22 Best Free Anime Streaming Sites To Watch Anime Online 2023

Looking for the best anime streaming sites where you can watch ad-free anime online for free.

It does not matter whether you are a teenager or an adult, babysitting your child right now, anime streaming online to watch anime series is the lifeblood of millions of people throughout the whole world.

Amazing stories with a little peek at the cultures of Japan, these anime sites also offer dubbed anime in English, Japanese etc.

Watching anime online has changed the definition of cartoons for many people.

These free anime streaming sites enable you to discover helpful anime series to watch anime online whenever it might suit you through live spilling or you to can download anime series and save money on your framework for later utilize.

Be it ‘Naruto’ or ‘Pokemon’, everyone just gets crazy when it comes to anime. In the 90s’, we used it to watch it all on TV, making time in our busy schedule; those were memorable days. Also, Read Best Free Movie Streaming Sites and Best Free Sports Streaming Sites.

But nowadays, everyone wants the name of that secret free anime streaming sites from where they can get dubbed and sub anime to watch anime online and that too for free.

Well here, we are going to pop up some secrets of free anime streaming sites too. So stay tuned.

Free HD Anime Streaming Site List

Anime Streaming SitesURL
Kissanime (subbed or dubbed anime site)https://en.softonic.com/solutions/websites/kissanime
Pluto TVhttps://pluto.tv/tv/

Free anime streaming websites

Best Anime Streaming Sites To Watch Anime Online

1. Kissanime.com

best anime streaming sites

If you are looking for good HD quality free anime streaming sites, Kissanime.com is the one place to watch anime online you should go right now.

They have amazing HD quality anime series, and you can easily stream them online for free. It has a big database of popular anime series from where you can easily choose your favorite anime series. Also, it has very fewer ads while you are streaming it online. It has a mobile-friendly page too.

The only lacking part of this free anime streaming site is that it does not have an anime movie section. Still, if you are only interested in the anime TV series, there could not be any other free anime streaming sites better than this. don’t miss the best sites to watch anime online.

2. AnimeFever.org

If you are expecting a nice looking website to watch anime online, AnimeFever.org is surely not for you. The whole decoration of this site is not suitable for anime shows, and it is quite complicated.

But if you are more into contents than its looks, AnimeFever.org will not ever disappoint you. Although the browser window of this website is ugly, it does not have any user interface problems. It has great quality anime TV series along with anime movies.

It has an amazing collection of anime series which is quite rare. And AnimeFever.org does not come up with loads of ads, so you are free from that problem too and enjoy ad-free anime online.

The only problem with this anime streaming site is that all the anime shows are mostly split into two parts.

3. Animetoon.TV

free anime streaming sites

Are you looking for anime shows that are dubbed anime series and have subtitles too? Well, welcome to Animetoo.TV.

It is a ‘subbed’ anime website that can provide with every other anime shows that exist like English dubbed anime. However, if you are expecting to watch the anime series online with their original sound on, you might be disappointed because this anime stream site only provides English dubbed anime versions.

The quality is not HD, but it is okay for a one-time watch. With a large choice of anime series, it has a movie section too. Good news is that this anime stream website has a mobile app too.

4. Animefreak.tv

Free Anime Streaming Websites

Do you want to have the choice between subbed and dubbed anime videos? If yes, Animefreak.tv is the best choice for you to watch dubbed anime online for free.

Along with a great database, this anime streaming site is one of the best anime streaming sites because of its user-friendly interface.

Although this website does not have any dedicated movie section, the other anime series are available of great quality. And another good feature of this site is that it does not bug you with too many obnoxious ads.

You can also watch anime online on this website on mobile.

5. Animecrazy.eu

This anime stream site is a love at first sight! A perfectly decorated streaming website with a huge database of anime series. Also, it will provide you with great quality of anime series.

And the best part is, this anime stream website does not have any advertisement rolling on all the time. Means it is an ad-free site to stream anime series. Also, this website has a dedicated movie section which makes it up for everything missing. And the missing part of this anime streaming site is that some of the links are broken.

The file-hoster sucks sometimes and you have to be cautious before streaming an anime. Otherwise, it is one of the best anime streaming sites ever.

6. Watchcartoononline.com

Best Anime Streaming Websites

Another good choice to have your anime marathon on for the whole day! Watchcartoononline.com is a great site to stream anime series online and watch them non-stop.

With a great website layout, this anime stream website has a user-friendly interface that helps the first-timers find the anime series faster. However, the only fault line of this anime streaming site is that it has too many pop-ups appearing all the time.

It has a great database with almost all anime shows up on it. The streaming quality is also great.

7. Animetip.com

If you are looking for anime streaming site with a large collection of anime series, this is the not the best option. But great streaming quality and almost no ads have made this anime stream site one of the best anime streaming sites to stream anime.

It is free, and the dark layout of this website makes your eyes comfortable while watching in the dark. Also, it has a dedicated movie section. With no ads to spoil your atmosphere, you can enjoy ad-free anime streaming, this streaming site provides some advanced features to registered users as well.

8. Animehere.com

Free Anime Streaming Websites

Another good anime streaming site to watch anime on! It is a great anime site to have as a backup if your actual anime streaming site is not working. The archive of this site is not as large as any other streaming site, and it has some popular anime shows missing from the list.

