground. Moreover, even the wordpress recommend Siteground.

Here how you can purchase Siteground Hosting:

1. Click on the below discounted link to purchase hosting from the Siteground hosting.

SiteGround Plans

You can easily choose a hosting plan to purchase Siteground Hosting. There are 3 plans available and you can buy any plan as per the need.

siteground hosting plan

In case you are a newbie blogger, it is good to go for the Startup plan. This is because being the new website you will not get sufficient traffic. Hence, this plan is perfect for you.

2. Enter Your Domain Name

Now you need to click over “I already have a domain” and after that, enter your domain name. Also, click on the Proceed button.

siteground hosting domain

Once you click on the proceed button, a page will be show where you need to mention your account details.

3. Fill Your Contact Information Now

The next step will redirect you to a page where you have to mention your account detail.

siteground hosting

4. Enter Your Credit Card Information

At this point of time, you need to enter your credit card details to purchase the siteground hosting.

siteground hosting payment

5. Confirm The Conditions

This step instructs you to confirm their terms and conditions. Once done, you need to click over the pay now button. Within a few minutes, the Siteground will check the details that you have provided.

siteground conditions

Finally, you have now purchased your first hosting from service of Siteground.

Note: It is important to note that if you are using any affordable hosting and willing to migrate your blog towards Siteground, you can make use of their Siteground migratory plugin for migration to blog.

If you want to try something else, you can purchase Bluehost Hosting. Many experts recommend Bluehost or you can purchase the Bluehost hosting.

Bluehost Special Link

3. Terrible blog design

The bad blog design is one of my biggest mistakes a blogger can make. In case you are making use of the free themes, your blog will look beautiful.

In the year 2018, I was using the free themes as an amateur blogger and due to this, your niche-based blog was hacked many times.

blog design

Being a newbie, you will not have enough budget to purchase premium themes as well as plugins. This is because you use the free themes that can make the design of blog very bad.

In case you are launching your blog then it is recommended to make a budget for purchasing the premium themes. This is because majority of the free themes will not optimize for SEO. Moreover, it does not provide proper speed you want ad they are hard to customize.

If your blog is not properly optimized for SEO and not providing a good interface to the users then it is difficult for Google to properly rank a blog.

If you are still thinking that how the premium themes would help you, there is few reason why you must invest in premium themes:

  • The premium themes appear quite professional and in case you are a blogger and want to use any of the free themes then it happens that your blog does not appear attractive. Keep in mind that your website plays a key role in the success of your blog.
  • With the premium themes getting update often, if you have any query about the theme customization, it is good to ask their support. So, they can solve the issue.
  • It is found that the premium themes are SEO optimized as well as mobile friendly.
  • Generally, free themes are not simple to customize. However, in the premium themes, there are many features which you can make use of to create your blog professional.

It is easy to understand why the experienced bloggers make use of the premium themes and not free. In case you are not sure where to find premium themes, the below section helps you:

In the market, there are varioous premium themes that you can use. In case you are confused how to search the good one, there are some good themes:

GeneratePress: GeneratePress is a great theme and according to experienced bloggers, this is the finest lightweight theme ever used. It is known that this theme offers you plenty of features that you can easily customize your blog,

GeneratePress is fully SEO Optimized and Mobile friendly themes. In case you need a premium theme that provides all features then go for it.

As​​​​tra Pro: Astra themes theme is same as GeneratePress, but you got various features for affiliate blog. It works bad with Elementor.

Elegant Themes: The Elegant Themes is one among the popular themes. In case you buy this theme, there are various plugins and themes like Boom, Divi, and Monarch.

In case you are in search for plenty of themes which you can use on various blogs then go for it. They offer live support that can solve the problem.

Now move to another biggest mistake that an amateur blogger can make when they are just started:

4. Copying content with giving credit

There are many bloggers who think that writing content is a difficult task. This is the reason why they usually copy bloggers content of some other bloggers and make some changes. They do this without accepting their permission.

This is the reason why they do not rank on Google. Moreover, the content provided they are copied is already ranked on the Google as well as the content they published shows plagiarism.

