Why We Use Google Analytics?

Why we use google analytics? Google analytic is virtually changing the entire landscape of the search system. There are tools that help you define your objective and then you can use the traffic to optimize your website, but Google analytics– a valuable tool to customize your traffic sources and then use the data to improve your website – can help you improve your website.

This is a brief article about the benefits of Google analytics and that how you should use the tool to get an improved variety of ideas. We will write another article about the tool, but the post is about the basic ideas. Read and if you want to ask any sort of question, please ask it.

As a webmaster, you would preferably want to learn the actual source of your traffic – organic, paid, social. This diversified range of sources actually give you an understanding of how you should use your traffic, and that how you should customize your sources for a better understanding of the ecosystem.

If your website traffic is coming from affiliate sources, you need to improve other variety of factors such as improving your referral traffic. This means that your traffic sources usually become more organized and usable. To improve the traffic and then to improve the optimization part of your website, you need to be decisive about a few important factors.



There are a good number of tools that can help you pinpoint the actual source of your traffic, then with the help of the sources; you can even optimize the source of your website. There are a good variety of free sites and tools which you can use to improve the traffic and referral source.

To ensure that your website leverages the perfect momentum of traffic and positively impact the traffic to help you with sales, you even compare from a different variety of tools and traffic analytics which you can choose to get a perfect overview of the system.

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Among the different types of tools which you can use to optimize your website traffic and then to understand how these work, you can rely on a number of tools. Among the most trusted tools, is the Google analytics. This is one of the free tools which you can even use in its premium form; but even if you use the free, you get a number of things which is otherwise paid in other tools. Google analytic is perhaps the number one tool which has been proven to be beneficial for a number of reasons. There are webmasters who use it because it has been good value.

Best Ways To Use Google Analytics

use of google analytics

  1. Improved analytic

    Google analytics has been proven to be beneficial for a number of reasons. It is easy to use, and that the tools are helpful. As a webmaster, you can use the tool to pinpoint the areas which need to be analyzed. The analytic is helpful in the fact that it has been designed taking into consideration the unique aspects of traffic analytic.

  2. Pinpoint areas

    There are different modes – you can even create your campaign, and then after typing a particular set of option, you can even have an understanding of it by the variables. There are campaign ideas and then there is traffic analytic report which you can use to generate a list of ideas as to how to use, and why to use the analytic.

  3. Free

    Free means Google analytics does not necessarily cost you a penny if you use it free of cost. Whereas; if you are using the tool for an improved variety of traffic report, you can opt for the premium version. A premium version is usually an overview of more features and that you can use it to customize, save and then use the data.

  4. Track and click

    Track and click – by the term, we refer that the tool is populated with options which help you determine the traffic sources and then you can view how they are coming to your website, which pages are they visiting etc. You can track it to customize the traffic analytics.

  5. Demographic

    Google analytics actually helps you get the demographic stats about your audience. This means you can understand audiences are and that how they are coming to your website. The stats actually help you compare from ways so that after understanding the traffic sources, you can optimize.

These are some of the ways you can use the Google analytics. The tool is great for use and that you can use it for free. For using the premium version, you need to buy the version. But then even if you use the free version, there are a range of ways you can get the benefits. Where else is another tool which is free and is equipped with so many features like Google Analytics and is so much feature? So, it can be said that if you want to use Google Analytic for pinpointing the improved variety of ways to understand the data and then use it to properly customize your sources; the traffic to your website improves.

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Other than Google analytics, there are some improved variety of other tools which you can use to optimize your traffic and then you can customize the options. But most of the tools are costly and that it is not sure that these tools are of any value when it comes to getting the yield from Google analytic. So, it can be said that if you want to improve your website traffic by improving the website traffic; it is good that you use the Google analytics tool. As mentioned earlier, if you are a pro user and have a website which is high end, it is good that you opt for the premium version.


If you have a simple website and that if you are to use the traffic to get the idea of how things work, use the free version of Google analytics. Let us know what you think about the article and if you want to read other articles about SEO, please browse our website.

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