26 Cool and Interesting Websites to Visit When You are Bored [Updated]

Feeling bored! Looking for the cool and interesting websites on the internet. Let me guide you with some of the cool and interesting websites. For any person, boredom can strike at any point in time, frequently when you have some important task to do that you are actually procrastinating doing. This is essentially not the fault of a person as a feeling of getting bored can happen to anybody.

Today there are millions of cool and interesting websites that you have never known about them that such websites on the Internet can offer limitless entertainment options. However, it can be intimidating to get things to entertain you whenever you are getting bored sometimes. Also, Read Best Sites To Download Free Movies Online

Described below are cool and interesting websites to visit whenever you get bored:

26 Interesting websites to visit when you are bored

  1. Lunchtimers

Lunchtimers is basically a fun as well as one of the interesting websites that allow you to play online with refrigerator magnets with many people. Users can cooperate to create poems or chat or even clutter with people and transfer their letters whenever they place them.

  1. Cartoon Yourself

If you have ever tried to make a cartoon picture from your photograph, then this is one of the fun websites to visit. Just navigate to Cartoonize.net site and upload your photographs, choose an effect and the process is done.

  1. I Waste So Much Time

Out of many cool internet sites, this is a curated site that has the capability to share humorous and inspirational images from the entire world of the internet. However, be cautious not to get trapped on the site for very long as you will literally be on it forever.
Cool and interesting website

  1. Laughing Squid

Laughing Squid is one of the awesome websites to visit or you can call it as favorite blogs to check out. Any people can also get all kinds of extremely visual posts related to technology, art, and culture and on this website, the majority of this are images and videos.

  1. Name Combiner

You can say Name Combiner is one of the coolest websites as it helps you choose nicknames. You are allowed to combine yours and your crush’s name to identify out what the name of a couple would be. Moreover, you can also combine your name with some stuff you love to find out a nickname.

  1. Get reading suggestions

If you like to read the story, then What should I read next website is recommended as you can find many books based on your choice and later visit this website. You can search for your preferred book and you will recognize that there is also a suggestion for the next book.

  1. Incredible Things

Incredible Things is one of the most interesting websites to look for when you are more attentive in learning wacky products and creative ideas. Here, you can find things that will blow you away in all kinds of diverse categories such as home, food, fashion pets and many more obscure ones like NSFW and WTF.

  1. Funny or Die

If you are looking for interesting news sites t clear your boredom then Funny or Die is the best website. It is entirely devoted to presenting funny sketches from comedians, users, and personalities. It is known that the website is renowned for offering few of the amusing and special video content.

  1. Solve the Riddle!

Notpron is also most interesting websites to look for in which you are supposed to solve a Riddle, depending on many levels. It is found that the Riddle only needs you to cautiously perceive the backgrounds presented on the screen as well as carry out the essential to move further in solving its Riddle.

  1. Weave Silk

Weavesilk is one of the new websites to visit, as you can remember in the ancient days when there was no era of Internet and people used to spare time by drawing strange designs on a paper. With this website, you can do it online as it allows you kill time by making astonishing creative works of art through the help of mouse cursor.

  1. College Humor

If you are getting bored and looking for most fun websites, then College Humor is another big comedy website worth visiting- College Humor. It is a place where you can get every kind of excitedly entertaining and funny articles, photos and videos.

  1. Chitchat with clever Bot (Cleverbot.com)

It may be possible that you want some fascinating websites then Cleverbot.com is a fanciful place to spare your time. Here, you can converse with an artificial brain and inquire question and get a reasonable answer in less time. Simply press “think for me” to get haphazard questions to converse with a numeral brain.

  1. Madeon Adventure Machine

Madeon Adventure Machine is stunning and addictive music producing tool with cool web pages, which is a share of the young Electronic Music producer belonging from France. Moreover, this is a wonderful website to make attractive Electronic Beat tracks in certain clicks.

  1. This Is Sand

There are many interesting internet sites but This Is Sand site allows you design creative designs through sand. Simply press the C key to choose the color you want and click on the screen anywhere to begin driving sand right on the screen.

  1. Do Nothing for 2 Minutes

This is not at all among bored sites as it performs exactly like its name- “Do Nothing for 2 Minutes”. It is vital to accept a break from the world of Internet and refrain away from keyboard and mouse for some time to grab the moment of the life.

  1. Incredi Box

For all music lovers, Incredi Box is the most interesting website as it conveys music in the best way to kill time. It is known that Incredi Box allows you to design your own sounds while you proceed with the site. Through some proper clicks, you can also become Mozart or Beethoven, but don’t mention it to the world.

  1. Spreeder

Spreeder is interesting websites to visit as it mentions that speed reading is the art of quieting subvocalization, and hence it is true. You can too write fast but you can also read at the similar speed and identify your reading skill to decide your readability for your colleagues or friends.

  1. Honest Slogans

Honest Slogans is one of the coolest websites as like its title; it has a wonderful collection of many brands as well as their slogans are re-imagined. Though brands create their individual efforts of advertising with slogans, the site is a frisky take on them.

  1. A soft Murmur

Out of many websites, A Soft Murmur is totally amazing if you have sufficient disturbance present around you. Simply plug in the headphones and choose the type of ambient sounds as per your preference. You need to select the intensity also after choosing the sound among Rain, Thunder, Wind, Birds etc.

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  1. World CAM

World CAM is one of the fascinating websites that allows you get geo-tagged Instagram photos to remove the feeling of getting bored. You need to simply give the place’s location and the website will be loaded up with Instagram photos captured near the stated address.

  1. Free Rice

Free Rice is among awesome websites to visit as it merges pastime with charity. It is known that the more you wish to spare your time, there are more possibilities that you will donate the amount to the charity. Each right answer submitted by you is transformed into some 10 grains of rice that are later donated to the charity.

  1. Bubble

Bubble is among interesting websites to visit used to squash bugs and kill your time. It has around 200 monster squash model hence you cannot avail a single chance of getting bored after visiting Bubble. Moreover, on this site you can make your personal bugs squash game from options- “create new bubble”.

  1. Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed is one of the coolest websites as it has developed as one of the greatest popular websites among the youngsters and teens. The particular website provides GIFs and Listicles based articles that are entertaining, hilarious and educational also.

  1. Viral Nova

Viral Nova is considered to be a website whose articles get transformed virally over various leading social media. It is found that in this, articles are generally based on GIF’s as well as simple images and they are very focused on fun.

  1. Google Maps 2D Driving Simulator

Google Maps 2D Driving Simulator is one of the awesome websites to visit with a wonderful 2D Driving Simulator that appeals its surroundings depending on google maps. You can drive on the street which you have always wanted to through this and the only catch is, you must follow the instructions and ride on the roadways only.

  1. Screenr

Screenr is a wonderful website that allows you to record attractive screen-casts, in absence of the extra requirements of installing any standalone software. Users have found that it is quite interesting to spare time on this website that can record screencasts rapidly.

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Described above are the cool and interesting websites to visit whenever you are bored to refresh yourself. You will find that your mind gets energized and your mood gets pleased after visiting these sites.

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