14 Conversion Optimization Tools for More Sales

14 Conversion Optimization Tools for More Sales

From the past two years, we hear the word conversion rate optimization frequently. But actually, what is it? Many digital marketers and bloggers may already know about conversion rate optimization.

But if you are the one who don’t know about it, just see below.

Conversion rate optimization:

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a system which is used to increase the percentage of the visitors to a website. This helped in converting into sales or getting back regular customers or any desired action what the site owner wanted to do.

The conversion rate optimizations place the significant role in existing business and are ahead of content marketing, search engine optimization and mobile marketing as well.

Many organizations are spending thousands of dollars in promoting their products and company across the internet through various mediums. Due to this, they are getting traffic. But the biggest problem is that traffic is not getting converted into a paying customer or not doing any desire action which business wanted.

So, this has been an issue. Since then conversion optimization came into place. All the websites and most digital marketers are focusing on their conversion rate optimization (CRO) to convince the traffic into customer and also to give companies some hope.

So to get better conversion we can use the following optimization tools.

14 Best Conversion marketing tools

As I have said earlier, Conversion is most important for any business. Most of the business spend money to purchase, conversion optimization tool. You can also opt for best and free as well as paid tools.

Now, here are the 14 conversion rate optimization tools that can help all the digital marketers and bloggers to get your job done, simply without any tensions.

Website Lead Capture Tools:

These are the tools that will help you to capture more leads or customers on your site to increase your CRO. While most of the conversion-focused content has a built in the form of a call to actions. These tools help you to boost your content as well.

1. Hello bar:

Hellobar is a website lead capture tool which allows you to add a popup on the form of your site. Hellobar is very helpful to grow your email list and also to promote your social pages.

Hellobar lead capture tool

It has a free cum pro versions. But the free version is enough for small scale websites and business. The free version allows you to create one model.

Free for basic.

2. SumoMe:

SumoMe is another tool which offers a bunch of free tools to help to increase your site conversion rate, with the help of website capture tool.

SumoMe Best Website Traffic Tools

It offers a “smart bar” to increase your email subscribers, it also offer a welcome mate popup “CTA” and a scroll “triggered box” and a custom contact us form.  Along with all these free tools, SumoMe also can integrate Google Analytics research tool.

Research tools:

Research tools always help you to know about your site statistics. By studying your site through the wide range of tools, you can find the content that is more shareable and where you can improve, etc.

3. Similar web:

The similar web is the tool which helps you to research your website along with your competitive site. It takes a snap at your competitor’s sites and gives you info on where you can create your strategy.

Similar web Website Traffic & Mobile App Analytics


You can implement that strategy to get the right conversion, and you can also learn how to improve your site.

4. Marketizator:

Marketizator is a research tool where marketers research the behavior of their audience. This app allows you to create a behavioral based surveys that evaluate and monitor what visitors do on your website.

Marketizator CRO software

It helps you in knowing the best performing approach of your web page etc. It offers the A/B testing service to determine the best conversion based on reliable data. It is having a strategy of segmentation which targets the perfect audience.

5. Alexa:

Alexa is blogger’s and marketer’s business platform. It’s a platform which shows you all the status.

Alexa blogger's and marketer's business platform

Alexa helps you to make you a better marketer and also to take better marketing decision when compared to your targeted companies. It increases your traffic as well as shares across the multiple platforms.

6. BuzzSumo:

Buzz Sumo is the best and widely used tool. The best part of it is we can see the content that gets shared and linked the most.

It’s a better tool to gain most of the websites insights and then to compile all the shared content on any particular topic.

Buzzsumo content marketing and SEO campaigns tool

This tool is the best for finding the trending content and also the highly shared content from any website. We can also see the influencers and audience who really liked this article.

If you are really trying to know who the person who likes your blog content is then, you can search them by topic quickly. For example: If you write on SEO, then just type SEO, and you can find the highly shared content. Then just click for influencer and bloggers, after that you can find their twitter accounts.

So from there, you can easily connect with them, this is the favorite tool for most of the internet marketers.

