How To See Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile?

Today people prefer to recognize out how to see who viewed your facebook profile as it serves clear notion regarding who is engrossed in knowing about you. There is a confusion today that can you see who views your facebook profile and the answer is yes you can view your profile visitors on Facebook, the reason is there are many prevalent methods to find who viewed my Facebook profile out now.

Check who view your Facebook profile is easy and simple. Also, it is a human propensity that has made this understood features of Facebook in form of a most sought feature. In this regards, it is not suggested to make use of any third party Facebook applications sightlessly to see profile visitors on Facebook. Below you will learn various methods that explain how to see who is looking at your Facebook profile. Also, Read how to use Facebook to improve your SEO?.

Find Who Viewed My Facebook Profile: Step By Step Guide

Through Facebook Profile View Notification Google Chrome Extension: Method 1

In this method to know who views your Facebook profile, a Facebook profile visitor for the purpose is a freely available Google Chrome extension that enables users to identify who viewed my Facebook profile easily. You can track as it works accurately, however, the only drawback is that it can just support the Chrome users.

Hence you are permitted to only track those FB profile visitors who previously own this particular extension installed on their Chrome browser and they have done visit to your Facebook profile from their Chrome browser only else it will not function.

Hence it is suggested to let your friends stay aware regarding this extension and encourage them to install this Facebook profile view extension.

Below are the steps that explain how to see who views your Facebook profile using this Facebook profile visitor view notification method:

  1. First of all download this extension from chrome web store to view your Facebook profile visitors in your Google Chrome browser.
  2. After that just log in to your Facebook profile, and you will observe that an extra ‘visitors’ tab is situated next to the left side of ‘home’ on the topmost blue bar.

    who viewed your facebook profile
  3. Then click on it, after which a pop-up menu will be displayed revealing you the recent FB profile visitors of your Facebook profile along time. As mentioned it will only show those FB profile visitors who already have installed the particular notification extension of chrome.

It is known that who viewed My Facebook profile visitors extension for Facebook is an entirely free and functions well if more people are using it.

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Who Visited My Facebook Profile: Manual Method 2

In this method of finding details on Facebook profile visit you need to manually see to clear confusion about who viewed my facebook profile, steps are explained below:

  1. Log in to your Facebook timeline and copy the link –
  2. Now right click on the browser and go to “view page source”.
  3. After that, you would be redirected to a new page that consists of several HTML/ Javascript/CSS codes.
  4. Press ctrl+f through a keyboard, after this a text box would be displayed at the right side corner, in that enter- “InitialChatFriendsList” (excluding quotes)
  5. After this, you will notice numbers list, all these actually profile ids of different individuals or the friends who have visited your facebook timeline till date.
  6. Now type- “” on a browser and paste the particular id number after it with a slash. For instance, if the id is XYZ, you need to type it as-
  7. The foremost id displays the individual who makes the frequent visit to your Facebook profile while the last id is the one who never visits your FB profile.

who viewed your facebook profile

Who Viewed my Facebook profile Android App: Method 3

You may not believe that now can you recognize who views your facebook by Android app easily. If you are making use of the Android-based smartphone, then there is a useful app named- Who Viewed My Profile which will assist you to know facebook profile visitors, it is accessible on Google Play Store to download for free.

Steps for this method that explain how to see who views your facebook are as below:

  1. Initially, download and then install the app “who viewed my profile” directly from the play store of Google.
  2. Now simply start it and later tap on the “Connect to Facebook” button.
  3. After you hover the mouse on “Connect to Facebook” button, you will be asked to enter the Facebook account details to go further.
  4. After that, offer the app the appropriate permissions to gather information of the people that have viewed your facebook profile.
  5. It will demand few seconds to gather the data of the facebook profile visitors.

