How To Write An Effective Business Email To A Client

Email Tips: How To Write An Effective Business Email To A Client

Writing proper email is very important when it comes to creating a positive impression on your audience. Learn what to do to write great emails.

I don’t know about you, but I am surprised, shocked and irritated to receive so many fake, unwanted, unprofessional emails every day. If you read the content of those emails and trust them, you will be amazed to know how many times have I become a millionaire, how many lotteries I won till date, how many approvals have I received for credit cards and etc.

While I ignore those crazy emails and show them the exit route, sometimes I also receive emails from salespeople who might actually be useful for me. For example, if they want to reach out to me for SEO services which I need for my website, why should I ignore them. But then, if they write useless emails which are worth a crap, why should I reply to them?

Email marketing is very interesting, and despite being old and traditional, it is still very crucial in digital marketing. But most of the marketers get it wrong while they craft a heavily worded email with an anticipation to get clicks and then sales, they forget the basic rule – Click should be your secondary goal, sales far secondary while managing a viable relation should be the primary goal.

And to maintain that relationship, you need to be agile, clever and friendly. I will come about those points later, let me first provide you with the emails I am hesitant about.

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Take this email. I have changed the name of the company to keep the guilty protected. But I left their badness intact.



I hope you are doing well. We are an India based SEO company specializing in web design and Development.

We have a dedicated team of 25 professionals who are backed by experience and expertise. it is my pleasure to me if you give me a chance to work with you and we think you have any inquiry Related to given below services please feel Free to send me an email.

We can give you best services of –

1) Website design and Development

2) Domain Registration

3) Website Hosting

4) Search engine optimization

5) Website promotion

6) PPC

7) Logo design

We are looking forward to a long and fruitful business relationship with you and your company.

We are waiting for your positive responsive

Kind Regards.

D*** Head

Online SEO consultant”

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I understand that all SEO’s are not great copywriters, but wait, the guy is asking for a business relationship by writing a direct email to me. He is saying he provides digital marketing services, great! But the core component of digital marketing is content.

How can I feel good with a company that assures me good result when it itself cannot write good emails? Will it also write such emails to convince my clients, if I work with it? I can understand in his defense that he might be busy, but wait. You need to be professionally busy in convincing your clients and for that, a good deal of your time should be spent in preparing email templates.

Why did you not use your copywriter for the task? If your first impression is such bad, how can you expect a reply from your prospects, let alone doing business? Upon realizing they need some brush-up, I replied to the email – not as prospects but as someone who can help them improve. I can not change the entire d*** head ecosystem, but I can, at least, help some change.


Thank you for the email sent.

I am not looking to hire any SEO services, but as a copywriter and SEO myself, I have something to offer you, free of cost.

I think the email you sent needed to be a little better. I can redraft it for better readability. You may wish to replace the existing copy with the one I compose. Since SEO is all about content marketing today, if your email is written well, I think you can create a better first impression to your targeted audience. If you need my free services, please reply and I am happy to help you.


Your prospect turned help”

I did not receive any reply to my free help email. But I certainly helped them. It is up to them whether they implement my ideas or simply reject it. Such emails leave a very bad impression to any prospects. If you are a salesperson and need to improve on the fronts I mentioned, there are a few things that you should do to improve your email marketing and improve your Clickability

Don’t trick your prospects into opening your emails

In the case of the email I received, they used a very formal yet urgent title which led me to click it. The idea is great, but if you can not keep the momentum of readability, what is the use of using an urgent title.

Write proper contentIf you are going to advertise yourself as an SEO that can help me, I certainly want to know that you can write good copy. So, be focused on your niche and create a positive impression by focusing on your skills

Create a USP of your own

Be relevant to your niche, write why you should be clicked. If you can not separate from competition, at least, create an impression that you are good and that you can offer nice services.

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The art of writing and sending proper value email is to create a good impression on the mind of your readers. If your email is good, you can reach out to your clients. If you are confused as to what to write, leave it to your experts. The email is the first impression, sales are secondary. Once you are expert and understand what works, you can easily manage a relationship with clients.

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