10 Online Tools To Check Traffic of Your Competitors Website 2024

To succeed online, you need to keep in mind many features and aspects. In the online world, it may be difficult to survive if you don’t keep an eye on your competitors website traffic and data. It is important to know the steps followed by the competitors so that you can get a better idea of your online business.

Do you want to know how to spy on the traffic of competitors websites? and do you want to get idea on the amount of traffic a famous blog in your niche receives? If yes then this article will help you a lot.

The process of checking website traffic of your competitors is helpful to know what works and what does not.

Estimating traffic of a website gives an idea on what its progress is in the particular niche. In the recent times, there are many incredible free tools available to fulfill this need.

With the help of this tool, it is easy to spy competitor website for free.

It is not possible to build a profitable blog without increasing your traffic. After you know your competitors traffic source, you can come with some new ideas which you may not have thought before.

In case you want to check your website traffic then you can use tools like Monster Insights, Google analytics, etc. 

But if you wish to get an idea on other people’s blog traffic then you need to use some tools.

In this article, you will know some great ways to find website traffic report of your competitor website and that for free. Now let’s first look at the reasons to check the website traffic of your competitors:

Why it is necessary to Check Website Traffic Of My Competitors?

Some of you may doubt on why to find website traffic of my competitors?Well, this section helps you to get a clear idea on finding the traffic of any website.

There are many benefits of estimating traffic or the unique monthly visitors of a particular website. In the present market, many Tools to check competitor website traffic for free are available.

To succeed in your business, you need to clear confusion on how much traffic a best blog in your niche gets?

So, here are the reasons:

  • You can receive approximate daily or monthly sessions received by any of your competitor website.
  • You get to know top traffic keywords. Moreover, you can target the similar set of keywords to get more search traffic to your website.
  • You can know the traffic breakup of a particular website. For example, you can know the amount of traffic received from various sources like Social, Organic, Direct and Referral.
  • It is easy to know the details of website engagement. These details are page view per visit, bounce rate, and time spent, etc.
  • It helps you create relevant content for your audience for ease of use

If you are in search for various ways to check website traffic for free then continue reading the below article:

10 Effective Ways to Check Website Traffic For Free Online: Easily Check Web Statistics

It is now easy to Checking website traffic of your competitor.There are various ways to Check website traffic of website. The analysis of competitor site traffic gives you an idea on what to do and what not.

The below section shows the ultimate list of tools any one can use to check website traffic of your competitors.

Also, you can use these tools to check the traffic of any particular website, at free of cost.

Now let’s get into the details of each of these traffic estimator tools.

1. Semrush

semrush seo tool

The SEMrush is one of the Best competitor research tools in the market. Actually, the semrush tool is the first tool people used to receive the website traffic report of a particular site.

This also includes your competitor site. This tool is accurate and offers exact amount of visitor count of the particular website you need to spy.

It is known that the SEMrush is the best recommended tool by majority of the SEO experts. In case you wish to know the exact traffic of any website then you can use the SEMrush.

This tool not just helps to know website traffic but also it provides you a list of all keywords. These keywords are helping your competitors’ websites to increase their search traffic.

You can use the below link to receive 30-days free-trial of Semrush which otherwise costs $99.95.

SEMrush 30 Days Free Trial Link

The method to find website traffic using SEMrush

After getting an overview of this tool, it is now important to know the way to find website traffic. The paid traffic gives a clear idea on the website organic traffic.

If you are having a SEMrush account then simply log in to the dashboard. Now enter the website URL of the particular website whose visitor count you are willing to know. After that, you receive the result with accuracy.

semrush traffic

This result informs you about details of other website traffic. Also, it gives you an analysis on the paid traffic they are taking to their website through programs like adwords.

It is possible to know about high performing keywords using this tool. Also, you can use the SEMrush to know the right type of affiliate products to market for increase of income.

The high-performance keywords increase the website organic traffic. It helps to monitor and know the backlinks of any website.

To know in detail about the SEMrush and its review, click on the below link:

SEMrush Review 2024

There you will find enough information on the ways to use SEMrush to go beyond your competitors. This holds true for any niche you are using.

How to benefit from this deal?

To spy on your competitor traffic, you need to know proper ways to use the SEMrush tool. You can click on the below link to get 30 days free trial for this tool:

Special Link To Get a 30 Days Free Trial

 Using this tool, you can analyze the backlinks. Also, you can find affiliate products to promote to make money. It is now easy to check the website traffic online at free of cost and know the amount of traffic your website gets.

semrush traffic trend

If you are having a website, you can easily spy on your competitor traffic and know what backlinks they create.

