The Ultimate List To Produce Creative Digital Marketing Blog Idea

Digital Marketing Blog Ideas with an infographic. From past few years, digital marketing has been a huge boost to all the marketers as well as business. Day by day digital marketing is adapting new trends, and new types of posts are arising and becoming far more popular than the old ideas.

Now, to get found in this massive field of digital marketing a “digital marketer” and bloggers should follow the trends and also come up with innovative and new ideas to boost their skills and also to boost their blog’s productivity.

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To get some importance of your site in this massive digital marketing world, you should run faster and create the best article. What if you are out of ideas and what if you can’t get any sort of digital marketing posts ideas which works?

So, here we have planned to explore the working topics and best blog post ideas on the digital marketing.

Process to produce creative digital marketing blog post idea

Content marketing ideas

Write In-depth articles: Writing an in-depth article always boost your blogs. Because writing a quality content always delivers the best results. The best pieces of research content are the one that directed to your key audience.

First, to create these types of content, understand your audience and what they are really interested about and then try to produce an in-depth and researched article about that topic.

These types of articles are the huge boost to your blog in search engines as well Google and other search engines love long content. Many pro bloggers follow this rule.

Ex:  Brian Dean — He always produces in-depth articles on which users are actively searching for. You can see the social shares of the post.


Write about the product comparisons

In, content marketing, the comparison is still working, and it’s driving lots of traffic because people always wanted to buy some new products.

Before purchasing a product, many people are addicted to seeing reviews and comparison on the products because they wanted the perfect product on their buying range with best features. So, writing about the product comparison is working pretty well.

Ex:  TopTenReviews site –  This site always produces product comparisons and product details, and it’s having lots of organic and social shares as well. So try to write a products comparison if you are out of ideas.

Top10Reviews site

Create Infographics

We know that readers love to watch any piece of content that is visually appealing and infographics are the best way to drive traffic in lots of ways. You can find few sites which particularly focus on infographics for more traffic.

Ex: Backlinko — Brian always tries to produce infographics which are visually appealing to the audience and then apply few of his tactics to boost those infographics to gain traffic.

digital marketing infographics

Use templates and charts and graphs

Templates and charts are the other dominant form of visual content which appeals easily to the visitors. You can attract visitors to the landing page template or layout or other pages. Graphs are best to use in between posts to improve your posts appearance.

List posts

Lists posts are the best in converting posts in social media. Stating your headline with a number can always make your content stand out in the crowd. People love the lists posts this is the reason why many popular sites mostly produce lists posts.

Ex: Buzz feed is having a maximum amount of number posts. You can see in below example only one out of 5 posts have numbers in that snapshot of buzz feed.

Buzz feed

Expert Roundups

In, present digital period expert roundup are playing a significant role to get traffic and also to generate backlinks. Expert rounds ups are already used by lots and lots of bloggers and in that many experts’ rounds has been a huge boost to their sites traffic. It’s just like making a list of experts and ask same questions and then put all their answers in a single post. That’s nothing but expert round up.

Ex: The successful blogging is often posting experts roundups to improve their sites traffic and also gives suggestion to all others bloggers to produce an expert round up to increase their blog traffic.

successful blogging

Top 10

People always love top 10s and top 5s lists — these top number posts often get good results in generating traffic. And mostly on social media platforms, you can get more and more traffic and shares and retweets, etc. Try to post a top number post where you can drive traffic through the process.

Google related search queries

This process often bring new ideas to write an article, checking out the Google related searches for a keyword query is the best way to generate ideas, and also you can find keywords. Sometimes you may get surprised with the results.

Google is the best tool to find ideas because you can easily find them at the bottom of the results page as search related to “your keyword”.

Google related search queries

Future predictions

Future predictions may work if you are predicting any favourite items or any big update. For suppose if you are writing about predicting “Google Penguin” then you can easily get a huge amount of traffic and shares on that topic. Because Penguin updates are crucial for websites. So you must use the predictions in the perfect manner.


Including videos in content are simply incredible, and it draws lots of visitor’s attention towards your post and also improves your social shares. Visitors who mainly view about the product review or the unboxing of a product or something related to that are more likely to convert into shareable visitors and also purchase a product through your link. So that you can earn commission from affiliates at the same time, you can also improve your traffic.

Controversy Posts

In today’s digital age, controversial content always draws a lot of attention. And you can get a lot of traffic for that kind of posts. But these types of tricks and topics are dangerous because they will eat your reputation. But if you are news portal or Movies portal then you can easily make use of this method to gain lots of user’s attention.

Pick an awesome piece of ideas from other sources

This technique is frequently used by many marketers and bloggers to gain visitors attention. Some may think that’s stealing the topic. But it’s not stealing content; it’s just borrowing the piece of the content idea from others sources.

Or mentioning other content in your article and describing them. It’s the fair use; anyone can use this technique to generate visitors to your site. You can also see some sites which reshare your content, and they will link back to your site.  So it’s best to use this technique if you are struggling to get nice ideas.

But note before taking some piece of others content its best to give credit to them and a link back. Because it’s the best way to play the safe game without affecting copyrights.

Publish a Case Study

Case study generates lots of backlinks and traffic because it’s a research based article. Many pro bloggers have made use of the case study. And many bloggers got tremendous results by producing case studies. They were many examples of this type of technique.

Ex: The best example is Brian Dean case study — skyscraper technique. With these case study, he doubles his traffic.

Brian dean skyscraper technique

Write an EBooks

The best and excellent marketing idea is to write a comprehensive eBook regarding any favorite topic in your niche or your industry. Find the most searched question in your niche and just answers that in a well-explained manner. And then create a quality landing page to offer the eBook. These types of tactics help to increase your traffic a lot and also increase your subscribers to a vast extent.

Try to grab ideas from trending topics

Sometimes you often, run out of ideas even after trying some tips some try to think about further options. But they can’t find the ideas. Now, this time, you can make use of this technique to find best and trending topic.

Just try to grab ideas from trending topics, for supposing your niche is about gaming, and you have seen about “Pokémon go” posts in Mashable or digital trends or any large site which is currently trending on social media.

Now, grab that idea and make use of that idea and write the topic in your own way with advanced modifications and little more content and make it visually appealing post to your audience then you can drive lots of traffic as well.

Make use of buzz sumo app to find the trending and shared content and discovery more ideas from the buzz sumo research.

If you still don’t get the proper idea then try to Twitter and Pinterest to get great topics because it’s having lots and lots of topics. Pick the best and suitable idea for your blog and start writing your article.

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Conclusion: Finally, these are the best ideas to produce creative digital marketing blog ideas. Still, you can find many ideas by researching the topics and more. This is all about digital marketing blog ideas. If you have any suggestions or if you have any sort queries just drop a comment in your comment section.

9 best ideas to produce creative digital marketing blog idea with an infographic:digital marketing blog ideas infographic

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