Best Free Online Punctuation Checker Tools For Bloggers

Writing may seem easy at first glance but it actually demands a lot of knowledge on grammar.

Whether you want to write a simple piece of casual writing or a professional letter of recommendation, it is important to write grammatically correct content. While you are writing, it is not easy to write without any mistakes on grammar and punctuation.

Fortunately, the free online punctuation checker tools are available. Being available free of cost, they can be easily accessed by anyone. The present article introduces you to few of the free grammar and punctuation checker tools.

These tools will beautify your writing and impress the readers uniquely. Irrespective of how decent your grammar is if you make silly punctuation errors in any content, it does not interest your readers.

The wrong use of punctuation marks will destroy the meaning of the whole sentence. The entire sentence becomes meaningless and it does not impress readers. A single comma can change the meaning of the whole sentence.

Hence, you need to be very careful when writing sentence without grammatical and punctuation mistakes. With the help of a comma checker tool, such mistakes will not happen.

The free grammar and punctuation checker tools are easy to use and help you enhance your writing skills.

Within a few days of use, you will find a noticeable improvement in your grammar and punctuation. Also, your writing will gradually arouse interest among readers.

There are plenty of online punctuation checker and grammar tools available to let you get rid of such errors while writing.

However, majority of the content creators and bloggers would not bother much regarding punctuation errors, if you consider writing error-free content, you will get a great advantage.

In case you are writing for Google, then it would matter a lot from SEO viewpoint.

Below are few of the best free punctuation checker tools helping you to correct all the punctuation error such as wrong placement of commas, semi-colons, full stops, and more.

10 Best Free Punctuation Checker Tools


best grammar and punctuation checker tool

Grammarly is certainly the best grammar and punctuation checker tool on the Internet. This tool is available as a free as well as paid version.

Nearly all bloggers, copywriters, content writers, and journalists use this grammar checking tool when writing on the web.

With its proper use, you will be able to easily find out grammatical errors and punctuation errors.

One good aspect is this tool can check 250+ grammatical errors including the punctuation errors when writing online.

This tool is accessible for every platform as well as browsers like Firefox and Chrome. The exetsnion flawlessly integrates with your email creator, WordPress post editor, Facebook and few other text fields, etc.

Wherever you would type a text, the Grammarly will analyze your writing style and would start checking whether you made any grammatical mistakes or not.

This tool is also accessible as an add-on for Microsoft Word and a dedicated app for Mac OS.

With the combination of the technologies like A.I. algorithms and machine learning, the error detection feature of this tool is taken to the next level. Many professional users widely use Grammarly for easily checking the grammar and punctuation errors in their content.

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punctuation checker free tool

This punctuation checker free tool has many features identical to Grammarly. People usually treat it in form of a competitor of Grammarly.

WhiteSmoke also allows you to easily find out the grammatical mistakes and punctuation errors.

The fact is that Whitesmoke is not so always efficient at finding context-specific grammar errors. However, it does the good job and allows non-native English writers to write effectively.

Unlike Grammarly, this tool is also available in form of an Android and iOS app. Moreover, this tool is available as browser add-ons and enables you to quickly correct grammar and punctuation errors.

It is found that the developers of WhiteSmoke created this tool to work on any devices. It works on the serious drawback of Grammarly i.e. the unavailability of smartphone apps. The corresponding punctuation correction app is simple to use.


grammar and punctuation tools

Prowritingaid is one of the most overlooked grammar and punctuation tools available in the market. This tool checks the text for diverse types of errors including context-specific mistakes.

It comes with great interface that is easy to use. To let this tool to work efficiently, you have to purchase it. Your investment certainly worth the features offered.

One great thing about this tool is it can find out some style and punctuation errors which even Grammarly misses.

Ginger Punctuation checker tools

finest grammar and punctuation check tools

Ginger is known to be one of the finest grammar and punctuation check tools. Any blogger or content creator or any other person can use it to enhance their writing skills. Moreover, it is accessible as the browser extensions as well as an add-on for MS word.

The Ginger punctuation checker tool is available as a free and pro version both. Similar to Grammarly, it is efficient at correcting context-specific grammatical and punctuation errors.

Hence, you will be able to gradually enhance your writing skills. Also, it detects the redundant use and the needless use of punctuation marks within your content.

On platforms like Android and iOS, this tool comes with its separate apps as well as keyboard. The app makes it easy to find out grammar and punctuation mistakes on the go.

After The Deadline

grammar and punctuation tools

After the deadline tool is also known to be a quick punctuation checker. It is basically grammar and punctuation tool by Automatic the one behind the WordPress CMS.

This tool is accessible as a command-line interface tool and also as a bookmarklet for the browser. You can access this tool on Firefox, Chrome, and OpenOffice extension is also available. Unfortunately, the add-on is not available for MS Word.

This is the same grammar and punctuation checker equipped with the WordPress Jetpack plugin. A blogger may know this.

It is found that this punctuation and grammar checker tool is available in the web interface at PolishMyWriting. Simply enter your text and click on the check writing to find out grammatical and punctuation errors and improve them.

Paper Rater

Free Online Punctuation Checker Tools

If you are looking for a free online punctuation checker with many useful features, go for Paperrater. Using this tool, you simply have to paste in the content or the essay which you have already written inside their editor. Also, you can consider uploading the document file inside their editor.

After you click on “get report” button, this tool will check the content. Also, it reports you back with spelling errors, grammar errors, style errors, and punctuation errors.

This tool’s premium version contains a plagiarism detector just like Grammarly.

But, experts still recommend Grammarly officially for executing more advanced analysis.

Other Notable Punctuation Checkers

In addition to the above-discussed grammar and punctuation checker tools, there are many other famous punctuation checkers available.

Language Tool

Language tool is the free punctuation corrector that is highly effective open-source grammar as well as punctuation checkers.  This tool is accessible as the web version, Firefox & Chrome browser add-ons, standalone desktop application, Google Docs add-on, and also as an add-on for the LibreOffice. Since it is a fully free tool, this tool comes with tons of features.

In addition to checking English grammar errors, this tool includes options allowing you to check grammar errors in 32 languages. This functionality may surprise many bloggers or content creators.


Grammerbase is very famous grammar checking tool that effectively checks for grammatical, style, contextual spelling, plagiarism, and punctuation errors. It works flawlessly as an app for correct punctuation. You simply have to enter the text that you wish to check. After that, the tool checks for the errors and suggests you back.

Garreston Punctuation Checker

Garreston Punctuation Checker is also famous as a comma placement checker. It can help you quickly find out wrong placement of commas. It is not a full-fledged grammar checker tool but it can effectively check the punctuation errors in your content.

The limit to paste the content for checking is up to 10,000 words. Once you entered the content, it finds out punctuation errors in your content. Basically, it is an easy-to-use web-based tool. It does not come with any add-ons or app.

When used, it marks the text in red if there is wrong use of commas or other punctuation marks.


AutoCrit is an excellent grammar checker tool created for checking fictional writings for grammatical errors. This tool is also effective at finding out grammatical errors.

AutoCrit is as effective as Ginger. Since it is created for the fictional writers, it is not advisable by most of people for ordinary content proofreading. You will be able to gradually improve your writing skills without any hassles.

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These discussed tools are some of the greatest grammar and punctuation checker tools available online. In addition to using any of these tools, it is always recommended to first manually check the content for any grammar and punctuation errors.

None of these automated grammar checkers are completely perfect. They prove to be good companions in your proofreading but they are not substituted for manual proofreading.

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