Venngage Business plan review: Free Infographic Maker

Venngage Business plan review:

Creating infographics have been a headache to all non-designers and bloggers. And I even got frustrated while trying to make infographics.

Previous, I tried creating infographics and the result of that infographics is not that good. So, I just lost the hope of creating infographics with my own hands. I took another route and asked a professional freelancer to make infographics, and I was shocked with his rate, he said the infographics cost in $60.

Now, for a small business owner like me, it’s been frustrating to manage the infographics part because I can’t hire another freelancer for every infographic and can’t give that much amount each time.

I just quit that idea and started to search online for infographics creators.

Then I found Venngage – the best and easy to use site where free templates of infographics are available which we can simply edit.

So I opted out Venngage, and making infographics is such an easy way.

Let Me Tell You What Is Venngage Business plan? And How It Helps You?

Over a past few years, Venngage has a brought some best tools like and my favorite Idea generator tool which helps you to come up with unique titles and headlines for infographics it also gives the best ideas for blog posts.

Infographic Idea Generator



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Recently Venngage has improved its Business plan, so let me explain the features:

Venngage Business plan?

The Venngage business plan is a premium plan which is well affordable. Venngage is an easy tool to create hard and complicated infographics with ease. It helps content creators and bloggers to create easily a frustration free infographics which are easy to edit and also easy to download.

A business plan is primarily targeted towards low budget companies or small businesses to create a best and unique style of content. As the small business always have no time to measure and manage both efforts on content and infographics.

So, mostly small business persons quit the infographics ideas even though they have the best plan to create infographics.

Because creating a unique infographic is such a difficult task for the small business. So this “Bussiness Plan” from Venngage mostly helps small business owners.

Free Infographic Maker

Venngage Business Plan Features:

The Venngage business plan offers many premium themes and templates for this business plan we can opt out any premium templates and change it into our own infographics.

Simply, there is not effort to keep in creating templates because it’s already created and in build templates which are easy to use.

There is no limit to create infographics at all. Where else in the free account you will only have few infographics options.

But these are well enough to create their infographics.  And in business plan primarily you can increase image library, and they have the best hands on the online editor to easily edit templates without any stress.

Detail Features list of a business plan:

Premium Templates:

In the business plan, you can use any premium templates unlimited times. And it’s very easy to edit and modify those infographics.

Premium charts and Icons:

Venngage has best charts and icons in the whole infographics creators and in this plan all the charts and icons and graphs are free to use that’s a great deal for non-designers.

Unlimited infographics:

As I already said, If you have a business plan then you can use any premium template unlimited times.

Brand free Infographics:

In a business plan, you can simply remove the brand name of Venngage, and you can publish it with your brand name or as you own creation.

Image uploads:

you can upload as many images as you like through various mediums. All your uploaded files will be showed at the top.

Privacy control:

You have full privacy controls in your grip you can share it with a few people personally either they are Venngage users or not it doesn’t matter.

Export to PDF and PNG:

In the business plan, you can easily export your infographic to high-quality PDFs and PNGs.

Venngage Business Plan

Venngage has included new options to its business plan:

Branding kit:

The branding package kit is feature where there are three elements in it

  1. Prioritize logos in a separate image library.
  2. Choose and save your brand colors.
  3. Preset all fonts’ styles and sizes.

1. Prioritize Logs In A Separate Image Library:

You can easily upload your logo and find it in the top of the image library, previously you must upload all your logos in the image library, and you have to search for them. But now, all that logos you uploaded are prioritized at the top of your image library for easy access.  To access this feature, all you have to do is just go to “my account” on the top and choose any logo of any sizes from the image library.

2. You Can Choose and Save Your Brand Colours:

Now, this feature is an old feature, but they had modified this feature to improve the user experience. Previously you can choose and save colors swatches in each and every infographic. But choosing the color pattern in every infographic can be frustrating for users.

So, they have kept this option to find your brand color easily without changing each and every time. By branding kit, you can easily upload your brand’s or company’s colors for repeated use.

Now just like above features with logo color will always be selected you don’t have to waste your time by re-saving and re-uploading them each time when you create infographics.

3. Preset Font Styles and Sizes:

Previously, whenever you use a drag and drop feature for text widget on your infographics, the text is set with certain font and size.

For ex: If you use robots as your brand logo font it is always keeping the same fonts.

This has been a headache to few customers so now they have removed this feature now you can choose your own title, subtitle and body text font size which really suits for your brand and next time it will go with brands choice so it will be easy for users.

Venngage free Infographic Maker

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Advanced Feature:

Manage your team:

In addition to all the lovely features, your business also has to Manage Your Team Option where you can include two members of your team, and they can access full features of the business plan. This is the best feature for Business plan.

If you want more users to your team then you can also have them by contacting the Venngage team easily they have an excellent customer’s service.

What Do I Like About Venngage?

As I said, I used a few other online tools for making infographics for my own business, and I found Venngage best in them. It has easy to use options and the most important thing about it is you can build the infographics quickly and modify them for both beginner level and also the advanced level users.

The price is lower than choosing a freelancer for making one professional infographic, which the half cost you can make unlimited infographics here at the Venngage.

Pros of Venngage:

  • It can download my infographic in a high-resolution format.
  • It’s entirely web-based platform, so it is very easy to access and share
  • Venngage actively adds features and new useable graphics and best business plans as well.
  • Free to start and affordable monthly fees for the team, education and premium accounts
  • Easy to use
  • Great built-in graphs – they are easy to use, and you can even import a spreadsheet.
  • Their customer care service is very helpful, and they are very responsive as well.

What I dislike?

Previously, it is having some glitches like uploading photos and orientating those images has been the problem but with the business plan its fine.

The con of Venngage is while you select multiple objects to move them across; you cannot group them all at ones.

Cons of Venngage:

  • There is no way to take a section of the infographics and copy it in your desired infographics, so only you can do is create a duplicate which is copying whole infographics.
  • It is sometimes difficult to change the orientation of photos that I have uploaded.

What Business is Problems Venngage Business Plan Solving? What Benefits I have Realised?

The business can easily moderate the format of infographics in their own, and it is easy for people to read and understand the content through infographics because visual appearance for a brand is more important nowadays.

These infographics can be shared easily and also you share it privately with others with your own branding logo by removing Venngage credits.

Infographics created by Venngage has some engaging results as many companies CEO and others members have reached a lot of traffic through various media. And social media shares have been a boost with these infographics templates.


Now, I hope I have explained everything about the Venngage. Now it’s your turn if you are a small business owner, use this tool and drive lots of traffic from it.

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