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Who Viewed My FB Profile Using Analytics: Method-4

Using this method there are several steps explained below that helps to know who viewed my facebook profile:

  1. Make a Google Analytics account:

A Google Analytics account basically permits you to examine the traffic that the Facebook page gets as well as it aids to know who have visited your Facebook profile.
who viewed your facebook profile

  1. Add your page as property to your Google Analytics account:
  • From the Admin tab, click over create the new property.
  • In case if you do not have an account linked to your Facebook page, make a new one by just clicking on Create new property.
  • After this account is set up, go to open its page.
  • Click on a + new web property.
  • It will show you that you need to track a site when inquired and enter the information regarding the industry category and time zone.
  • Go to get tracking id to finish up.who viewed your facebook profile
  1. Avail a javascript code to track your numbers:
  • From the property’s page, go to tracking info tab to get the javascript code.
  • Enable the tracking options you need and click on save.
  • Make the code highlighted and copy it by Ctrl + c through a keyboard, or by doing right-click from your mouse and selecting copy.who viewed your facebook profile
  1. Transform the Javascript to HTML:

Make the search online for something with the lines of “free javascript converter” to get an online tool which will convert the code to usable HTML.

who viewed your facebook profile

  1. Add an HTML box application to your page:
  • Make a search on Facebook for “HTML box”, after which some apps will appear in the search results.
  • Then review an app prior you install it.
  • After the app is installed, you will see a box on the page or a box located on the app page in which you can paste static HTML.who viewed your facebook profile
  1. Enter the new code into your HTML box app:
  • In this step, do right click in the box and choose “Paste” to put the HTML code in.
  • After that click on “ok” or “confirm” button to approve the code.
  • Then you will find visitors who have visited your facebook profile

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To check who viewed my facebook profile is simplified now. Described above are the methods that you can implement to learn how to see who viewed your facebook. All these methods are secure through your Facebook profile and using it you can eliminate your confusion- can you see who views your facebook.

Readers FAQ

Can I see who viewed my Facebook profile?

Many Facebook users have one big question in their mind i.e. whether I can see who has viewed my facebook profile. Actually, this is one of the most common and oldest Facebook myths but many users still possess hope. Officially, there is actually no way to check this. But the below section will highlight several tricks with the help of which you can easily know who has viewed your facebook profile.

How can you see who viewed your Facebook profile?

Follow the below steps to know who has viewed my Facebook profile. This is actually by using the View Page Source method.

Step-1: First of all, log into your Facebook account from any of your browser on your PC or laptop. It is generally suggested to use Google Chrome as a browser.

Step-2: Now navigate to your Facebook profile page and then you need to right-click on either your mouse or touchpad. Now you have to choose the “View Page Source” in the options shown in front of you.

Step-3: Now you would see a page filled with codes. It hardly matters if you could not identify any of them. Now you have to press Ctrl+F on your keyboard and then type “InitialChatFriendsList”. Make sure you type without any errors inside the search box shown. For MacBook users, they need to press Command + F.

How can I see who visited my Facebook profile on mobile?

There is no way to see who visited my facebook profile on mobile.

Who looks at my Facebook the most?

Sorting the list of people who have already visited your profile page seems simpler than ever. There is no need for installing any applications or programs; just follow the below steps:

Step-1: Firstly, open the source page of the Facebook web page by first right-clicking and then ‘View page source’.

Step-2: Now search the following word on the page i.e. InitialChatFriendsList.

How can I track my Facebook profile visitors?

Follow the below steps to track your Facebook profile visitors:

Step-1: Login to your Facebook account and now open your profile.

Step-2: Press Ctrl+U on your keyboard, so you will watch the source code of that page.

Step-3: Now you have to press Ctrl + F in order to open the search box. After that, you have to paste this code {“list” inside the search box. As a result, you will view the number of id of facebook users who have already visited your profile.

Step-4: In this step, copy the id of any visitor.

Step-5: Now you have to open the URL and then paste the selected code.

Can Facebook notify you when someone views your profile?

No, Facebook will not inform you about when and who visited your profile.

How can I know who visited my Whatsapp profile?

The tool named ‘WhatsApp – Who Viewed Me’ will let you know who visited my WhatsApp profile. This tool is being developed by someone who focuses on the ways to find if somebody is spying on your WhatsApp profile.  This tool shows the simple-to-use interface.

Does Facebook suggest a friend who looks at your profile?

Yes, the list of suggested friends by Facebook will show the names of people who have already viewed your profile.

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