Best 9 Highly Popular Video Editing Software

A list of best highly popular video editing softwareIt has not been a long time when the directors and technicians of a short film and documentary had to pass through many highly complicated editing and related tasks which often required a great deal of technical expertise and high skills.

But thanks to the day by day improving technology which has blessed the human life with various revolutionary miracles, today, many actions, including video editing are very easy, convenient and time-saving task that can be accomplished by an average person. You just need to have a general understanding that which type of software is your requirement and what facilities and support a software is provided by a software.

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As a maker or editor of a documentary or a short film, you are offering a lot of videos editing software (both paid and free)to choose from that can support the task to be performed with a great satisfaction and remarkable quality.

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Here you are given a list of 9 best popular video editing tools, so have an idea of the highlighting features and other specifications of these:

Top 9 Best Popular Video Editing Tools and Softwares

1. AVS Video Editor

As the prime choice of video editing tools, this software holds all the potential of a convenient, high performing, quality rich, professional helping hand. It is loaded with various superior and notable features such as blue ray video, multilingual support, and capability to share the video directly to the social media platforms and their stabilization. This prime listed video editing tool is provided by Online Media Technologies with the price $59 and considered as the best of the industry.  The trial version is also available.

2. Final Cut Pro

As the other leading video editing software this high performing video editing tool facilitates the filmmaker to edit their creation and also the video clips from the favorite movies, and social video sharing sites. Developed and designed by Apple Inc, this is enriched with many noticeable features and supports the technician with the smart user interface, very efficient keyboard shortcut features and much more. Undoubtedly, Final Cut Pro is the best video editing software for Mac. The price for this tool is $299.

3. Sony Vegas Movie Studio

While you are looking for a studio video editing tool that helps you in creating some amazing videos without consuming a lot of systems resources, your search definitely ends up with Sony Vegas Movie Studio which is called the best tool for Window PCs. Actually, it is a miniature version of Sony VEGAS Pro, which is meant by the highly passionate professionals. You are given various features such as easy interface, great features for supporting the transitions, text arrangement, video stabilization and real-time effects. This very affordable all in one video editing solution is also the preferred choice of the people with the limited budget and high-quality requirements. Available for $49.95, you can further ask for its trial version.

4. Lightworks

It is the unique video editing tool that is similarly supportive to Microsoft Windows, Linux and OS X. Empowered with many extremely capable features (for example, a dedicated and sound  background I/O, smart keypad for unmatched editing performance, multi-cam editing, real-time effects and many others) this is a very handy tool and does not require a superb technical skills to operate it. The other specifications of the tool are genuine web export compatibility, background import, and export and its rendering, etc. Available for free this is a must-have tool for the serious editing technicians.

best video editing software

5. Sony Vegas Pro

Also called the Big Bro of Sony Vegas Movie Studio, this superior editing tool presents the enhanced features to the techno freaks who are willing to pay more for these. Here you receive a great number of strong features and productive ideas for unique outcomes. It offers solid effects, corresponding applications to support ios devices, brilliant media management set up, DVD layout, impressive audio control, and many advanced preview options. No doubt, the software is the best value for the money paid for this. You have to pay $ 599.95 to buy a copy of this.

6. Cinelerra

A free video editing tool that facilitates the Linux users to edit the videos without any requirement of technical experience and expertise. Because it is written, designed and developed in C++, Cinelerra is loaded with various useful features who can simplify the editing task and ensure a good quality result. This free to download tool is available for almost all Linux distribution and surely prove its great value. The editors have provided the three sections to perform their editing task finely and they are Timeline, a viewer, and Resource Window and Compositor.

7. Pinnacle Studio

Another Video editing popular software of this genre, this very useful video editor is available for Windows and is a miniature version of the fully developed, mighty software of the same company. Here are many impressive and effective features that make it a top choice for the video editing community. The Pinnacle studio specifications include specific drag/drop enabled, 6 tracks for the timeline-based editing, DVD authoring, free guidance, title and overlay creation, superb sound and music addition facility, a huge collection of royalty free tracks, a vast storage of effects and transitions and many others. Available for $ 59.95 it is a must-have in the collection of a dedicated video editor.

8. Corel Video Studio

From the legendary family f Coral Draw, this a widely used and appreciated graphics suite. Enriched with 64-bit power, Coral Video Studio offers something unique to each creative and passionate video editor. With it, one can create really amazing videos, graphics, and visuals without joining the training sessions and spending hours and hours of practicing. And, if you purchase its ultimate version, you own some fantastic features such as variable speed in video editing, smarter methods of creating overlay and titles, handling multi-monitor visuals, stop, motion animation, DSLR enlarged mode and many other countless options. For this nice editing soft solution, you will have to pay $ 79.99 only.

9. Adobe Premiere Pro

An editing software with enormous popularity, this timeline-based video editing support facilitates the easy editing tasks for Windows and Mac. There are two specific plans (individual and combo and the prices are different ) offered to the editors to create the awesome visual effects as per your need, budget, and creativity level. If you count its superior features like Integration with the After Effects and Photoshop, excellent transitions, high-quality video masking elements, you find the price really worthy.

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Well, these all are the list of 9 best highly popular video editing software, the real aim of writing this article is to give an idea of best video editing software and its effective features. If you have any suggestion then share with us.

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