Honey Chrome Extension Review: Scam or Legit?

If Honey chrome extension review is your query then this article is for you. Honey chrome extension is recognized as a free browser extension which functions with Microsoft Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

The honey app reviews carried out till now suggest that it assists you to save money by automatically looking for coupon codes whenever you are at the checkout for your preferred online stores.

The honey chrome extension is used to save your cash while making a purchase. Also, read Avast cleanup premium worth it. Let’s have a look at the honey chrome extension reviews:

Honey Chrome Extension: Automated Savings For Online Shopping

The concept behind Honey chrome extension is to benefit people save money on different online purchases, with almost no effort. It incorporates automated savings which are an appealing part of honey chrome extension review. The working process is very easy.  In order to get the automated savings for online shopping to refer below steps:

First of all, you need to sign up for the site. You can sign up with the below link or you can also sign up using your email address or facebook account.


Now, you need to install its extension. In order to avail all the finest features of the Chrome extension’s plugin, it is known that the Chrome extension is great and comes with all the built-in functionality.

The Honey App Link for an extension for Chrome:

Honey Chrome Extension

and the Honey App link for an extension for Firefox is

Honey Extension For Firefox

Honey Chrome Extension Review

After that, you need to shop online as usual. Whenever you add any item into your cart and initiate the checkout procedure, Honey would show a dialog which asks if you wish to find savings.  Once you click on the button, it would work to search obtainable coupon codes as well as try to apply them for you inside your cart. After the process finishes, it would apply the finest possible coupon code within your cart and now you are prepared. The automated saving helps to carry out balanced honey add-on reviews. Don’t miss does Amazon accept PayPal

Honey App Extension Savings In Action

There is no doubt on is the honey app safe. Honey helps to save your money while shopping online. You can choose one of your favorite products from any website and then you can add the same to your cart. Also, read the Android System Webview Review.

You can visit the checkout page after which a “Find Savings!” dialog box would pop up.  Now you can click on the button, and after that, a lightbox would be seen on the screen.

This shows that Honey passes through the procedure of applying as well as testing a variety of coupon codes, attempting to find the one which offers the best savings.

After it was over, Honey had got a coupon for some price, say $5 for your order. This reduces the overall pay of the order.  This suggests that the honey app review suggest you save money in action. Don’t miss the best price comparison sites.

is honey chrome extension safe.

Honey Chrome Extension: Finding The Best Price On Amazon

The great functionality of Honey is that it helps you get the finest price while you shop on Amazon. Whenever you are present on the item’s detail page of Amazon, Honey would place a button adjacent to the price of the item. This suggests that you need to buy or not from the buyer based on the deal.

If not, Honey would inform you to save some amount by purchasing from a different seller. The feature of finding the best price clears the confusion on is honey chrome extension safe.

Once you click on the button then it would reveal you a breakdown of the amount you can save. Also, it gives a button to click to purchase the item from various other sellers. For example, you can save nearly $50 by purchasing from various sellers. Moreover, you could also watch a price history for the majority of items.

Simply click over the button to check the price history; also, you can observe if the item goes on sale continuously, or if it is presently charged at a low or high price. You can also join honey scam to buy at the best price.

honey browser add-on reviews

Watching Amazon For Price Drops

The appealing feature that Honey lately incorporated for Amazon was that they name it as the “Droplist”.  Whenever you are going to shop on Amazon, it is possible that you can select to add any item into the Droplist of your account. Once the price of the item falls, Honey will send an email to you with info regarding the price drop.

Also, you could opt to purchase the item at a decreased price. The price drop utility is important to know while evaluating honey browser add-on reviews.

This feature is useful and it is used to save a great amount. In order to understand this, for instance, you can decide to purchase a baby monitor before the birth of a baby. While purchasing the product, you can use the Amazon lightning deal, if available, to save the price. You need to be quick because the deal may close.

HoneyGold Cash Back

Honey Chrome Extension: HoneyGold Cash Back At Select Stores

Understanding the process to get cash back is an important part of honey coupon review. Whenever you are present on the Honey site, it is easy to click on the “HoneyGold” link, available at the top part of the page. Also, it would bring you into a listing of stores which provide cash back bonuses. Certain stores like Macy’s, Target, Walmart, Groupon, and many more are registered as stores which offer cash back.

In order to avail the cash back, all you need to do is to click on the “activate” button located adjacent to the store which you wish to shop. This will convey you to their site wherein you can get cash back.  There is no doubt on is honey legit because the cash back feature is great.

Honey Finds Savings

Honey Chrome Extension Finds Savings Without Any Work

Honey is regarded as the solution to finding savings. Moreover, you can get the finest possible deal on products which you are purchasing. This is accomplished by using the finest coupon codes, offering you cash back.

Honey Cash Back & Savings Site

You can use Honey extension to claim savings while shopping online.


The rating of Honey is 9.5/10.

Pros of Honey Chrome Extension

  • It is easy to use
  • Provides benefits of cash back
  • You can check product price histories
  • You can do coupon search at checkout
  • The facility of Droplist price drop notifications is available

Cons Of Honey Chrome Extension

  • Working coupons are not always available.


The honey chrome extension reviews above helps to understand honey extension benefit in better ways. You can avail cash back and saving benefits while doing online shopping.

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