AB testing and conversion tools:

A/b testing is the comparison of two versions of a web page. To consider which website performs well. By the help of these tools, you can check the two web pages and its performances. You can keep the one that is performing well.

The one that gives you a better conversion rate is the page which is forward and the page which you can keep on our site.

7. Visual Website Optimizer(VWO):

Visual website optimizer(VWO) is one of the best and easiest tools for A/B testing; It has the ability easily to convert headlines, images and forums and any other elements to create multiple sections of your website to test.

You can get all kind of revenue and sign ups information’s from this tool and also you can get the real time statics data.

Visual Website Optimizer A/B testing tool

VWO is trusted by many experts and it is also used across all type of platforms like mobile, tablet and desktop version as well. And it is very simple to install. But it is a premium tool.

8. AB Tasty:

AB tasty is the a/b testing tool to optimize your conversion rate. As the name suggests, it is a most used and comprehensive a/b testing tool which brings you best results.

ABTasty A/B testing tool

It easily allows you to modify any page using its easy visual editor, and it takes the stress of writing codes.

By this tool, you can easily measure the version of your pages. It’s used in producing the best and working results for your goals and objectives such as page views, purchases, etc.

You can also create any testing from this scenario as it’s a multivariate testing tool, and these test can be configured to your specific requirements. The level of personalization is very impressive, and the features of this are easy to identify.

9. Crazy Egg:

Crazy Egg is another tool for mapping out all the general actions which are performed by the websites.

Crazy Egg AB testing and conversion tools

Crazy Egg is a great AB testing tool; it’s also one of the best-known heat map tools which is currently available on the web.

The crazy egg is a premium tool, but you can try it free for one month.

10. Unbounce:

Unbounce is a tool which lets you build and test responsive landing pages without any knowledge of coding and HTML. It has a clear user experience.

Unbounce Crazy Egg AB testing and conversion tools

Just use the drag and drop tool to drag text, videos, even maps and more into your landing pages and organize them.

This tool is integrated with a broad range of providers like AWeber Email Marketing, Hubspot, MailChimp, Zoho, etc. After you setup or create multiple pages then you can test the page performance as long as you like and select the best page.

Analytics tools:

The tools which are used to analyses your whole websites or blog. Using analytics tools you can quickly measure and track all your sites performance.

11. Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is a well know tool, and it’s free for basic needs. This tool is a freeway tool to track your site performance reports.

Google Analytics tool

It shows the way your visitor are going out of your web page by the bounce rate. Google Analytics also allows you to see which keywords people are continuously searching for and to track all the page which are ranking well and getting search traffic.

12. Kiss metrics:

Kiss Metrics is a well-known and popular used tool, by many experts. It is a sophisticated tool, where it integrates with your email service provider, and it makes easy to analyze your audience.

Kiss metrics Analytics tool

It also helps in emailing in a particular outfit format to attract your audience. You can learn about your customers, and you can quickly conduct the A/b test experiments and opt for the best results. You can easily create campaigns to increase your ROI.

Feedback tools:

Feedback tools are the tools which help you to know, how to stay better than a competitor. It also helps to know about how to engage and improve the user performance by asking users.

One can interact by just by creating surveys, polls, messaging and other user testing programs, and these are quite important these days.

13. Survey Monkey:

Many experts use survey monkey. It’s one of the best tools available to learn about your target market.

Survey Monkey Feedback tool

But you just need to create right questions which can help you to make more sales and also to improve your market.

14. Five second test app:

This is one of the best options for feedback tools. The usability hub optimizes the clarity of your designs by measuring all your audience, and notice’s all the impression of a viewer.

It has an awesome community. To test that allows users directly to upload a product or an app experience or a design and have the valid community test.

Five second test app Feedback tool

You can get all the responses and the general feed. Even you can also get the improved UI thoughts on your projects. This is an excellent way to get opinions from your audience. And can make the offer more attractive to make them convert into your customer.

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Finally, this is the better conversion optimization tools which would really help you.


Well, I’ve described all best conversion rate optimization tools that can help all the digital marketers and bloggers. If you have any suggestions then share with us.

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