However, with satisfactory quality and very few ads to interfere while you are watching anime, this site is surely one of the best choices for many people out there.

9. Upstream anime

Free Anime Streaming Websites

This anime streaming online site does not need any introduction because it is one of the best and famous streaming sites to watch anime series. From Korean drama and video games to great anime shows and movies, Hulu is the best anime stream site that can exist.

It has a very minimal amount of ads which makes your anime experience a pleasure. And about the quality, it is one of the best streaming sites to stream anime online.

10. Crunchyroll.com

Top Anime Streaming Websites

One of the most active anime streaming sites, Crunchyroll.com is a great choice if you are looking for the popular anime TV series. Crunchyroll has different anime categories from where you can easily find the type of anime you want to watch online.

The quality of anime on this site is great and it provides HD quality as well. And also, the minimal amount of ads makes this website one of the most desirable on this free anime streaming sites list.

11. Animeheaven.org

Animeheaven.org is another free anime streaming sites to watch anime without any interruption. Undoubtedly, one of the best anime stream sites to have your favorite anime series on and it can provide you with the best quality that is available on the internet.

It is free and it is compatible with every windows version as well. It has a large archive with a dedicated movie section which makes your choice of streaming anime shows even on a wider scale. And the best part is, you can easily download these anime shows or movies from this site on your PC without any hassle.

12. Animeseason.com

Free Anime Streaming Websites

With four different parts to choose anime from, this streaming website is surely one of the best to watch anime series online. It has a dedicated anime movie section that allows you to find different popular anime movies without any kind of hassle.

And not to mention, it has several categories too. Minimal ads and large archive, what do you need more to watch anime?

13. Animestream.tv

Easy navigation and no pop-ups– these two are the best qualities of this anime streaming site. Along with a user-friendly interface, this free anime streaming site is one of the best if you judge according to the size of the anime archive.

Also, it can provide you with HD quality anime series which are recommendable too. It has subbed anime and dubbed anime too. The different categories of this website make it easier for you to find anime. Every other popular anime shows are up on this streaming site.

14. Funimation

Super quality anime shows that come in for free, this anime streaming site can be streamed on any device; be it PC, Mac, Android or iOS. Along with 410 plus anime shows, this free anime streaming site will give you access to a dedicated movie section where you can satisfy your anime movie needs.

It works in most of the countries of the Europe and America continent. Although, this site is not absolutely free, for recent episodes you have to subscribe to this site with $6 a month.

15. Pluto TV

Watch anime online free

If you are a resident of US, you must have heard of the Pluto TV. It is one of the best sites to watch anime online if you want to stream anime live.

It is a genuine source to watch and download any TV series along with the anime shows. Along with a large archive of anime series, this streaming website has many channels which can be streamed without any prior subscription.

16. Netflix.com

Netflix is a so-so anime streaming site to use if no other streaming site for anime is available. If you are into rare anime shows or those anime shows which are not very popular, this anime streaming site might be a good choice for you. It has good streaming quality and the amount of ads is acceptable as well. It does not have any movie section though.

17. Gogoanime.com

new Anime Streaming Websites

With large anime archive and user-friendly interface, this anime streaming site could be called one of the best anime streaming sites if the advertisements were not there. The amount of ads on this site is horrible, to be honest!

It absolutely spoils the atmosphere of watching anime online and sometimes you would be frustrated. However, the good quality and large archive might interest many users who do not have any other sites to go for.

18. 9anime.to

latest Anime Streaming Websites

If you are a die-hard anime lover, you have got to watch this online streaming site to watch anime online. One of the best anime sites to stream anime, this site is a great source of all popular anime shows and movies.

It can provide you with great quality, and this website is almost ads-free too. Also, it has different categories to choose anime from, and it makes your anime hunting much easier.

19. Chia-anime.tv

Anime Streaming Websites

Another best free anime streaming sites that will do wonders for you. It may not look like one of the best streaming sites, but once you start exploring it, you will be surprised by their large archive size. Also, it is an ad-free site; so that you can easily watch anime online hassle-free. And the best part is, this site is always updated.

20. TubiTV

Free Anime Streaming Websites

Definitely, one of the best legal sites to watch anime online for free! Along with HD quality anime series and low amount of ads, this anime site is the best anime streaming site that is available online. Although, it does not have a much larger archive, the quality of this streaming site will make it up for you.

However, you will find every other famous anime shows online up on this site. The only fault is that, the collection of this anime streaming site changes with the location. And now it has been compulsory to register first for you to stream this TubiTV online for free.

21. Animelab

Free Anime Streaming Websites

If you are looking for anime streaming with premium quality, this anime site is the one for you. Absolutely free and ads-free, this anime streaming site has different categories to choose anime shows online and movies from.

However, the only lack of this streaming site is that it is only available in Newzealand and Australia user. So, if you hail from these two places, I bet your anime streaming problem is solved already.

22. Daisuki

Daisuki is another good source to watch anime online for free. Also, this anime streaming site is an official source of the anime shows that can be watched online for free and legally. HD quality and ads-free are the two best parts of this online streaming anime site.

Anime Streaming Sites: Conclusion

The list of top 22 best anime streaming sites to watch anime online is enough to feed you, anime-loving soul, I guess? So, choose any one or two anime streaming sites according to your choice and watch anime online for free. Happy Watching!

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