How to Evergreen Your Website Pages

How can you make your website content so fresh, evergreen, unique that it never become outdated and always stay relevant – supplying information that is always in fashion and helpful for your audience – year after year. Let me guide you through the process. Any help to make the article even better is welcomed in the form of a comment.

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The backdrop:

Every day millions of pages are being uploaded and published on the Internet – but most of these content become outdated in a few months or a year. One they are faded, they join the league of billions of other pages which are forgotten, abandoned, and indexed. They might serve a temporary purpose of the publisher by offering useful information to their target audience for a time, but when the purpose is served, they are gone. That is understood. But what if your website pages have evergreen content? What if they always stay relevant? What if they always stay in fashion and never becomes outdated? If your website is populated with these pages, expect what?

You get indexed from time to time and still keep on earning an improved variety of audience every day.

Your website rank will improve and you will stay competitive on the SERP – Search Engine Results Pages.

You write once and stay idle. The information you supply will keep on serving visitors

So, you should use evergreen content on your website.

What is Evergreen Content?

Literally, Evergreen content refers to content that keeps on getting targeted visitors long after they are published. That means those pages keep on getting indexed and ranked in SERP. There are a few features of evergreen content, some of which we are explaining below

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Evergreen content is for your users, and search engines

Most people who are expert in SEO niche say that evergreen content is the content that is useful for your readers. That’s actually apt. If you are not writing for your readers, how can you expect search engines to index those pages? While saying this, it is a fact that if you are not writing evergreen content for search engines, there is no use of those content.

So, how to make a thoughtful balance?

Write useful content that your readers will always find useful, but incorporate keywords into the content. Make sure you are optimizing the content so while they are fresh forever, search engines also get to understand that these are good.

evergreen content on your website

Evergreen content is different things to different people

The definition of evergreen content is vogue. You may publish an article about a museum which is interesting for a reader who needs historic content, but someone who needs to be updated information may find it outdated. So, how can you bring a thoughtful balance for both the readership? Some types of content are just so defined and articulated that they become outdated too early. Some example includes – Top SEO trend for 2018. By 2019, the article will become outdated. So, you just can not necessarily change their meaning and purpose. They are good as much as they keep sending you targeted audience.

To understand evergreen content, you need to understand the format. It is wrong to assume that the only article can offer evergreen content. There are many other variants of content that can pull you targeted readers year after year. If your website is populated with those types of content, you get an improved variety of traffic.

Case studies – Case studies seem to be not so evergreen, but they generate tons of targeted traffic year after year for long tail queries. These are often presented in the form of PDF reports. They keep on getting visitors because other researchers link to them and they constitute improved knowledge that stays relevant over the time.

Definitions – Definitions that define anything today will keep defining the thing same way tomorrow. They keep on getting huge traffic and if you create a separate section on your website exclusively for defining something, you can get traffic year after year. But to get targeted traffic from time to time, you need to back up the content with other formats of content.

How-to articles – How-to articles are a steal, they help users with an improved variety of information. And Google loves them for their use. So, make sure that your How-to articles are populated across your website and that your visitors are getting help from the content.

Other types of evergreen content you might use

Reports, infographics, question and answer articles etc., are also helpful since they serve a definite purpose. Other than supplying users with the specific variety of useful info, they keep on generating traffic because of their benefits.

Tips To Make Your Website Pages Evergreen

Publish the date of the content

By hiding the date, you are misleading the visitors. So, by mentioning the date and making an open admission you are telling the visitors that about the relevancy of the content and also helping them trust you. But there are a few things that you can do to keep the article updated

Update your content

Having an evergreen content does not mean that you publish it and forget it. To keep it fresh, you need to edit it from time to time by supplying additional and updated info. For instance, if you are publishing an article – SEO trends of the year – which you published in 2015, you can add with it new trends of 2018 – and tell your visitors that the article is being updated and thus it covers step by step, year by year trends.

Tell the readers the edit date

Do not make any hidden entry and edits. Ensure that you are mentioning the date of the edit. Doing this helps your readers understand that it is an updated content


That’s it. Creating evergreen content means finding topics that are unique and relevant ever, publishing content in different unique formats, and then editing the content from time to time. If you require more advice and quick help and tips on how to implement an evergreen aspect on your website, please ask us.

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