How Much Does Netflix Cost For A Month in India, USA, UK, Australia

Netflix is basically streaming service that let its customers watch a different variety of tv shows, documentaries, movies, and many more things on numerous Internet-connected devices. Now, the question is How much does Netflix cost for a month. Moreover, Netflix price is very affordable that lets you recognize that there is always something latest to discover, and in this more and more number of movies as well as tv shows are added each month. You may also like how to cancel your CBS all access account.

Through Netflix, users can relish limitless watching of its content in the lack of needing to go through a single commercial. You may have confusion about how much is Netflix a month, which gets eliminated after reading below sections.


How much does Netflix cost a month?

In order to get an idea about Netflix packages, you need to go for their membership which in turn presents 3 plans described below. Netflix subscription provides 3 membership plans that can conveniently suit your requirements. The Netflix membership plans that you enroll in will decide a number of people you can stream content from Netflix simultaneously. Also, it will assist to decide whether you can watch movies, tv shows, etc. in high definition (i.e. HD), standard definition (i.e. SD), or the next i.e. ultra high definition (i.e. UHD).

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Below described are the Netflix pricing plans:

Netflix Cost Per month

Netflix Pricing Plans

  1. Basic Plan: It comes at the affordable price of $7.99 per month and in this plan, you can get one screen plan SD (i.e. watch on 1 screen at a time, in standard definition quality)
  2. Standard Plan: It comes at price of $9.99 per month, allowing 2 screen plan HD (i.e. you can watch on 2 screens simultaneously, in high definition quality when obtainable)
  3. Premium Plan: It comes at price of $11.99 per month, allowing 4 screen plan HD/UHD 4K (i.e. you can watch on 4 screens at the same time, as well as it includes an ultra-high definition as well as in high definition quality when accessible)

How much does Netflix cost in India, USA, UK, Australia

Netflix Streaming Price in India with Plan

Basic Plan: Rs. 500 Per/Month

Standard: Rs. 650 Per/Month

Premium: Rs. 800 Per/Month

Netflix Cost in Australia with Plan

Basic: $8.99 Per/Month

Standard: $11.99 Per/Month

Premium: $14.99 Per/Month

Netflix cost in the USA with Plan

Basic:  $7.99 Per/Month

Standard: $9.99 Per/Month

Premium: $11.99 Per/Month

How much does Netflix cost in the UK

Basic: €6.99 Per/Month

Standard: €7.49 Per/Month

Premium: €8.99 Per/Month

The Netflix streaming pricing is such that the first month is accessible freely for novice members. If you opt to stay as a Netflix member, you will incur Netflix cost that would be billed for one time each month on the date on which you have signed up.

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TV Shows and Movies

With the assistance of Netflix being made accessible in more than 190 nations, users can avail fast access to great content. It is known that Netflix possesses an all-encompassing global content library highlighting award-winning Netflix originals, documentaries, feature films, famous tv shows and more. Though Netflix’s streaming service can vary by region and might alter over time, Netflix cost is most affordable.

The exciting feature of the Netflix subscription is that the more you watch the enhanced it gets at commenting movies and tv shows you prefer to watch. Moreover, users can pause, play, and resume watching, all in absence of annoying commercials or assurances.

You can even download your preferred shows to your Android, ios mobile device, or Windows 10 PC or tablet. In addition to that, Netflix streaming pricing is such that through downloads, you can watch when you are in absence of an Internet connection.

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Netflix Streaming Devices

Netflix basically delivers two kinds of subscription services i.e.

1) DVD/Blu-ray (accessible only in the US) and

2) Streaming

It is recommended for best-paid media streaming service as you can watch anytime, anywhere, on a number of different devices. Also, the Netflix subscription plans are so affordable that Netflix streaming software lets you to instantaneously watch content through any Internet-connected set-up that delivers the Netflix app, comprising game consoles, smart tv, streaming media players, tablets or smartphones.

Users can even directly stream Netflix from their PC or laptop, which is its additional benefit presently. The Netflix app is pre-loaded on many devices, or you can download the corresponding Netflix app onto your device.

Netflix Subscription Plan to Get Started

Go through below mentioned easy steps after having Netflix subscription to begin watching Netflix:

  1. Select the membership plan as per your requirements
  2. Create an account by submitting your email address and generating a password
  3. Choose a payment method in order that you cannot even miss a single episode after your free trial gets completed. You can even cancel the free trial anytime throughout your initial 30 days and it is never charged
  4. After that just stream on


This is all about Netflix cost for a month. There are countless movie streaming services to select from, and among them, Netflix is the most reasonable with high quality.  Just follow the appropriate Netflix pricing plans mentioned and enjoy the streaming experience.

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