SuperCloud Mp3 Music Downloader For Android (Step By Step Guide)

It is quite annoying when your internet connection suddenly goes off, and you are insanely craving for some melody. With so many apps online, people hardly store music on the phone. But it turns into a nightmare when the internet connection delays your playlist. Almost every other music app needs internet to play your favourite songs, but we are going to tell you about an exception. Supercloud which is one of the best Music downloader app for Android! With the Supercloud Music Downloader app, you can easily download favorite MP3 tracks, and you will not need the access to your internet connection anymore. Want to know more? Keep reading!

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What is Supercloud?

But before we dictate you about the process of downloading songs with Supercloud, we are going to introduce a little definition of Supercloud. What is Supercloud? It is nothing but an application that allows the user to search for songs and download them for offline use. This app has a large database, so you will not face any problem in searching your favourite song. Also, you can stream music songs online before choosing the right song to download. It perfectly works on iPhone and Android as well. With a smooth user interface, Supercloud is always fun to use.

SuperCloud Mp3 Music Downloader

How To Download and Install Supercloud App: Step By Step Guide

Supercloud cannot be found on your phone play store, be it an iPhone or an Andriod. So, lots of people might find it quite tough to install Supercloud on their phones and use it. But here, we are going to tell the secrets of downloading Supercloud and how to install it. All you have to do is follow the steps as mentioned below. Have a look.

  1. At first, download the APK file of Supercloud app via the link as mentioned below

  1. Once you are done with downloading the APK file, you have to open settings of your phone and tick the option which says ‘allow install from unknown sources.’
  2. And with the second step, your half work is done. Now, go to your file manager and locate the APK file of Supercloud as downloaded before.
  3. Open the file and follow the instructions as mentioned in the file. Process the file accordingly.
  4. At last, click on the button ‘finish’ when you are done downloading the file.

How To Download Music Via Supercloud App?

Once you are successful in download the Supercloud app from other internet sources, you can enjoy the spree of listening to millions of songs on Supercloud. You can stream them online, and you can download them on Supercloud app for later offline use. How to do it? As I have said earlier, Supercloud has a very friendly user interface, and it is easy to use. Let us follow the instructions below.

  1. At first, open the installed Supercloud app on your phone.
  2. You will find two tabs on the top of Supercloud– search songs and download songs.
  3. Now, you have to type the name of the songs that you want to listen on the search tab. After clicking the ‘Search’ button, every possible match of the song written on the search tab will be shown on your phone screen as a list.
  4. Just click the ‘play’ button, you can stream music songs online on Supercloud. Thus, before choosing the right song, you can test it out.
  5. And if you like the song, you can easily download it on your Supercloud app by simply hitting the ‘download’ button on the sidebar. At the time of download, it will need the access to your internet connection. But after it is downloaded, it will not need any internet connection. You can easily listen to those downloaded songs when you are offline.

Download Supercloud Music App

Pros and Cons Of SuperCloud

Just like other apps, Supercloud too has some pros and cons. Let us check them out.

Pros Of Supercloud

  • It is fast.
  • It consists of a huge database.
  • Friendly and smooth user interface.
  • It is compatible with Android and iOS system.
  • You can listen to the songs offline.

Cons Of Supercloud

  • The downloading section might cause trouble sometimes.
  • It cannot be found in Google play store. You have to download it from some other unknown source.

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In spite of having a few cons, Supercloud is currently one of the famous music apps. The offline feature of Supercloud Mp3 Music Downloader App makes it even more unique. With a huge database and great features, Supercloud does not have any hidden menu-bars as well. It is fast and user-friendly. However, apart from Supercloud, there exist other same type apps such as ‘Free MP3 Downloads’, ‘Google Play Music,’ ‘Music Maniac Pro’ etc. All you have to do is to click on their APK file and install them on your Smartphone. Supercloud downloader is safe to install as it does not bring in any kind of viruses. And after that, choose songs and download it without any hassle.

Happy listening!

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