Best iOS Radio Apps For Your iPhone and Android Phones

List of best radio apps for your iPhones. In recent times, people usually like to listen to the latest songs to get ultimate enjoyment. But there are certain people who still like to listen to songs from the radio.

With the advancement in technology, there are lots of radio apps to let you listen to broadcasting from the radio.

These iOS Radio apps are compatible with iPhone and Android phones without any hassles. You can easily tune in the required channel and can manage the songs or programs you wish to listen.

To get the details of the best news radio apps available now, look at the below section:

10 Best Radio apps for Android and iOS

The radio apps for iPhone and Android phones discussed below will help you to streamline the selection process:

1. Stitcher Radio for podcasts

Stitcher radio for podcasts

Now you can listen to more than 100,000 podcasts on your Android, iPhone, PC, tablet, Amazon Echo device or even in your car. The Stitcher radio for podcasts is one of the best iPhone radio app on the present market. You can avail the recent episodes of your chosen podcasts anywhere, anytime. Besides, you can easily add your favorite shows into a playlist and you can save them to access later. The best thing about the Stitcher app is it always stays up-to-date with the recent episodes. When needed, you can save particular episodes. It is quite easy to set any playlist in order to download it.

2. Radion HD

In terms of design, the Radion HD app is one of the best looking and can easily attract your attention. This radio app for iPhone assumes the appearance, feel and functionality of a traditional radio alarm clock.

Basically, this app is run by SHOUTcast radio providing access to over 45,000 radio stations. These radio stations include few incredible international stations.  Actually, this app is the #1 Music App for access in 54 countries. You are able to relish radio channels based on different categories like countries, hot chart, genre, sports, news, etc. It is easy to save music information with the help of the latest feature.

3. ooTunes Radio

ooTunes Radio app

There are many Live radio apps for android and ooTunes Radio provides support for lots of internet radio streams compared to other similar apps. You are able to find your favorite stations without any troubles.

This best live radio app for Android comes with the user-generated database. In case you are unable to find your stations which are already present in the app’s station list then you can contact the app’s website about that. Its interface is simple to use and looks beautiful without any messy look. You are able to access desired channels and programs on ooTunes Radio.

4. Sirius XM Internet Radio app

Sirius XM Internet Radio app

The Satellite radio company –SiriusXM works to let the content be made accessible on mobile devices via the SiriusXM app.

This is free radio app for iPhone which comes with the streaming included. Based on your need, you can easily choose a subscription plan which suits your need. This may include All Access or Mostly Music. The SiriusXM app provides more than 200 channels consisting of news, music, and talk radio. This app shows a clean interface along with a wide range of useful features.

5. Xtend FM Radio app

Included in the list of best radio app for iPhone, the Xtend FM comes with many features you need you to require for listening to radio. Those users who wish to keep things simple can go for this app.

You are able to listen to live internet radio through a simple to use interface of this best live radio app. It comes with a look similar to that of a standard digital tuner.  There is no time wasted on searching from thousands of streams. You can easily find the required channel on Xtend FM radio app. When you find something favorite, you can easily set it to one of the easily accessible preset buttons. In this way, you would always have immediate access to the finest channels.

6. Slacker Radio app

Slacker Radio is identified as the personalized iPhone radio app. In the market, there are lots of AI-based radio streams but the Slacker Radio stations are effectively organized by human DJs. These DJs would choose the finest music, talks, shows, and much more for you.

It is an excellent radio app for music streaming and it comes with a clean interface. Inside this app, there is the presence of hundreds of interactive radio stations. Through the on-demand access to songs, it is simple to cut your boredom. This app also offers offline playback along with a subscription to make sure you can continuously access the favorite songs.

7. Pandora Radio app

Started in 2000, Pandora has now advanced to the popular iOS radio app. This app aims to assist users to search new music they want with the help of songs and bands which they already listen to. It is not difficult to find the preferred song on Pandora. In this app, users are able to prepare a playlist by mentioning the song or artist name. Overall, this is one of the radio station apps for iPhone because it comes with a clean design and lots of functionalities. There are no difficulties to navigate.

8. iHeart Radio app

Recognized as the popular radio application, iHeart Radio app proves to be one of the finest radio station apps for iPhone. This app presents its users with a broad range of live radio streams. Whenever you want, you can listen to rap, rock, jazz, sports, comedy, or other kinds of programmes.

iHeart Radio app works to show the details regarding the present artist and song.  You can approve the songs which you like or can disapprove the songs you dislike. To use the monthly subscription, it is possible to get access to extra features like skipping tracks or saving them.

9. TuneIn Radio

If you are looking for the smart and contemporary way to use radio then TuneIn Radio is the recommended app. This is one of the best radio app iOS and it is available on devices like iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, CarPlay, Apple Watch, Google Chromecast, and many other devices.

You are allowed to browse radio stations based on genre and location. This app presents access to real radio stations with the help of professional DJs available offline.

10. NPR one

Whenever you wish a continuous stream of excellent news programs and educational podcasts, NPR One is the best free radio app for iPhone. The National Public Radio (NPR) seller of award-winning journalism developed this app to let it content be available anytime, anywhere. Its users are able to listen to their chosen local NPR station or can listen to any of the nationally syndicated shows of the network.


To suit the preference of different people, there are lots of Android and iPhone radio applications. Out of them, the discussed radio apps for iPhone and Android devices prove to be very useful and easy-to-use. You can listen to any channels, shows, news, songs, etc. on these radio apps.

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