9 Tips To Write SEO Content For Your Blog

How to write SEO content for blogs

Blog writing is the primary yet the base step of the overall content marketing. It is a creative skill. When you are writing a blog, you need to concentrate about structuring the text and present the topic in an appealing manner so that it may attract a large number of online audience.

A good blog usually contains the idea of the subject properly presented with the headings, subheadings, and well-framed paragraphs. It helps the audiences to the grasp the theme of your blog post. With a nicely crafted blog, your readers like your blog and get influenced to comment, like, share, link and tweet it. Isn’t it that attracts a good ranking in SERPs.

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So for a successful content marketing strategy and getting the improved Google ranking, try to maximize your writing skill and make it more polished and appealing.

Some writers believe that writing for SEO campaigns and writing for attracting plus influencing the readers are totally different streams of content marketing, but in the real world a good SEO friendly blog post with interesting language, informative/educative material, well-crafted format and nice presentation are the qualities that attract the audiences and keep their enthusiasm alive. It ultimately results in raising your web page’s position.

Here, you need to take care about the excessive use of keywords as it may spoil the entertainment element of your article and spoil its readability as well. You definitely cannot afford the audiences’ loss of interest in your presentation due to a little carelessness.

This article has been developed with the aim of providing the readers some basic guidelines or tips to write the blog posts which are not only having high readability but also are enriched with SEO compatibilities. Though there are many writers have the capacity of creating and crafting the blog posts with an extremely fresh idea and type what smoothly come in their mind because they have natural guts, others need the guidance and support of guidelines and rules of impressive writing.

tips to write SEO content for blogs

Tips to write SEO content for blogs

Let’s read out the following 9 tips and you can surely improve your writing skills:

9 Tips To Write SEO Optimized Content For Your Blog

seo content tip

  1. Before writing think hard

    First of all, you need to be assured about your topic and subject matter. What is the information you want to share with your readers? What is your aim behind it? Are you going to express your own opinion and views or just want to inform about what is being thought or follow? You should make a rough frame of your blog covering the answers to these questions before you start working on your post.seo content tips

  2. Prepare the structure of your blog post

    Whenever you start your article, do it with developing a clear structure. The main parts of the structure of any blog posts may contain:
    1- Introduction: here you have to introduce the topic of the subject.
    2- Body: In it, you write your message in detail.
    3- Conclusion: In this part, you can mention the summary of the important ideas and deduce the new one.
    In your rough framework, write down the basic points you are going to mention in these sections. At this stage, you have a summarized copy of your article and you can start the writing.

seo content tips

  1. Use of paragraphs

    Though you already know that article is made up of paragraphs, beware that these must have been presented in a useful way. Avoid starting a new sentence on a line, no matter how nice or attracting this is. Each paragraph should begin with a clear reason. There should be the main idea or the main subject. While writing a paragraph, have the proper mindset about the main idea of that paragraph. Think about it in a single sentence and then spread it in a detailed form. With more clear idea sentences, you can create more paragraphs.seo content writing tips

  2. Proper headings

    The heading represents the structure and the message described in the entire page, so craft a nice and relevant heading. A heading not only creates the reliability element but also serves the SEO purpose. With a proper heading containing the keyword, you can help the Google bots to come and watch out your post. Subheadings also have the same importance as people can scan the page and the information mentioned in it through the subheading and this also clears the structure of your article to your readers. The keywords are the necessary part of any subheading, but overdoing it can ruin the readability of your text.

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    seo content tips

  3. Use of the signal words

    The object of developing the signal words is to help the readers to scan through the text material and get an idea about your vision about the topic. In the case you are to sell a product and have three reasons to describe, then you should go with the signal word: At the very first, next / secondly and then Finally. There are some more signals that can put the clear impact on the readers are: Nevertheless, Surely, Indeed, Ultimately etc. The signal words are the important part of the structure of your text as they instantly give the readers a conclusion of the previous or upcoming set of words.seo content tips

  4. Get the opinion:

    It will be good that you offer any of your friend or colleague to read the blog post before publishing it. It will give you a clear hint that whether your idea behind writing the article can be easily understood by the readers. Also, readers can suggest you about the correct types of sentences or selection of words.seo content writing tips

  5. The length of the article

    To Ensure the success of an article, you need to optimize your article. The minimum word limit must be 300 words. Usually, Google prefers the longer articles, but the excessive lengthy articles can frighten the readers and they simply find it uninteresting. As per the type of website or the topic you are showcasing, your word limit may be within 700 to 1200 words. Now the input of the search terms;  as per general rule of thumb, the input of search terms should be nearly 1 to 2 percent of your text. In the post of 900 words, you can mention them 9-15 times.seo content writing tips

  6. Link to the previous content

    While you have already created some content on the same topic earlier, you must link them to your current post. And when you rightfully present your authority on a subject, it presents your post with extra strength. On the other hand, with a good link building structure, you can improve your Google ranking. Link building is a separate and a comprehensive part and should be learned and practiced under any experienced webmaster.seo content writing tips

  7. Add and update the content on the regular basis

    With the regular practice adding the updated information becomes capable of attracting readers’ as well as Google’s attention. A less active website is always less appealing and the search engine spiders tend to less crawl through these inactive websites. So, regularly make efforts to develop the relevant yet refreshed content to put on your site. This is the quality that makes an author a particular brand in himself and people usually wait for his next post eagerly.

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write for your audience in a cool way as though you are conversing with them. Try not to utilize languages or bring basic notes rather write in a cool format; without working the negative angle. Compose for your industry as though you are writing simply. Write content that is composed after you recognize what your site is about, and how to work around appropriately concocted measures to rank well.

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