How To Choose A Web Hosting Service Provider For Your Blog

We are going to guide with amazing tips to choose a web hosting service provider for your blog? When you are considering the selection of web host, there are some specific points that should be noticed at this time. Basically, the choosing criteria are separated in two criteria – free web host and a commercial web hosting solution; both are different yet they overlap.

Here is the detailed study of considerable points while choosing the host of both types:

5 Essentials of choosing a free web hosting service provider for your blog

  1. Advertising

    Many free web hosts impose ads on your website in the exchange of providing your website a free web space and the related services. This could be in the form of an ordinary advertisement or as a pop-up. It is good to know that people hate to see a sudden pop-up while reading an information, some get irritated with stuffed banner codes into the pages and some are completely uncomfortable with the crowd of advertising frames on a web page. Whatever method you choose here, you should think about the acceptability and suitability.

  2. The amount of web space

    There should be an adequate amount of web space for present use and anticipated future expansion. Generally, you should go with a web hosting that is offering a good space for text, images, sound and video files. Also, find out about a dedicated hosting.

  3. File type and size limitations

    A webmaster needs to deeply understand the maximum size of files accepted by the web host and also ensure that what is their policy about uploading facility and limitation of HTML and GIF / JPG files.

  4. Reliability and accessing seed

    A web hosting you choose must provide a great speed of access unless you may lose a remarkable number of visitors. If a site is not accessible within a few moments, the visitors will get frustrated and move to another website.

  5. Bandwidth allotment

    It is often visible these days that free web hosts are limiting the amount of traffic that you can use per day and per month and in a case of an increased load of visitors more than the pre-determined limit the hosting will disable your website or send you a bill. So it is essential to set a good amount of bandwidth with your website and clear the terms of the traffic crosses the limit.

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free or commercial hosting service

Free hosting Vs Commercial hosting

12 Essentials for choosing a commercial web hosting service provider for your blog

  1. Accessing speed

    The web hosting must be reputed for reliability and accessing speed as well as for guaranteed uptime. Remember that the 99% minimum uptime is not the sufficient one and you should look for 99.5% or higher. And also, there should be a clause of refund in the case of any downtime.

  2. Data transfer

    The term data transfer is usually concerned with traffic or bandwidth. If a commercial host is advertising “unlimited bandwidth”, don’t believe it. A web hosting has to pay for the bandwidth so why would it pay for your excessive consumption. While making an agreement clearly look for the details on this matter.

  3. Disk space

    People always get confused with the ideal disc space for their website. Usually, a new website other than music and video oriented one needs a web space just less than 20 MB. While there is any host is offering you a tempting offer of unlimited space or 100 GB, rethink about is as you will never be able to use such a huge disk space.

  4. Technical support

    Is your web host is facilitating the excellent technical support 24/7. You will never like to have a web hosting where the technical stuff that is not available to hear or fix your problems on weekends or the public holidays. Also, beware of dealing with a web hosting that is being operated by the bunch or salesmen or markets without having the technical know-how and problem fixing skills.

  5. SSL or the secure server

    This quality is highly essential if you are planning on a website for online selling of products and services. Undoubtedly, his feature involves an additional price and higher priced package. SSL is also compulsory if you have plans for collecting credit card payments. And in the case, you have made your mind of using payment gateway instead, and are not interested in collecting sensitive and private information from your customers, SSL may be not your requirement.

  6. Email, autoresponders, and email forwarding

    It is quite obvious that you want to have an email address on our own domain, so does your web hosting is allowing you to set up the desired email address on your domain for facilitating forwarding of the emails or the arrangement of a mailbox on your web hosting account. You may also like Dreamhost web hosting review.

  7. Control panel

    A control panel allows you to different aspects of your web account yourself, such as add, delete and manage your email address and change the password for your account. It is always good to sign up with a web host that provides you a nice technical support to make a change for you and the hassle-free operation.

  8. Subdomains and multiple domain web hosting

    While you are interested in selling of web space or having multiple domains or subdomains, you must check the availability of this option with your web host and also what are the charges you will have to pay for this.
    If you are looking for best domain provider, be sure to check out Namecheap vs Godaddy.

  9. Web server and operating system

    It is a question of discussion that which type of operating system or server will suit you the most. Generally, people go for the web host offering a Unix-based system such as OpenBSD, FreeBSD or Linux and running the Apache web server. As there are much web-based support and online guides available that can assist you to choose the most suitable web hosting in this aspect.

  10. The price

    Price is always a factor and you need to analyze that the amount payable to the web hosting is really a decent and deserving one.

  11. The type of payment plan

    What is the plan available for getting the services of a web hosting? If we listen to the experts, it is good to go with the monthly payment plan with a new web host, until you are satisfied with their reliability and performance. Later in the upcoming months or years, you can either switch the host or change the payment plan to annual plans so that you can entertain the discount.

  12. Resellers

    In the real, most of the hosting companies do not owner lease their own web servers; they actually play the reseller for any other hosting company. It is not always a good experience to work with these resellers as they cannot assure you the first-hand technical support and also their reliability is a big question. So while dealing with such resellers, make a complete research, find the track record and study the packages to determining their worthiness.

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If you are looking for a perfect web hosting company then you may be living in a dreamland as even a most reputed and trusted company cannot guarantee you the perfect success, no matter how big amount you are paying for their services. A webmaster needs to keenly observe the available options and study the related terms well before finalizing the web hosting service for his or her website.

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