Comparium: Automated Website Testing Application

Today to run online marketing business you have to own a website. The website consisted of the details of the company and the products or services they provide. Then your website must go through the cross-browser website testing tool. It is the technique and strategy which helps in evaluating eligibility and functionality of the web application on different platform and browser.

Comparium is the cross-browser testing tool that lets you check whether your site is working perfectly or not. To reach customers directly it is necessary to run a website on different browsers and the size of the screen.

We all know that today people are exploring online business in their gadgets. All mobile have different screen sizes so your site should response perfectly whether the screen is big or small. The website should also access through assistive tools which shows website compatibility with assistive technology. Using the Comparium you can also check the website with the specific group using the same browser and can also test site by changing manually. Before any changes, you should check the site with the integration of the browser to know its ability to work. The application is very convenient for checking the website with basic testing.

Importance of cross-browser testing

If you are to sight a website to know about the company and its products but it does not respond. For illustration, you visit Google Chrome and types the URL and then press the enter button. Now wait for loading but when the site gets open nothing is sight properly. It means the site is working properly and it creates an issue. This makes the customer search for another site for some reason. This traffic of your site walks towards another site. To check website compatibility with the browser it is important to go through cross-browser testing.

Comparium is the best tool to check the website in all types of the browser so that customers could not face any issue while loading. Sometimes due to any reason, the website gets broken and the reader has to explore an alternative. It is not good for your business to check the site regularly can opt for Comparium. The process of testing the website is very easy and simple as you have to simply type URL and click on continue option. It is the reason most business person is opting for the tool for testing the site. The tool also goes through different interpretations to render HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. This ensures that the website will behave perfectly on different browsers.

Comparium also helps in testing with the pinpointing compatibility so you can easily debug them at a fast rate. This way you can make a site run in the browser of OS without any issue.

Comparium Automated  Website Testing Application

Features analyze in the Comparium testing

With the checking of compatibility, you can also go through many other testings.

Base functionality

When the website goes for testing the site it first steps is checking of base functionality. This testing checks that all menus and dialog boxes are working properly. It also helps in checking the ability of the website to handle first-party cookies correctly. It is also perform testing of seamless touch for tablets and gadget.

cross-browser testing tool


Comparium is not limited to the base functionality checking but also go for design checking. This ensures that the site has equipped with proper images, layouts, fonts, and could attract customers towards it.

Website Testing Application


It is the technique of testing through which the owner can verify the design. This helps in exploring that design is fit and fluid to run perfectly on different screen sizes without any hassle.

Website Testing Application


It is the testing part in which Comparium goes through the accounts compliance of the site. It also equipped with web content accessibility guidelines that enable different abled users to access the site with ease. This testing process helps to grow traffic in the site increase the production of the company.


In a nutshell, Comparium is the tool which can assure that the website is perfect for running in different platform with ease. This way, a business people can enjoy online marketing and get connect with customers directly. The process helps in increasing the production and profit of the company without any hassle.

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