9 Steps To Improve Your Website Search Ranking

What steps I should take to get good SEO rankings

Getting good website ranking is the major objective of each SEO professional. They invest all their skills, knowledge, hard work, dedication and creativity in earning higher search ranking for their site. As SEO is the heart of the internet marketing and this is the place where you can really do to improve your marketing results.

Here are 9 specified steps suggested and often followed by the field experts that will definitely help you to achieve a good website ranking on the SERPs.

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9 Steps to Achieve a Website Ranking on the SERP

improve website search ranking

Steps to improve website search ranking

  1. Start with a good press release

    At the beginning, put out a quality press release on Google or Yahoo news, enriched with the information that will make your target audience cannot resist watching. If you manage to craft a highly optimized press release that involves the related keywords and links to your site, it will get a positive response. And if the press release really presents its informative worth, it will be easily picked by many leading sites and journalists. SEO-PR is the ideal site for sending a press release.

  2. Set your site title tags with intelligence

    The mistake that most of the sites experience is that there is the default “home page” title in all other title tags of the entire web pages. Each page should be given the title tag with extreme care these are these tags enable the search engines to be aware of the content and purpose of your site. Meta Tag Analyzer can help you in analyzing the tags throughout the website and will suggest you the best placing of keywords and phrases on your web pages so that the search engines may able to locate and track you.

  3. Website optimization with the right keyword

    A website should be optimized on the basis of keywords and phrases that are actually used by the people in search. The keyword should be based on market research and not your personal favorite one. The keyword research is a critical and comprehensive process that requires a lot of focus and patience. There are many tools available to provide you a good idea about how many times a particular keyword has been searched in the recent period of time. Wordtracker is one of them. It can also suggest you the underutilized keywords also.

  4. Acronyms are also important

    In the keywords, contents, title tags, URLs and everywhere, equally input the full spelling and acronyms. For example, “Search Engine Optimization” and “SEO”. It is actually the matter of presentation, that in how many interesting ways you can present your information to the readers. The Density Analyzer Tool by Virtual Promote crawls on the targeted web page and find outs the most prevalent phrases and keywords and suggest you that what you are missing.

  5. Relevance and frequency

    Your regularity in publishing the information or posts on your website plays a great role in optimization and ranks improving. It is a fact that more often you publish information; the search engine spider will check your website more frequently. One should make efforts to frequently publish high quality, relevant content that included the target keywords phrases.Content strategy is the main weapon of any SEO professional to fight the modern age online marketing war, where the uniqueness and originality of the content along with the relevant and frequent schedule can make a big difference and support your website optimization efforts and getting the higher rankings.

  1. Think like a search engine spider

    If you are planning your next set of optimization efforts, first you need to see your website like a search engine spider does when it crawls your content and index it. The loading speed of your web page is the most important element here as the number of visitors’ crawling is mainly depended on it.  What and how much is there the role of Javascript, Flash, and graphics in the loading accuracy. These are some important insight information you need to be aware of your website. So if there is need of some change in your website or totally reconstruct it, you have the points you want to instruct your webmaster to increase the website’s accessibility by the search spiders.  SummitTool’s Spider Simulator can guide by giving the suggestion and recommendations for improving your website.

  2. Use site maps

    The leading search engines like Google and Yahoo both offer a site map submission facility where you can post the extensive sitemap of your website so that Google or Yahoo can index your website. It is the best benefit of your website that you submit the sitemap of your website on Google or any other leading search engine and set a regular update schedule so that they may have up to date information about your website.

  3. Inbound tag links

    While it is a difficult task for you to control the link tags of your own website, you can solve this problem with the help of “off Page SEO” that provides the assistance in accompanying the inbound links on the other sites pointing toward your website. This could be in the form of “click here ” or “go to”. There are many tools that will present you the list of these link providers and also clear that what the link actually say about.

  4. Get some expert advice

    while dealing with the big Website of a large corporate house; you must get someone who has a remarkable experience and knowledge in high-quality Search engine optimization and guides you best in achieving your goals. Working under the guidance is much better than working with the less experience as it reduces the risk. Without the optimum knowledge or understanding of lawful tactics, you or your website may be penalized or banned permanently from the search engines. And the worst will be that you will not have not even the idea about what was wrong. One thing to consider that your helping hand must be the person of the latest thinking and tactics.


The above are the quick steps to improve your website search ranking, The real aim of creating this steps was to show you how you can improve your website ranking on the SERP, by using these effective SEO steps you can optimize your website for Google search and get best results for your business.if you have any query related to this quick steps then feel free to ask in comment section below

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