Top 10 Best Sites To Host Your Podcast 2024: Podcast Hosting Services

Looking for sites to host podcast then let me guide you with some interesting sites to host your podcast. Podcasting is gradually becoming a famous trend on the internet.

Basically, the podcast is known to be an audio file which is accessible on the web for the purpose of downloading. Moreover, they can be easily played on PCs and several other devices like smartphones. There is now free podcast hosting service available.

In order to host your podcast, there are many best podcast platforms available and some of them provide service of free audio hosting.

What are podcast hosting sites?

There are lots of free audio hosting sites means podcast hosting sites available and the corresponding podcast hosting services permit you to contextualize, store and eventually dispense your podcast to Stitcher, Apple Podcasts (earlier known as iTunes), and others. Podcast hosting sites offer service of episodic series of digital video or audio files that users can easily download as well as listen.

The service from best podcast hosting offers a lot of features at an affordable cost. The podcast hosting sites offers service on a subscription basis, in order that episodes get downloaded automatically through web syndication to the local computer of a user.

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Best Podcast Hosting Service Available Online 2024

1. SoundCloud Podcasts

SoundCloud podcast hosting

SoundCloud is a famous podcast website for the purpose of sharing music and it is regarded as one of the best podcast platforms. The website is mainly targeted for musicians; however, it is a viable option for podcast hosting. It is known that SoundCloud offers both free and paid services.

Using the paid service, one can know about who has listened to his/her podcasts as well as other important details can be obtained. Its website comes with a sleek interface and holds many users from different parts of the world making its service of SoundCloud podcast hosting popular.


best podcast platforms.

Libsyn has by now served tens of thousands of happy customers. The podcasting service is acknowledged for its trustworthy service which comes at good quality.

It is important to note that is dedicated to indie podcasters, non-profits, small business, and small churches. Discussing about the pricing, it is depended on how much you want to upload in the particular month.

After the month gets over, every file stays active within your account. Moreover, they are no more counted against your existing months upload part.

3. Amazon S3

Amazon S3 best podcast sites

Amazon S3 (full name: Amazon Simple Storage Service) is one of the best podcast sites to host a podcast and basically it is paid platform working for providing podcast hosting.

The site provides many features which are very remarkable as per the price paid. It is found that Amazon S3 comes with a free plan which restricts the storage size to be 5GB as well as it comes with a limit of 20,000 get requests. Users are allowed to upload any media with the help of their service.

4. Internet Archive

Internet Archive podcast service

Internet Archive is a podcast hosting website capable to host images, videos, audios, books and more. You are allowed to upload your podcasts because it is capable to support mp3 files.

On this website, substituting the media after it gets uploaded is not possible. It comes with certain limitations but it still provides service in form of a decent alternative for hosting your podcasts. The website is famous and holds many users using the service on a regular basis.

5. Buzzsprout

Buzzsprout free podcast service

Buzzsprout podcast site provides the option of using it as free and paid podcast hosting, so this is one of the reason, why it is regarded as one of the best podcast hosting sites.

The appealing aspect of the site is that you can effortlessly get listeners with embedded audio players directly from here, or from free starter website, and directions, in order to do to iTunes and many different podcast directories. Its podcast server allows you to seamlessly connect social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook.

6. Podomatic

Podomatic free podcast service

Podomatic is also included in the list of popular podcast sites that comes with free and paid plans for hosting your podcasts. Using its free plan, users can avail 15GB bandwidth per month with storage of 500 MB.

The storage space is sufficient for monthly podcasts. Moreover, there is also an option to make podcasts directly over the website.

7. Podbean

Podbean free podcast service

If you are thinking about where to upload podcasts then Podbean offers a friendly interface which functions seamlessly on the mobile app as well. In its service, you get sufficient storage to counteract the influence of increment in the podcasts size as your fame increases.

Furthermore, you may also find customizable themes as well as widgets in order to let the podcast page appear more appealing.

8. Podcast Blastoff

Podcast Blastoff podcast service

Podcast Blastoff is also among the best places to post podcasts because it provides a facility of podcast hosting, in addition to a website builder consisting of templates and themes.

Using the podcast manager, it is found that the task of uploading a podcast to Stitcher and iTunes is easy. Moreover, the website presents options to check your podcast statistics as well as comes with many other tools.

9. Squarespace

Squarespace podcast service

Squarespace is well fit for beginners. The tips are easy to understand, and they provide tutorials for it. It has detailed step by step instructions on what you have to do to enable iTunes RSS tags and other features. There are many templates sorted into categories. You can choose the best depending on the type of content you are delivering. You can have the free trial. The models are magnificent that it gives a lot of professional looks to the website.

10. Blubrry

Blubrry podcast hosting

As Blubrry comes with unlimited storage and bandwidth options, the service is considered as free unlimited podcast hosting. It comes with useful features like WordPress integration. Users can check the podcast statistics, can easily download them using print and can also use export options.

In addition to that, there are many podcast subscription tools as well as podcast SEO settings. These features make it a comprehensive podcast hosting solution.

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The best podcast platforms discussed above provides you listening analytics, and this is considered as a prime aspect for making advertising income and also serve as tools to effectively share your podcast globally.

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