Top 12 Best Free Email Service Providers

We have many free email service providers available in online market. but to choose between these email service providers is quite tricky. For any Internet users, a best free email service provider is very necessary. email service is regarded as a very significant thing. With each passing day, the use and need of email are increasing. It is now a fact that almost everybody that own access to the Internet now possess an email account. An individual, company, firm, organization, etc. require the lot of things like sending and receiving money, communicating, registering in different websites and several other things.

There are many free email service providers who offer the email service at no cost. Social media is getting famous day-by-day, and businesses still depend on emails for the purpose of personal and official communications. Today, there are many best free email service providers. It is useless to pay a high cost when alternatives are available for free email services. Let’s have a look at the 12 best such service providers:

12 Free Email Service Providers

1. Gmail

Gmail is known to be one of the most well-known e-mail providers. The best free email service provider offers service which is owned by Google and the same is suggested from its name. This is one of the simplest e-mail accounts to avail.

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In case you own a Google account, you will certainly avail the Gmail account. It is found that this one is the greatest ranking e-mail account out of the majority of free e-mail accounts available today. You get features of 15 Gigabytes of storage and this can be conveniently utilized as Google Drive and also as chat.

Try Gmail Free Email Service Provider

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2. Yahoo! Mail

In last few years, Yahoo! Mail has been overwhelmed by data breaches. However, this does not imply that its popularity is less. The service is accessible since 1994 and even today it is one of the most famous email providers.

best free email service providers

The email service is provided free of cost. Its exciting features include auto-delete trash, SSL encryption, and over 1 TB of storage capacity. It is known that Yahoo still sustains to be one of the finest service providers of free email service.

Yahoo Free Email Service Provider

3. Outlook

Earlier recognized as, the product of Microsoft – Outlook is a trustworthy and extremely secure email client. Users can now create free email accounts here. With more than 400 million users present globally, it can be ascertained that Outlook is one of the famous and best free email service providers.

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Using its service, you can easily undelete emails, utilize Office online and does not get embarrassed by interfering with advertisements. The service comes with two-step verification which makes it very secure.

Outlook Free Email Service

4. Windows Live Hotmail

Windows Live Hotmail is also a leading free email service provider, offering the service for free. The email provider presents a huge amount of storage capacity for storing your email account. You can avail 5 GB of storage. The provider is gradually supplementing the service as time moves on. It is found that its developers have prepared it with Pop and IMAP protocols making it available from any place by the help of e-mail software.

Hotmail Free Email Service

5. GMX

GMX is one of the best free email sites you should look into. The service provides unlimited email storage. This service is completely free and it is very simple to access from anywhere.

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The best part is this free mail service provider provides spam as well as virus protection for its user. Users perceive the service as user-friendly and also its interface is simple. This lets it simple to access emails.

Try GMX Free Email Service

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6. Inbox by Gmail

If you are tired of your email address getting full with useless emails which occupy space into your message inbox, go for ‘Inbox by Gmail’ one of the best free email service online. It will definitely resolve all your concerns.

The finest part is that the email service is accessible for iOS and Android platforms. It is found that navigation in Inbox is very simple and automatically organizes emails as per their topics.

Inbox Gmail Free Email Service

7. AOL Mail

Developed by AOL, this one is one of the top-ranked free email service providers. The service does not come with lots of features for productivity. Moreover, its storage is slightly lower than Yahoo Mail and Gmail.

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However, it definitely offers a huge amount of available storage, i.e., 2 GB. Users even receive effective protection against viruses and junk.

AOL Free Email Service Provider

8. Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is also one of the recommended best free email websites. It comes with unlimited storage and many features such as notes, calendar, task manager, and instant chat. Furthermore, it has POP 3 and IMAP access.

Zoho free email

The email service provider is targeted at professional users to assist them properly arrange emails and discern important emails easily.

Zoho Mail ! Ad-Free email Service

9. Tutanota

Tutanota is identified as the finest alternative to well-known free email providers like Yahoo and Gmail. The name is taken from a latin word which means ‘Secure Message’. The service works to encrypt your emails in order that you can decide who could access them.

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Furthermore, it allows recipients to respond in an encrypted message, in order to make communications more protected. Convenient on Android and iOS platforms, it supports more than 31 languages.

Tutanota Free Email Service

10. Care 2 E-mail

Care 2 E-mail in included among top email providers as it provides unique service.  You can easily sign up for an e-mail account, and also you get a choice of what organization to donate it to. The email service functions to secure the environment as well as the services it offers.


11. Lycos

Whenever you are looking for a hassle-free email service which is free and simple to setup then Lycos is one of the best email service providers. It is true that it lacks support for many different kinds of devices but it is easy for beginners.

hassle-free email service

Moreover, it comes with lots of features. You can get 3GB of storage as well as a built-in spam filter.

Lycos Free Email Service Provider

12. iCloud Mail

Those people who are iOS user would have certainly tried the service of iCloud Mail. You can use this free email service even if you own an active Apple id. The service owns an adroit spam filter which keeps any malicious emails far away. Moreover, its auto-response feature proves to be versatile.

iCloud Free Email Service


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The above free email providers are not only available at free of cost, but they are the best in terms of email storage and features. These free email providers are completely free of any subscription which makes them ideal for new businesses.

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