Copying content with giving credit

Actually, Google hates plagiarism. If you are doing that then it is like you are making SEO suicide.

All the amateur bloggers should keep this thing in mind. In case you are committing these biggest mistakes, then make sure you try to make content on yourself.

This is because when you create content without any copy content then it gives a personal touch. When you determine to become successful in blogging, then make sure you create content without any copy.

In case you are deriving any sentence or any image from any blog, make sure to give them credit. This helps you to make nice relationship with them.

5. Not Writing Consistently

One of the common Amateur mistakes to avoid is not writing consistently. The reason behind this is all newbie bloggers have just started, so writing just few blog posts and waiting for a few months will not give results. This is completely wrong because you cannot decide the future of the blog by just writing few blog posts.

To get some proper results, work effectively while writing content. Make sure you don’t stop after just writing a few posts. It is important to keep in mind that you need to write consistently and include some light on keyword research. This makes your blog noticeable in Google in a few months.

Not Writing Consistently

In the start, you may find several difficulties when writing. When you write an article consistently, you can easily make content without any problems. Also, it helps you to improve your writing skills and many more benefits.

What to do if I don’t know the proper way o write a good blog post?

If it is hard for you to write a good blog post then you need to follow below steps that hel you to create a good blog post quickly:

  • Firstly, find some topics for your blog post. It is good to use a website like Quora or Reddit for finding out ideas. Now carry out keyword research for that topic and also find some good keywords. To find good keywords, it is good to use a tool like semrush.
  • Once done, study the “Top 10 article related to that” and make a brief outline as per your understanding.
  • Once you are done with an outline of the particular blog post, you could now start writing. Also, you can duplicate the same strategy all the times and create good quality content constantly.

The above section is enough to clear your confusion. Now, let’s know more about some other types of mistakes amateur bloggers makes.

6. Ignore List Building

One of the biggest mistakes that every blogger makes is ignoring a list building. An amateur blogger may make this mistake if he/she is starting the blog. After period of a few months, you will not get good results.

The list building helps very much to drive quality traffic to your blog. As a result, it produces revenue for you.

In case you have already launched your blog and confused about whether to start list building or not, then it is good to go for it. This is because email list building is one of the greatest methods to bring loyal subscribers. 

How can email list building help you?

It is clear that Google changes their algorithm frequently. Someday, it may happen that you need to pay a penalty for your blog. At that time, with the help of email marketing and email list building, your blog can receive traffic and revenue.

Which email marketing software should you use?

There various tools available in the market that can be used to perform email marketing. The recommended ones are aweber and Convertkit.

Some amateur bloggers may use email marketing with some cheap service of email marketing. But using any of the above services, you will get good results. With cheap email marketing service, you may be tired because emails that you try to send to subscribers will go into spam or the promotional tab.

The Convertkit and aweber are good options to try out. You can go for the 30-days free trial of Convertkit. 

After using its service, many bloggers are happy. This is because all of their emails go inside the primary tab. With this, they can easily connect with their loyal subscribers.

7. Build Backlinks Like Crazy

To avoid some of the common mistakes that every amateur blogger makes, it is important to know the types of mistakes. Many have doubt on whether the backlinks are important for amateur bloggers or not. In case you are a newbie blogger, the answer is yes.

However, the newbie blogger have confusion that for raking a new website, it is important to create many backlinks in the beginning. This is not a correct approach.

This is because every beginner starting a new blog creates few blog posts and then begins to make link building. This is why many new bloggers do not see the good results.

Even after you work hard in the staring, you don’t get good results. Hence, if you are doing this kind of mistake, stop it.

When you need to begin making link building?

It is recommended to put more effort in making the content, in the starting. Moreover, you need to make few no-follow backlinks by commenting on somebody else’s blogs.

This is because making powerful blog promotion in the beginning will provide good results gradually. It is recommended that when you are having 30 – 100 posts ready your blog, you can begin making link building.

For making high-quality relevant backlinks, it is recommended to make a guest post, blogger outreach, or broken link building.