You get an idea on what profitable keywords the competitor website ranks for.All these can be done for 30 days, so you get enough data.

2. Serpstat


The Serpstat is one of the Best competitor research tools in the market. It is a wonderful alternative to the premium tools such as SEMrush. It is known as a good Alternative to semrush.

The pricing plans begin at$69/month. With the help of this tool, you can check blog traffic. It offers you domain analysis feature that provides you all information of any domain or website including that of your competitors websites).

How this tool works?

Before using this Blog traffic checker, it is important to know how it works. After you land on the Serpstat dashboard, you need to enter any URL or domain or that you need to estimate the website traffic.

serpstat traffis analysis

Based on that, this tool quickly takes you to their ‘Domain Analytics’ section. There, you get all the data. The Serpstat domain analytics tool gives detailed understanding on different features. With the help of detailed website traffic report, you can easily make a decision.

It covers website data like:

  • organic visibility
  • SE traffic (the traffic generated from the search engines like Google)
  • organic keywords (with the new, lost, improved as well as declined keyword rankings)
  • along with keyword positions, CPC, search volume, and many more

Based on this website traffic report, anybody can easily estimate traffic of competitors website. As a result, it is now easy to get idea about the Competitors website. Without any delays, you can give Serpst at a try.

With the help of below link, you can get 7-days free-trial from the Serpstat

Get 7 Days Free Trial Serpstat

After clicking on this link, you have to enter the promo code ‘Digitalseoguide’ without quotes. As a result, you will enjoy free trial for 7 days.

3. Spyfu

spyfu seo tool

SpyFu is one of the best tools to check website traffic due to its unique features. Moreover, it is one of the Powerful seo tools that is helpful for Website traffic analysis.

Also, it helps to find out the most profitable keywords as well as ads for organic and paid search.

spyfu traffic

Out of all the seo tools, this one makes use of the search marketing formula of your competitor’s website. Moreover, it is a well-designed seo tool included with features and metrics targeted towards digital advertising, online marketing, and sales.

spyfu traffic analysis

Features of spyfu

  • Easily check website traffic with precise data.
  • If you are into Adwords campaigns, SpyFu helps a lot.
  • It helps in tracking your keyword rankings. Also, you can check your paid and SEO rankings on search engine like Bing, Google, and Yahoo.
  • It removes bad keywords.
  • With this tool, you can improve your ranks by clicking on your competitors’ keyword strategies.

Overall, SpyFu is one of the finest tools to check website traffic without any problems. It helps to find out Profitable keywords as well as Competitors keyword.

With the help of this SEO tool, it is easy to grow your search traffic and easily track your keyword positions on the Google search results.

4. Similarweb


Just like SEMrush, Similar web is a highly recommend tool to Check Traffic of any site. You can easily check out the traffic of any site globally. It provides an easy way of checking out any website traffic for free.

Simply visit their website as well as type in your required website name. This helps you to find out the traffic levels of a website.

This tool not just offers you the detailed understanding about any website but also provides you details about rakings for any website.

You not just receive the traffic stats of any website, but you also receive the information of how many page views it receives. You get idea on the amount of time visitor spends, bounce rate, referrals, social influence etc.

Hence, you will get complete details of a website. These features make this free website traffic checking tool famous.

When you use this tool, you can get a detailed list of the monthly visits a website receives. Also, you get information about the approximate monthly site visits.

This SEO tool is helpful to know the daily unique visitor count of other website as well as the famous destination websites. The destination websites are the sites that people visit after coming to your test site. All the information shown by this free traffic checker tool is enough.

5. Ubersuggest SEO Analyzer


Ubersuggest is known as the number 1 Free keyword research tool. The best thing about this tool is it helps you to easily estimate traffic of any website.

Moreover, you can use the Site Audit feature from this tool to find out traffic of others website. You just need to visit the website, navigate to Site Audit section.

Now enter any domain name that you wish to Find traffic of any site.In this way, it becomes easy to check your competitors traffic.

ubersuggest traffic

This tool offers youorganic monthly traffic including;

  • On-page SEO score
  • Organic keywords which are directing huge amount of traffic to your competitors.

The great thing about the Site Audit feature is it helps to Check website traffic of your competitors. This traffic is actually the organic monthly traffic data with high accuracy. You can also enter your website and check its result.

