Ultimate Checklist: How To Drive Quality Traffic To Your Blog

Essential Checklists To Ensure Your New Blog Gets Quality Traffic

Nowadays, blogging has become the way to express your state of mind. The addiction of blogging has reached to that extent that for many people it has developed as their key interest area. And in the age of the internet, it is being considered as the best way to share and express your thoughts and feelings.

Moreover, blogging gives your writings a massive exposure on a global platform which further opens up your mind and perception. Need not say, that blogging today has become a great mode of communication. It has opened the new gates of sharing your thoughts and expressions with the world and that too on the lowest cost of convenience.

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The culture of blogging has reached to an extent that today even many companies and institutions are using it as a source of publication, presentation, and promotion.

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However, the biggest challenge that any blogger need to overcome is to get readers. While launching a new blogging site a blogger needs to tap the reader’s attention to make it a successful hit. And to make it successful, a blogger should always concentrate on the quality and quantity of the content that s/he is posting online.Other than this, there are many other points which a blogger should keep in mind in order to overcome the mistakes that are often made while launching a new blogging site.

8 Essential Checklists To Drive Quality Traffic To Your Blog

Take a look:

1. Optimize your blogging content via SEO

If you are not an established brand in blogging, it is quite not possible for a blogger to generate the high visibility on the net in its initial stage. So, you need to work on improving the search engine ranking of your website. Get some tools for searching the most suitable keywords, develop the content and enrich its heading with these keywords. Also, consider the keyword density and content architecture as the essential and efficient SEO functions. And when you use these keywords effectively and efficiently then your half of your burden of generating traffic will automatically lessen down as Google will bring you the good amount of quality traffic.

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And if you are not getting the right outcome from your SEO activities, then it is possible that you have not understood its process and functionality. Along with keyword acquisition and placing, you need to get a good deal of quality links from trusted sources of your niche sector also.

2. Concentrate on your blog promotion

As a newbie, you are suggested to create the valuable content that is interesting, unique and able to solve people’s problems. And patiently wait, while the internet users will come searching you and your awesomeness. This sounds really great but unfortunately, it does not work. Actually, it is sometimes impossible to get noticed even when you have a great content as you are not serious about its promotion or creating awareness in this relation. So as you are working hard on developing a great content, you should always work harder on marketing it. There are many social platforms that can be efficiently used fo this purpose.

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3. Focus on readers choice

This is the biggest mistake that the newcomer bloggers often make. Their entire effort is centralized over what they think, or want to present or what is their opinion. In all this, they simply ignore that what the readers want or what is their requirement. You need to listen to them and serve them what they want to read. For this purpose, you can read the comment section of the established blogs of your niche. Listen what is the public opinion on Facebook or Twitter. Attending the webinars and Q&A call sessions will also help you get some idea about readers preference and your further scope.

Essential Checklist for Effective Blog

4. Avoid articulating your personal state of mind

You want to share your thoughts and state of mind with your readers and assume that it is a nice way to build a relationship with them but since you are not an online celebrity or a popular brand, people have no interest in what you think and how you think. So instead of wasting your time and writing skill over your personal thought of expressions, just focus on creating the valuable content which the users are really looking for.

5. Content quality is preferred over background presentation

The new bloggers need to be very conscious about the presentation and designing of their web page. They spend great efforts and many valuable hour and weeks over it. Unless you are related to fashion, designing or glamor sector, you don’t need too much dedication and elaboration. Presentation do matter but quality content is always preferred over fancy presentation. So, a focus should be on developing the really worthful content and its right promotion.

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6. Schedule your posts

There is a strange and common philosophy among the newcomer bloggers that they can attract and engage more readers by posting the content more often. But this strategy works great for the established bloggers. A newbie blogger should focus on scheduling their posting with the content that can satisfy readers. And remember to be patient because it always takes the time to build your reputation among your social circle and contacts. And once they will start taking you seriously, they will surely share your link with their own contacts and communities.Spending a great time over social media while you have very few followers

7. Spending a great time over social media while you have very few followers

You are a new blogger with a limited fan following, you should spare yourself from spending the excessive and unnecessary time over social media. In the case of a popular blogger with the millions of devoted followers, there are higher chances of huge readership and spread of word. The newbies have to set a schedule to spend the time for Twitter, Facebook or other social media along with getting links from the authoritative websites.

8. Other ways to promote your new blog and gets quality traffic

  1. Use the potential of Quora – the great website that connects readers with relevant queries.
  2. Write high-quality content.
  3. Do guest blogging.


After analyzing some essential checklist for the effective blog, we can come to the conclusion that if a new blogger wants to establish its mark, s/he need to properly work around the improved variety of facts. To start off with ways to do blogging, you should properly articulate your ideas and that you need to find how things work.

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