9 Advanced SEO Tools and Techniques To Increase Search Engine Ranking

In today’s digital marketing world, the technology and skills are changing faster than ever. We can see numerous inventive SEO tools and advanced digital marketing techniques to increase search engine ranking, now in the event that you are advertisers who don’t think about the most recent SEO tools and methods.

Then you will face stress and workload. To relieve this stress you should use of SEO tools.

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But there are lots of tools that may create a confusion in your mind. So, to overcome this workload let’s discuss some of the best SEO and digital marketing tools.

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Here I’ll say about the trending SEO tools in 2017, and cover all the best and most used SEO tools by the experts.

9 Popular SEO Tools That’ll Double Your Search Traffic

1.Anchor Text Over Optimization Tool – remove ’em

This Anchor Text Over Optimization Tool is very useful and valuable SEO tool to identify your anchor text diversity on a website and highlight those areas where you are at risk for anchor text over optimization.


Anchor Text Over Optimization Tool - removeem

Pros of Anchor Text Over Optimization Tool

Helps us in avoiding over-optimization.

Cons of Anchor Text Over Optimization Tool

Can optimize anchor text only.

2. Grammarly

Grammarly is a fantastic and important SEO tool which is having some great features which can quickly turn around your work to a professional piece of content. Grammarly provides proofreading, Grammar check, and plagiarism detection. Grammarly also helps content writers in proving error free content to their clients.

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Grammarly is a fantastic and important SEO tool
Pros of Grammarly

  1. Check grammatical errors.
  2. It helps to resolve the confused prepositions errors.
  3. Plagiarism Checker
  4. Having different tools and add-ons

Cons of Grammarly

1. To use free Grammarly version you have to Sign up

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3. Alexa.com – Competition Analysis SEO Tool

Alexa is very important and valuable competition analysis SEO tool. Alexa ranking is the very popular among the bloggers and they regularly check it as it’s ranking for a website is based on the site popularity and a number of visitors and backlinks.
Alexa blogger's and marketer's business platform
Pros of Alexa

1. Help in determine bounce rates.
2. Helps in determine a daily time and page visits by the visitor.
3. website ranking checker both globally and nationally.
4. Easy to use.

Cons Of Alexa

1. The free version is limited

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4. BuiltWith

BuiltWith is an SEO tool that helps us to find what technologies almost any site was or well worked with. Extraordinary for competitive intelligence.Great developer SEO and competitor research tool.

BuiltWith is an SEO tool
Pros of BuiltWith

1. Gives details about the technologies and platform that a website is using.
2. Great competitor research tool

Cons of BuiltWith

Need to sign in for some important features
A bit technical to understand.

5. Archive.org

Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of free books, software, websites, and more.It’s a tool for finding the website history and how the website looked at some time.



Pros of Archive.org

1. Gives accurate data on website
2. Data remains unaltered and accurate

6. Quick search status – On-Page Optimization SEO Tool

Quick search status is an important SEO tool for webmasters as it helps us in optimizing our site. It gives Google PageRank, Alexa rank, Competes ranking and SEOmoz, mozRank anywhere in your browser, along with fast keyword density analyzer, keyword/no follow highlighting, backward/related links, Alexa info, and other SEO tools.

Quick search status - On-Page Optimization SEO Tool

Pros of Quick Search Status

1. Easy to install
2. Multiple features
3. shows Alexa and page rank also.

Cons of Quick Search Status

1. Works for only Mozilla and Sea Monkey.

7. Pingdom

Pingdom is a free SEO tool to monitor website speed and performance. Pingdom offers an entire suite of speed tools to help analyze page load, DNS issues, and connectivity.

free SEO tool to monitor website speed and performance

Pros of Pingdom SEO tool

  1. Check Website Speed
  2. Check website Performance

Cons of Pingdom SEO tool


8.Google Trends

Google trend is very valuable SEO tool this will show the latest internet trend and help to find effective keywords country wise.

Google Trends

Pros of Google Trend

1. Finding trending keyword.
2. Tool for finding good and effective targeted keywords.

Cons of Google Trend

1. Provides data after 2004.

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9.Google PageSpeed insights

Google PageSpeed insights provide tools, data, and insights to improve your page speed. Page speed is correlated with better rankings and user engagement, so this matters.

Google PageSpeed insights

Pros of Google PageSpeed insights

1. Show option for both desktop and mobile.
2. Finding out errors affecting our page speed.

Cons of Google PageSpeed insights

1. Technical and difficult to understand.


These are the few latest SEO tools and techniques. If you want to know more SEO and digital marketing tools and techniques then subscribe to our site. Now, If you have any query or suggestion, do comment us below

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