Google Removing of Right Side Ads and how it Impacts Marketers

Google Removing of Right Side Ads & how it Impacts MarketersGoogle has announced it has removed the right side ads from its SERP. While the move has made its pages clean and apt; it has certainly made competition among marketers tougher. With this article, we are answering a few questions which as a marketer you should know.

Google has always been experimental with its use of a logo. We, the end-users, are used to seeing how the popular search engine giant blends trend, memory, and news into their doodles but a major change to their search engine results pages does not often take place. That’s why when they decided to remove right side ads from their organic search pages, it is creating a big news. Search engine marketers are skeptical about the recent trend, most importantly PPC professionals are reading articles after articles regarding the impact of the move on their earning potential. Will Google’s move affect marketer’s organic search ranking? Will PPC professionals need to devise a new strategy to counter the pitfalls generated by the move? Why Google suddenly made the changes? With this article, we are trying to answer the questions.

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What exactly did Google change?

Google has decreased the number of ads you can see on their SERP from eleven to seven. They have done this by removing all the right side ads. This indeed means reduced number of clicks for advertisers who are absent in one of the top 3 or 4 paid positions. and a potentially improved impact on organic traffic for competitive keywords. This also means that no featuring of price, image, and products by e-commerce advertisers. And more focus on organic search results and improved importance on top slot ads.

To realize how things changed, and how it impact organic search results and marketers, let us understand the changes.

The changes – Before the move:

Google’s Removing of Right-Side Ads

We were used to seeing a search page like the above. Right side ads used to pop up for any competitive query, along with above the fold ads. Now, with the recent changes; they have removed one of those – the one that used to show up the right side. In some cases, it is also speculated that they might increase the number of ads that come above the fold organic results from three to four. But this is only when a user has a strong intend to purchase something. Google calls it highly commercial query.

So, the ads that appear above the organic search results will stay put, and that product listing ads might come anywhere else.

Changes after the move:

Google’s Removing of Right-Side Ads - How it Impacts Marketers


As you can see in the above image, when I queried for the search term, there are no right side ads.

Google’s Removing of Right-Side Ads - How it Impacts Marketers

Why Google made the changes?

Google’s search engine results pages unique. They have always been cleaner, strategically put and uncomplicated – having a cleaner user experience over its rival. With the new move, Google has further made their pages cleaner.

By offering the pages in a simple language and format – in a detailed yet user focused format, Google has resolved to be simplified user experience for both mobile and desktop users. Their priority is mobile users has been proved with the new move.

The majority of their clicks are usually generated from the above the fold ads. By removing the right side ads, it has brought all the focus on those ads thereby improving the clickability.

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How will it impact the organic search results?

It is expected that the organic search traffic will boost, and if a fourth ad placement is done, the organic results would be pushed down to some level thereby lowering the inflow of organic traffic. The focus on above the fold ads has made the entire search eco-system even more competitive. The organic search results are important but the need to rank on above the slowly paid slot has become more than important. So, the ad rates might change; although it is yet to seen. Add to this, snippets, PLAs and another specialized type of ads placement have made the organic search queries even more competitive. As a marketer, you need to understand that you should optimize your content just according to the requirements of your search query. However, writing great content and doing smart keyword strategy has become more important now.

What can you do to stay protected and beneficial from the move by Google?

It is a very simple logic. Fewer advertisements mean fewer clicks. So, bidding wars will keep getting listed on those top above the fold ads. If you are trying to rank among those top slots you need to re-think your keyword strategy. If you want to rank well without having to taste the wars, there are a few important things that you can do –

1. Review your ads appear SERP: If you are marketing and putting up ad campaigns, it is important that you come up with a proper variety of affordable yet useful keywords. Make sure that your ads are suiting the specialized content format.

To stay competitive and get a proper variety of useful clicks, you need to appear on any of those top slots. If you get out of a slot, you then come down; known as second-page results. So, find the Avg. Position metric in Google Adwords tab and work accordingly.

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2. Write quality content: One of the most important deciders that are helping the search eco-system is to write quality content that works. If you need to rank well in organic results, writing down quality content has become more important. Quality content means writing content that Google always says useful for your reader. If you can come to the organic search results, ranking for top slot ads does not necessarily count.

So, gear up guys, Google has done its bit to improve its SERP. It’s time for you to scale up and start ranking well. Revise your keywords strategy, re-think about the content marketing and make a well-planned bidding appear in those top slots. Google’s SERP has become improved and simplified, its time you work on simplifying your content and editorial and SEO strategy.

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I’ve explained why Google removing right side Ads and its impact on search engine results and marketers, We hope you liked the article. For more such updates on what’s trending and how to improve your website ranking, read our articles.

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