Voice Comments Platform: “Give Your Readers a Real Voice”

Voice Comments platform, by Heyoya. You want your website to attract visitors and convert them into customers, as well as provide a comment forum where you and your audience can interact, bringing benefits to everyone. A voice comments platform, such as Heyoya, will build these advantages into your site while promoting user engagement.

Heyoya is a voice comments platform that allows users to leave their thoughts as short audio recordings. The result is a comment section with the nuance of a true conversation; hearing the tone and timbre of each other’s voices will enhance participants’ understanding. From the site owner’s perspective, you’ll see your audience spend more time on your site, increase their retention rates, and increase their return visit rates.

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See Real Results with Heyoya

You rely on three main areas for your website’s success: quality content; reputation and credibility; and user retention. Heyoya’s voice comments platform brings you improvements in all three.

You’ll see a general improvement in your content as site users leave voice recordings and other rich media comments. This is user-generated content, the most efficient way to keep a regular flow of new material to your site. The interactive, conversational, nature of voice comments will attract your visitors’ interest, making each visitor more likely to leave a comment.

Improvements in your site content will attach to your online reputation. As you attract more user-generated content, you’ll find that your audience will come to trust you more. The increased trust, and the increased quantity of content will both bring positive returns for your SEO and credibility.

Finally, it’s shown by market research that sites with regularly updated content and a credible reputation have the best retention rates and the lowest bounce rates. Engaged visitors click on more internal links, showing more interest in the content. They are exactly the type of visitor most likely to convert.

voice comments platform

voice comments platform

Features that make Heyoya Great

Voice comments are wonderful in and of themselves, but Heyoya has an array of other features making it perfect for your website.

  • Fast Loading – Heyoya will never slow you down. It loads in parallel to your site, and never impacts your site’s loading time;
  • Customization – You can optimize the Heyoya widget when you install the platform. Configure fonts and colors to match your branding, and set the language to your local audience. You can even choose between left-to-right and right-to-left language options;
  • Notifications –Talk directly to all of your users with low-key notices inside the Heyoya widget;
  • Monetization – Unobtrusive ads, always appearing below-the-fold, will bring you added revenue;
  • Dashboard – Keep in control of your comment section. Use the Dashboard feature to filter out spam and comment abuse, moderate comments, and view comment analytics;
  • Download – Hear a comment that really grabs your attention? Heyoya offers an option to make the audio files downloadable;
  • 24/7 Support – Heyoya will always be here if you need help.


This is all about the latest voice comments and reviews platform by heyoya. With the help of this voice comment platform, you can provide your reader’s a real voice experience.

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