8. Don’t Leverage Social Media Traffic

One of the biggest mistakes newbie bloggers make is about social media traffic. This is the difficulty of every amateur blogger. Getting less traffic is the problem of any newbie blogger.

This is because they do not leverage traffic source and mostly amateur blogger depends on organic traffic. However, they don’t know they can rapidly produce the exact amount of traffic using social media.

Social Media Traffic

Initially, when I began this blog, I too leverage social media traffic. It helped me to increase the ranking of my bog. In case you are only dependent on a single traffic source, then it is recommended to stop this. Also, you can begin sharing your article on the social media.

Also, you may know that Google likes social signals. To know more about this, you need to get deeper.

You can also note that the website that ranks higher within the search results possesses more social signals. In the case study shared by Matthew Woodward, the content that was already shared around thousands of times on Facebook assists them to attain Top 10 position inside the Google search results for a keyword -unhealthiest foods.

Now you may have understood how the social media traffic enables your new blog or website in better ranking. Also, it helps you to boost traffic of your website.

9. Share Only Your Content

Not sharing only your content is one of the biggest mistakes. Ask yourself whether you are sharing content of other blogger to your niche. An amateur blogger needs to know about this. Majority of the newbie blogger will respond that they don’t share other blogger’s content.

They are not selfish because it is general tendency of the humans for this. By sharing content of other blogger, you can make a better connection with them. This will help a lot to them in the future. The same is applicable in businesses other than blogging.

It is important to follow the give and take the principle. When you properly follow this principle and also share content of other bloggers then your content gets automatically shared by all the bloggers in your industry. This results into great benefit.

Many newbie bloggers don’t know about this and hence they commit a mistake of not sharing other bloggers’ content. If you are also committing this mistake then it is recommended to stop it.

10. Not Linking To Others

Out of many mistakes, an amateur blogger may make, one of the biggest ones is not linking to others. It is clear that blogging is all about the give and take principle. In case you don’t link to others then actually, there are fewer chances that you would also receive a backlink in return.

For any newbie blogger and even for an experienced blogger, this is important to know. Before few years, even I made this mistake of not linking to other bloggers. Due to this, whenever I outreach them, I often received bad results. Also, I want to warn you on not to make this mistake.

When you start linking content of other bloggers then it assists you in terms of good ranking. Moreover, after linking to other famous bloggers, you can rapidly make a relationship with them. This helps you to earn more across a long run and also develop your blog or website.

11. Scared To Invest In Plugins/Tools

Each amateur blogger made this mistake when starting out the blogging journey. When I began my blogging career, I was also feared of investing money on seo tools and plugins.

Gradually, I realized that if you don’t invest money on these things which are necessary then you cannot become one of the successful bloggers.

Once I began investing money in tools, plugins, and learning, I noticed J-curve in my life as well as my blog. It helps a lot in developing the blog and getting success.

Hence, if you also want to get growth then don’t make this mistake. You need to invest money in the things that are important for your business. The same can help to enhance your business 30X.

In case you are starting your blog, you need to create a budget for plugins as well as tools.

The same can assist in the success of your blog. Many newbie bloggers are confused on which  plugin or tool to invest into. Following list may help you in this case:

  • Grammarly (online proofreading tool)
  • Short Pixel (for optimization of your blog images)
  • Thrive Architect (plugin useful to design your blog)
  • SEMrush (best all-in-one SEO tool)

Special SEMrush Free Trial Link

Above are the plugins and tools you can invest your money into. All businesses require some investment to get quick and effective results. The same is the case in the blogging world.

When you consider blogging as a business and consider investing your money then you will get good results soon. The results will be better than that of other bloggers who are feared of investing money in their blogging business.

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The above post can help you to become a successful blogger. You need to follow it thoroughly to get success in your blogging journey. This post shares some mistakes every Amateur Blogger commit when they launch a new blog.

In case, you are doing any of these mistakes as discussed above, make sure you avoid it now itself. This is because these mistakes stop the growth of your blog.

When you go through this article, you will get a detailed view on mistakes that every newbie blogger make. The common mistakes a newbie blogger make are all covered in the above post. With experience and solution of your mistake, you can succeed in your blogging journey.

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