6. SE Ranking


Many people are looking for the best Free website traffic estimator tools. If you are the one then the SE Rankings is a suitable choice. It is one of the finest traffic estimator tools useful for estimating traffic of any website.

seranking traffic

This tool also offers accurate traffic data. You simply need to enter any domain or URL of website. Now click on the Analyze button to know the Organic traffic as well as paid traffic of a particular website.In this way, it is easy to Find organic and paid traffic of any site.

Checkout SEranking

You get useful data like Organic keywords and estimated traffic cost. All these features make it the Best seo tool for you to estimate traffic of any website.

7. Alexa.com


In the present market, one of the best website traffic checker sites is Alexa. Many people are already familiar with Alexa. With the help of this took, it is easy to get traffic estimates for websites. Also,you can check any website traffic for free.

It is quite easy to Find any website traffic from the Alexa search box. This is the first method beginners use to get the information of other blogs.

For example, it shows details like bounce rate, average on-page time, and unique visitors per month. In this way, it is easy to Check website traffic for free.

alexa traffic

To use it, visit the website Alexa and enter a website address inside its search box. After you have entered the website address, you can get all the important metrics such as Alexa Traffic rank, Traffic Rank in the particular demographics.

For example, if you want to get traffic tank of the Indian specific website then use the Alexa Traffic Rank in India. In addition to the Alexa rank, you would see website traffic numbers such as page views per user, page views, time on site, search percentage, and bounce rate.

It is now easy to Check best performing keywords for website using this tool. Also, you get the list of the top most search queries for any website. Hence, these search queries include the best performing keywords for a particular website.

Alexa also works as a free website traffic comparing tool. Anyone can use it to compare your website traffic with 4 other websites.

Moreover, the Alexa.com provides traffic estimates for new website or websites having few daily visits.

The above features give an idea that out of all the website traffic checker tools, this one is one of the best website traffic checker tools. The data provided is accurate and you can make your own estimation about the traffic a website gets.

8. Ahrefs


Ahrefs is a reliable website traffic monitoring tool. This tool covers the features of the website traffic tracking. Similar to the SEMrush, you can easily log in to its dashboard and then enter the domain for which you wish to know the traffic information.

ahrefs traffic

You can enter the website and know the unique visitor estimates. Within a few seconds, you get the search results. You can go in deep to get an idea on the top traffic pages of a particular website. 

Out of all the tools available for tracking website traffic, this Website traffic checker is very easy to use.

9. Siteprice.org


There are many great tools available to check website traffic and SitePrice is one of the great one. It was basically made to know estimate worth of a website but it is also useful for finding traffic of any website in the world.

siteprice traffic

In this Traffic estimator tool, you just need to enter any website’s URL. Hence, it becomes easy to check its website traffic and get all useful information. The SitePrice shows details like Daily unique visitors, Daily page views and website’s worth.

10. QuantCast.com


QuantCast is one morepopular website traffic checking toolin the market. Basically, Quantcast is known as a digital advertising company that was established in year 2006. This company was famous in real-time advertising and audience measurement.

Quantcast is a famous website traffic checker to estimate traffic. It offers you free direct audience measurement like the demographics, traffic, interests, and few more details.

The accuracy is good when it comes to the traffic statistics of any website. You can get an idea on features like Daily unique visitors and Daily page views.

It is important to note that a blog or website with a limited number of unique visitors will not show results. This is because of lack of data. Hence, if your website or blog does not get good amount of traffic then this tool is useless.

It cannot help you to measure traffic of your website. Hence, you need to depend on the Google analytics metrics to accurately receive your website traffic data.

Actually, this is a working website traffic checker to estimate traffic. With the help of this Free website Traffic estimator tool, you can get exact measurement of the website traffic data.

Some more ways to check website traffic

After going through the above section, you get enough understanding on the different ways to check traffic of a website.

There are few more ways available to check traffic and carry out traffic breakup of competitor website. The related tools are discussed in this section.

All such tools help you to easily estimate traffic of some other websites. They are not very much helpful as the tools and website traffic estimators discussed above. They still help you to find out the traffic for free. These seo tools to estimate traffic of other sites are easy to use.

Let’s look at the details:

a. Google Adwords Display Planner

There are many ways to check Website traffic but the Google Adwords Display Planner is one of the best ones. It allows you toCheck website traffic for free. Presently, Google Ad planner is being replaced by the Google Display Planner.

It allows you to estimate the amount of traffic a particular website receives. Basically, Google display planner shows the combination of 3 long time AdWords tools. Names of these tools are Google Ad Planner, Contextual Targeting Tool, and Placement Tool.

