App Development Cost Depends on Its Features

Today the trend of mobile phone is increased and so is dead for different apps. But the main question is what would be the cost of developing an android app. Techy or one who is in such business for a long time can still guess the cost but one who is new to it will find it very difficult to calculate the cost of app development.

There are many factors like features, complexity; developers are some of the important factors to decide the cost of development.

You are required to be very clear with developers on the type of app you wish to get build. If you of on adding a feature, sit would indirectly increase the budget on the app. It is also dependent on the developers as freelancers are affordable as compared to going for some professional team of developers.

You should write down your idea and thoughts regarding the app before the development process as it will help to get approx. the budget of the app. So, know more about the apps, features, and developers before starting the development of an app.

If your app is having simple features like login, basic functions along with backend the cost might be under $50. But when you are looking out for interactive features like GPS, IoT integration, in-app advertisements, attractive design the cost might get increased.

There are many apps, which are dealing with money, and so it adds more complex to develop. These types of full-fledged app with all high-end features can cost than $10k. So, it is very important to have a clear idea of the app so you can find some developers based on it.

App Development Cost

Which Factors Influence The Cost of Development?

  • Features are one of the main factors, which will decide the cost of developing an app. If you are willing to have some fully features app, it will indirectly increase the complexity and it would increase time and budget both. Most developers work on an hourly basis or the feature so, if the complexity increases it would affect both factors.
  • The size of the app is also considered by developers before taking up the project. The productivity would get reduced is going for some app that has more screen and thus developers would charge according to it. As the screens go on increasing the time, development, designing everything goes up and it would also increase the cost.
  • Design is an important part of the app and if you are looking to design some app that is customized and has animations the budget would be affected. If your app s inspired by some popular apps like Uber, Zomato or any other the price factor would also have its effect.
  • Developers’ geographical location is also considered and so the cost of developing an app by Asian developer can cost $15-20/hr while developers from Europe can cost $35/hour. It would also depend on the type of developers means if it is freelancing the price is less as compared to any high-end agency.

These are some factors that can affect the cost of your app and thus you have to be very clear before starting the project. It is advisable to go for professional developers who would increase the cost but at the same time can save your time and rework.

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If you are looking for some app that would have in-app purchases or some ROI form it going for best developers would always prove beneficial. So, be clear with your ideas and the main goal to get the app build, as it would also help to device the budget of the app.

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