6 Best Online Learning Platforms 2024

The world is trapped in quarantine right now, and everybody’s looking for something productive to do. With schools, colleges, and offices shut down, people of all ages, professions, interests, and regions have been hunting e-learning platforms.

Though the concept of online course software has been around for a long time, this is the time to shine.

From cooking to gardening to sculpting to mechanics to religion to literature, the scope of online Learning Management Systems is boundless! These online learning sites are run by e-learning providers and are surprisingly quite impressive. Their price range, grading criteria, course timelines, mediums, etc. definitely vary across the board.

Almost all online learning platforms have great content, course material value. Here, we’re listing down some of the best online course platforms where you can study anything you like!

Best Online Learning Platforms

1. Google Classroom

As a part of G Suite for Education, this Google initiative is one of the best free LMS right now. Google Classroom has two tiers, a free one, and a pro tier. Google Classroom has a number of e-learning technology tools in its system that make online learning super easy. Google Docs, spreadsheets, presentations, audio/video conferencing, Google Drive, and similar management tools make teaching and learning really impressive and smooth.

At Google Docs, students are at liberty to catch up on courses, assignments, and reading material whenever they find the time to do so. The platform has both free and paid versions.

2. Coursera

For the average online learner, it is hard to find an LMS that’s more diverse than Coursera. This e-learning software has a ton of free and paid courses that are available for everybody on the globe. Some of these courses are even conducted by esteemed Ivy League professors and famous researchers.

Regardless of your actual profession or degree program, you can take up any course that attracts you. You can study scriptures, life sciences, accounting and management, literature, social sciences, agricultural sciences, mathematics, programming, software development, and a lot more!

As a part of this online education system, every online essay writing service in Canada is thriving, too. Canadian college students, being familiar with such writing help writers, can also rely on benefit from these services. For instance, getting an essay help from Edubirdie is a popular feat of online learning. Therefore, many students take advantage of this service.

These courses are designed in a very condensed manner and take students from theoretical basics to practical uses. While their six-week courses start from around $30, the four-year online degrees can cost almost $9,000.

3. Skillshare

For those who want to excel in creativity, Skillshare is no less than a full-fledged arts college! A monthly subscription at Skillshare is normally at $9 per month, while a yearly subscription is $99. These courses are uploaded by creative gurus from different parts of the world. You can learn photography, painting, sculpting, calligraphy, music, and all other creative arts at Skillshare.

best online course platforms

4. Docebo

Docebo brings learners and trainers virtually as close as possible. This learning management system is ideal for newbies in business, employees, employers, customers, and clients equally! Docebo offers valuable content and resource sharing through its LMS. Aside from that, Docebo also allows students and peers to connect with each other, have discussions, and communicate ideas.

Course creators at Docebo can also use performance trackers and run personalized analyses for assessing individual students.

5. Adobe Captivate

Adobe’s name isn’t unheard of anywhere in the world. This comprehensive learning system is one of the best online course platforms and is designed for enhancing the student’s hidden potential. 

Adobe Captivate is easy to enroll in and has an auto updatable video content, examination, and grading concept. The on-screen navigation is really interactive and easy to adopt. You can also keep up with how other individuals and departments are keeping up in their respective learning streams. It also enables you to check up on your progress and certification and allows you to assess your overall performance.

online course software

6. Udemy

Udemy is another mass learning platform for all basic and advanced level learners. These self-paced courses are easy to learn and complete, too. Like Coursera, Udemy also has free as well as paid courses in a variety of fields. The certification can help you acquire expertise in existing fields or even learn new skills.

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In recent times, online learning systems are the way to go. Online learning has a different mechanism and comfort, too. Whether you go for self-paced or timed courses, you can enroll in a varied spectrum of knowledge. All you need is a bit of motivation to make the most of your free time!

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