It is found that the Google Display Planner is highly accurate when it comes to measuring website traffic. It is designed by the SEO experts in the industry.

It is now easy to check any website traffic for free with the help of this tool. It is recommended to use the Google display Planner as an authentic blog traffic checker tool. This is because whenever you use it, you receive accurate results about your websites.

This traffic estimating tool from Google provides you essential traffic metrics such as average number of visits for every visitors, unique visitors, average time on website, total pageviews, and total unique visitors to particular website in one month duration. Moreover, you get to know the broad category for the website you have entered.

For using the Google display Planner which is one among the effective website traffic checker tools, you need to enter the required website domain name.

You need to enter it in the landing page URL of the “Get ideas and estimates”section. After that, click on the “Get ad group ideas”. After that, you get the “Available network inventory” impressions that a particular website you enter.

The experience of users who have already analyzed data presented from Google display Planner with the traffic information of other websites is interesting to note.

It is found that the data I available from the Google Ad Planner is quite close to your website original traffic statistics.

How can you use Google Display Planner for Checking Website Traffic?

It is important to know the proper method to Measure a website traffic.When you know how to use this tool you can easily know the Website keyword rank and unique monthly visitors of a competitor website.

You can click the below link as video tutorial to find out website original traffic of any website for free.


This is possible with the help of the Keyword Planner.

From the above video, you get a summary on the ways to use AdWords display planner. As a result, you can find out the golden keywords which can increase your website’s visibility and sales.

Moreover, it provides you with the estimated monthly search traffic of a website you want to target.

b. Buysellads.com

The BuySellAds (BSA) is basically an ad network useful for selling banner advertisements on blogs and websites.Using this website, you get Website traffic estimates that are almost close to the real traffic numbers shown on a page.

The condition for this is that blog or website must have buysellads script already installed. Hence, the data presented from BSA are reliable.

Using the BuySellAds.com, it is easy to know the competitors traffic and competitors keywords. In order to find out website ranking, the limitation is that you can receive the estimated page impressions for particular website selling advertisement via the BSA. If you want to know about the traffic details of any website, you can click on the ‘Your Ads here’ banner near the BuySellAds.com.

With the help of this website, it is easy to find out the website traffic. Also, it is useful to beginners who are new to blogging.

c. The business pages of website

There are many people who want to find out the Website traffic but they cannot due to cost. If you wish to Check website traffic at free of cost then this tool is helpful. It works as a good Blog traffic checker that does not need money for using.

You can easily know their analytics screenshots. Using the business pages of website, you can use the about page, advertise section of a website or sponsored review request pages.

This helps you to find out the real traffic a website receives. On such pages, the bloggers keep details of their website traffic. You can receive real-time website traffic information.

One limitation is that all business pages are not updated frequently. Also, all websites do not have this detail on their website. Hence, try out your luck to Find the website traffic.

d. Check for comments and advertise page

This method helps you to check the website traffic quickly. Most of us know the power of blog comments.

You can easily check traffic of any website by just leaving a comment on posts shown on their website. After you comment on any WordPress blog, the browser redirects you to the place where your comments are displayed.

The close look at the URL shows different statistics in detail. You get an idea on real comments and spam comments.

If you look at the top niche bloggers, they give many interviews discussing about the ways they created their site and the things that work for them.

However, they will not mention the amount of traffic they receive and where it came from. Many people like to share traffic stats.  

The same can be seen in the interviews as well as archived articles on a particular blog. Using these statistics, you can start figuring out the amount of traffic the website gets.

It is possible to find out how much traffic a website gets by visiting their Advertising page. If a blog wants to sell the advertising space then it must inform you about the number of unique views as well as impressions your ad will get per month.

This way, you can receive the monthly traffic estimation of any competitors.

e. PR News

With the help of PR News, you can estimate the number of unique viewers which can go through your post of any blog or website.

They include Unique viewers estimator in which they predict the unique readers of an article. They don’t use cookies, user IDs, and plugins.You simply need to enter any domain.

The estimator will inform you about the number of readers your site or blog can get.

Features of PR News:

  • This tool can estimate the number of views that can be received by your sponsored content on a platform you like.
  • It is helps for predicting the traffic of any website’s page. Also, it is effective on those websites that do not show their view counters.
  • This website is very useful if you want to receive some PR for your recently launched app, website, blog, or product. This is in addition to checking any website traffic for free.

