How to Optimize Your Digital Assets For Improving Your Website Ranking

How to optimize your digital assets for improving your website ranking?

Besides talking about the core values of optimization of your assets, we are covering how to optimize your digital marketing. Read what it takes to improve your brand online, how to position your branding and how to optimize your brand value.

Read on, one thing we need to tell you is that the first series of the article is inspired by search engine journals’ entry on digital assets optimize. The second part has been taken from the core basic of the first part. If you have any ideas to include to the post, please tell us.

Is it the SEO 2.0?

A quick read for those who love to explore the different dimensions of evolving SEO practices. A detailed and boring read if you are busy. We recommend you skip it if you belong to the latter group of folks and save it for future.

Digital Assets Optimization refers to using your digital assets in a strategic manner to help your website rank well. This article details about it, how to use it, and why it is importantly vital to improving your ranking.

Regardless of whom you are or what you do, by utilizing digital image optimization, you can pinpoint your actual audiences, then you reach out to them and improve your website performance.

The term DAO – DIGITAL ASSETS OPTIMIZATION – was first used in the year 2009 – It is nothing but already done SEO – just defined in a different manner. It is all about that we should optimize our content for marketing efforts in different manners. We should use standalone varieties of content to evenly promote our brands. The process involves optimization of content.

When you search a query on Bing, you see a range of digital assets which you can use – web, images, images, videos, news and more. When you click the more, you can see different categories in an extended layout – local, maps, weather, dictionary, events, travel, social etc. Similarly, if you enter a search query on Yahoo, you get to see a range of Yahoo subsections, including Image, video, shopping, blog, news, local, recipes, sports, finance, movies, OMG, dictionary, etc. Coming to Google, if you search something, the search page lists out a range of digital assets – the web, maps, shopping, videos, news, books, blogs, discussions, recipes etc.

These search engine powered assets are actually digital assets which you should leverage on. If you are a digital brand in need to promote your shopping, simply doing SEO is not enough if you are just being included in their organic search results.

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A brief overview of what constitutes your digital assets – The following list has been taken from search engine land, with a few changes – from where the article has been inspired.

List of digital assets

List of digital assets

List Of Digital Assets

  • Web pages (includes a range of things – store location pages, category pages, product pages, reviews, holiday promotions, sitemaps, semantic markup).
  • Images (includes a set of diversified topics – product images, infographic images, news images, article enhancement images).
  • Location data (includes specialized localized info – maps optimization, business data aggregators, Internet Yellow Pages).
  • Video (includes product videos, how-to videos, consumer-generated videos, corporate interviews).
  • News (includes corporate, industry, new release information).
  • Press Releases (includes corporate releases, newsworthy releases).
  • Blogs (company blog, category blog, seasonal regional trends).
  • Forums (product related, regional discussions).
  • Articles (product use and description related, category related, seasonal regional information, industry trends).
  • Social Media data (social API’s, customer service, product feedback, media relations, new product launch).
  • Social Media sites (Facebook business page, Twitter account).
  • Mobile Apps
  • Podcasts (instructional educational audio books).

Step By Step Guide To Optimizing Your Digital Assets

As you have already come to know about digital assets, you should start understanding how it actually works. Optimize your website using on Page and off page SEO techniques. Besides, start developing a thoughtful list of ideas that you think should work. Other than coding, linking, and other basic SEO rules, you should even start working on your digital assets. Build a blog, upload and publish content specific videos, write SEO oriented articles.

Other than these, start content publishing on other sites with a proper variety of user-generated. Use Slideshare, and other content publishing tools to properly pinpoint your audience and reach out to them in properly.

Some scholars often say that optimization is the core of digital practices. And they say that digital assets optimization is nothing but content marketing. But how?

Content marketing involves a range of things – understanding what your audiences read, how to put your brands to their interest and how to properly optimize your branding position.

Optimizing your digital assets requires you to do some standalone variety of importantly decisive things – including that you need to optimize your website pages – both online and offline. Besides these, you need to optimize your website’s assets digitally on other sources – such as mobile phones and applications.

The importance of digital assets optimization

The importance of digital assets optimization is that you can properly scale up if your banding is done properly. There is a range of factors which you should take into account when it comes to optimizing your digital media presence. But if you understand your core website ideas, and then logically reach out to your audiences using a unique variety of website analytics, you can ensure to have a good website.