FAQs About Free Traffic Estimator Tools 2024

After going through the details of all these methods, the picture must be clear. But some people may still have some confusion on some of the queries. It is important to clear those queries and get its solution.

Here are some important questions you should know about the website traffic estimating tools for checking out any website traffic at free of cost.

1. What are the best tools to check website traffic free online?

The below list shows few of the best tools to check website traffic for free online in 2024 and future:

  • SEMrush – It provides you accurate data
  • Alexa – It is a free tool but widely famous for estimating the popularity of any website)
  • SimilarWeb – It is a good combination of both the above mentioned tools. Here, you can find user metrics, demographics, links and many more.

2. What is the best way to track visitors to my website?

With the help of a Competitor traffic checking tool, it is easy to track visitors of a website. By now, you are aware about how to check traffic of your competitors websites. But what if you wish to track visitors of your website?

There is a good method to answer this question. If you want to get detailed analysis of your website and track its visitors then below tools are helpful. They help you to easily and effectively track visitors to your website.

  • Google Analytics
  • Clicky
  • Crazy Egg
  • SEMrush
  • Optimizely

It is recommended to start using the Google Analytics. This provides you a tracking code which you can install inside your website.

Doing so helps you to know the exact results of your website. With the help of Google analytics, you receive access to the below things:

  • Number of users
  • Time spent on the website (gives average session duration)
  • The average number of pages or sessions that are viewed
  • Bounce rate
  • Your best performing pages

3. How do I find out how much my website is worth?

You can find out the worth of your website using tools like Site Worth Traffic, SitePrice, Webuka etc. These tools help you to know the value of your website in money.

The website worth does not mean you can sell the particular website for that amount. In certain cases, for new websites, few of these tools display very high amount of worth.

4. What are the best SimilarWeb alternative tools online?

If you are in search for the superb SimilarWeb alternative then below are the best choices. They are the superb alternatives to SimilarWeb and come with great features:

  • SEMrush
  • Moz
  • Ahrefs

You can also check out best seo tools from below link:

SEMRush 30 Days Free Trial

SEMRush Traffic Analytics Tool

Bluehost Hosting For Your Business

BluehostWordPress Hosting Review

Which Bluehost Plan To Choose in 2024

5. What are the best website traffic generator tools? Are they any good?

Whenever you want to know the Website traffic, you need to use the proper Website traffic generator tools.

Moreover, the traffic generator bots, website traffic booster bots, etc. are helpful to create random traffic with the help of bots.

The below list shows few of the finest website traffic generator tools:

  • Babylon Traffic
  • Botsify
  • SnatchBot

If you are willing to build a profitable blog that earns money, you must keep away website traffic generator tools. This is because you want to bring traffic organically without using any of these traffic generating bots.

6. How accurate are website traffic estimators?

Whenever you are using paid or Free traffic checking tool, you need to first know the accuracy. The best way to track visitors of your website is to get an idea on accuracy.

You may be using different website traffic estimators to check website traffic for free. But many of them don’t offer accurate data.

This holds true especially for the free website traffic estimators. Such SEO tools don’t put much time and money in indexing the website’s pages. Also, they may not update their databases with the newest information.

This is where the premium tools such as Ahrefs and SEMrush are useful. They provide exact information.

In short, the free website traffic estimation tools give you a brief idea on the amount of approximate traffic a website provides.

It is not precise information. On the other hand, the paid tools like SEMrush provide you with accurate data due to their biggest and repeatedly updated databases.

7. How to find demographics of a website?

Many people are just not satisfied with the traffic of a website. This is because they need to know many other features. They can go beyond and find out the demographics of a website.

If you want to know the ways to find out the demographics of a website then following are the best SEO tools:

  • SEMrush
  • Ahrefs
  • Alexa
  • SimilarWeb

Both Similar Web and Alexa provides you free access to know the demographics of any website. The Ahrefs and SEMrush are premium tools but they provide more accurate details.

With the help of any of these tools, you can get plenty of demographics information that helps you to know in detail.

The detailed analysis helps you to easily estimate the traffic of any website.


All the tools discussed in this article helps you to check out traffic of any website for free. They come with many great features that help you to easily estimate traffic of a particular website. 

After reading the article above, you can clear confusion on the ways to check out website traffic. With the choice of proper tools and methods, it is quite easy to estimate traffic and other details of any website.

Also, you can find out traffic of your website. It is not a good idea to depend on just one website traffic estimation or traffic checking tool. You can try out various websites and find out which one gives you the close numbers.

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