Bottom line

Digital assets optimization refers to optimizing your website and publishing your content on different sources. If your efforts are directed properly and that you understand how to optimize your brand values, you can improve your website ranking. So, optimizing your digital asset is very much important to get proper ranking.

You can expect to read our earlier articles on rank building, brand building, digital media optimization and etc. Meanwhile, if you have any query or ideas about how to improve the article, please tell us. We are also going to present to you part 2 of this article in this article itself – How to optimize your digital marketing.

How To Improve Your Digital Marketing Efforts

For companies who are going to expand their digital marketing efforts, the different variety of online options can sometimes become overwhelming. It is often hard to know where to begin, what to invest and where to pull back before you need to. There is a range of sources which as a digital marketer you can choose to improve your brand online. Paid channels, organic channels, SEO, and content is the main part of it. With this article, we cover some of the most important sources and tips which can help improve your digital marketing efforts.

Paid sources

Paid sources of promoting your digital marketing are one of the most cost effective and direct response tools which as an online marketer you can use to get relevant sources of traffic. Before working out with any of the paid sources of channels to improve your brand presence online, you need to understand that what demarcates a paid channels from organic ones. PPC, retargeting, and other socially promoted campaigns that need money is defined as paid.

If you have a proper variety of defined idea about who your audiences are, and how to promote your campaign to them holistically, and without having to earn any source of process-related issues; these sources can help you with a proper variety of work benefits. Among the standalone variety of advertisements digitally, you can compare, choose and opt for a different variety of advertising sources.


SEO is the main element that can help you promote your website to the top of SERP. If you have a good website and if you have a proper definition of your audience and that if you have resources to carry a variety of on-page and off page SEO campaign; you need to think about starting out SEO. With the SEO and SMO and PPC and SEM processes becoming standalone factors to improve digital branding, you need to think about SEO.

Even if you are a brand, and want to invest in a minimal amount of money by not hiring any pricey search engine developer or optimizer; you can even take the help of standalone applications which are either available at free of cost or at a price to start off with your SEO activities.

These tools usually help you pinpoint your competitors, their keywords, the link building and etc. that any regular SEO would do for you. So, the entire task of SEO has become simplified and auto.

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The number one attribute to improving your brand presence online is to write effective brand content. There are a good variety of ways which you can use to write good content. Without proper content, it is unimportant that you can actually become great at work. A website’s main attribute is good content. But it is important that you write SEO optimized content. In our earlier articles, we have reasonably covered how to write great SEO content, how to hire great writer sand that why it is really important to have great content on your website.

The content they say is actually the king, if you have a proper variety of work system and tools of publishing and that if you properly work around some of the core deciders of how to optimize your content generation, you need to practically think about content. Content people say has replaced the old SEO. But SEO is still in there, however, the entire facility of content management has changed.

Today, simply writing down simple content and expecting it assists you in your SEO technique is vague. So, before actually devising your content strategy, you need to carefully understand your target audience and launch your marketing efforts when you can be sure about the timing.

So, having a great digital brand requires you to use organic, paid sources of promotion, other than doing SEO, and SEO, and content marketing stuff. However, the entire circle of digital marketing differs from brands to brands.

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What are the key ways a brand can improve your presence

The above-mentioned factors vitally improve your core business online. But if you want to survive and sustain the interest of your audience, you need to be practical about your attitude and that before actually stopping to work, ensure –

  • You are rewarding your loyal customers and that you are valuing your reviewers.
  • You are building a trusted source for your audience to communicate.
  • Focus online reputation management.
  • Attracting customers for word-of-mouth promotion.
  • Connecting with customers with applications.
  • Segmenting your audiences.
  • Focus on branding.

These are some of the improved variety of facts and data about how to improve your digital presence online. If you want to improve your brand presence online and has been working in the segment to improve your branding, it is important that you understand how to promote your brand online.

This is the brief article covering a few of the basic things which you should take into consideration. If you want to improve your digital marketing campaign, you need to be ensured about a few important things. There are a few of the important things which you as a marketer need to take into account; improving your digital marketing campaigns and then properly devising your strategy to improve your presence online is very important.

There are very important things such as analytics that can help you improve your strategy. These are a few of the important things that you need to ensure before working out with a digital marketing analyst.

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If you have ideas about how to improve brand presence online, about digital optimization please ask us. If you know of any strategy that can improve your digital branding online, please tell us in the comment section. There are a variety of ways in which you can improve your brand presence online. If you want to read about our earlier articles, about how to improve your brand presence online, please read what we have to say in the list of content that has been on this website.

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