Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software Platforms(Updated)

Today, I am going to share Top 10 Affiliate MarkTracking Software Platforms Updated listToday, In this article we are going to discuss and review the best affiliate marketing software. Marketers and bloggers always choose for better ways to monetize and earn money from their blogs, as they wanted to make some money to maintain their blog or website.

Affiliate marketing is considered as one of the greatest famous resources of earning some additional income online and allowing people to acknowledge regarding your products/ business.

It could be a troublesome work to manage your affiliate program in addition to managing your regular activities. Under such cases, Affiliate marketing tracking software becomes useful.

Through the use of Affiliate tracking software, you can track the growth as well as identify the statistics in order to keep your income from declining. Now, in this monetization, nowadays many people got attracted to affiliate marketing as this method is giving huge amount than the ads all bloggers and marketers are starting affiliate marketing.

In present days, there are lots of people who are already earning a huge sum of money through affiliate marketing. You can find many real-life examples of earning in this internet world.

What is Affiliate Marketing Tracking software?

One of the greatest effective, popular, and easiest approaches to creating additional cash online is via affiliate marketing. This is an excellent approach to market your products. But, in case you are very busy with the concerns related to your day-to-day operations, there would be a lack of time for working on promotion and managing your affiliate program becomes difficult. This is when Best tracking software for affiliate marketing becomes useful.

In order to build an effective affiliate program meant for your business, all you need is a decent affiliate tracking software which is primarily designed to track all the aspects of your affiliate program.

It is a fact that selecting the appropriate affiliate tracking software is actually not simple, because there are many different tracking software as well as relevant services presented at a competitive price. In such cases, the finest rule to adopt is to get the program which would meet all of your affiliate business requirements, while simultaneously keeping your expense at the least. Presently, there are many tracking software allowing users to make a redundancy tracking system.

The making of the system is such that it does not use cookies but even use sessions or IPs and even permits users to track multiple affiliates for fair tracking.

It is known that the major feature of affiliate marketing tracking software is a consolidation of data to facilitate dashboard for advertisers and marketers in order that every activity could be properly tracked as well as verified in a reliable manner. The software demonstrates transaction fees, transaction value, geography and payment balance traffic origins, and destinations, etc.

For starters, affiliate marketing is the easiest way to set and make money through online, but here in affiliate marketing conversion is more important so you must engage and encourage your visitors to buy the product from your affiliate link. Almost all business is offering affiliate marketing services to grow their brand and lots of internet marketers are making use of it.

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Everything is perfect; earnings are huge but to earn massive amounts you must work on affiliate marketing strategies. However, if you are busy with your regular work and can’t provide time to track the affiliate marketing products and other statistics, then your earning will come down.

So, to avoid this and manage the day to day operations freely you can opt for the best affiliate tracking software, and it will keep tabs on the following types of programs:

  • CPC (Cost per click)
  • CPA (Cost per acquisition)
  • CPM (Cost per impression)
  • CPS (Cost Per Sale)

How to use Affiliate Marketing Software?

There are many ways to use Affiliate marketing software at present. You can use it in-house through the use of a piece of software that you can purchase off the shelf. Alternatively, you can use your affiliate program via an affiliate network. It is known that an affiliate network is essentially composed of two things:

  • A piece of software  that you can use to manage your affiliate program, and
  • A database of affiliates that you can effortlessly invite to your program.

It is important to keep in mind that for using Affiliate sales tracking software, there is nothing that is hindering you from beginning with an in-house program, and later transiting to a network, or executing both kinds of programs simultaneously.

Now, here are some best known and rising affiliate marketing tracking software’s in 2017, this list is the best list of marketing tracking software which is used by many experts in maintaining their affiliate marketing. This list consists of best and reputed online companies.

10 Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software Online Review

  1. Has Offers by Tune Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software

Has offers by tune affiliate by the twin brothers Lucas and Lee Brown in 2009, it’s the best affiliate tracking software in 2017. It has the best tools and features to simplify marketer’s effort.  It has evolved itself into industries best affiliate tracking software with its innovative features and flexible platform.

Features of Has offers by tunes

  • Robust platform comprehensive API.
  • Global Standard mobile performance.
  • Powerful Real-time data.
  • Superior measurement.
  • Tracking Uptime is 99.99%.
  • Track metrics, platforms, devices and more.
  • Build custom platforms.
  • Best support.

You can try Has offers by Tune for 30 days free; You can test the software yourself and make a wise decision.

  1. Post affiliate pro Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software

Post Affiliate Pro is one of the leading top affiliate marketing tracking software, and it’s trusted by more than 2,700 companies worldwide. It’s the best and easy way to track your affiliate program. Post affiliate pro can connect to over 170 CMS and best payment gateways.

Features of Post affiliate pro

  • Multilingual support.
  • Themes.
  • Customizable affiliate interface.
  • Multiple Affiliate program administrators.
  • Image Banners, text link banners, and flash banners.
  • Tracking methods.
  • Affiliate link styles.
  • Forced Matrix.
  • Direct links tracking.
  • Fraud protection.
  • Trends reports.
  • Top Affiliates Report.

Post affiliate pro contains hundreds of features; you can easily make all changes in post affiliate pro.

  1. Link trust

Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software

Link trust is also one of the best affiliate tracking software. Link trust is a digital marketing, performance and affiliate tracking software, which can track all the ads, leads, calls, sales and affiliates along with the networks. It efficiently monitors and optimize the performance of your online affiliate marketing efforts and helps you to run a successful campaign.

It has the all-in-one dashboard, where you can see all your marketing and business info and along with that its having best features like Affiliate Management, Lead Distribution, Customizable lead Validation, Campaign management, lead management, fraud detection, Mobile tracking and real-time reporting.

  1. OMNI Star affiliate ( OSI affiliate) Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software Platforms

It is another well-known affiliate marketing software. Omni star has been in this affiliate business for over 15years and served lots of customers worldwide with its unique and best affiliate tracking software. The Omni star provides a stable tracking software which is easy to set up and also very easy to use and track the reports.

It has the easy payment gateway and also the shopping cart, Omni start also connects your partners and customer through various social media networks and improved SEO standards. It also offers the best plan where you can select the best plan which suits you.

  1. iDev Affiliate

Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software Platforms

iDev Affiliate is the best affiliate marketing software which provides the best affiliate program solution for affordable rates. You can easily track and monitor your performance with the affiliate tracking software feature in an iDev affiliate. It’s an inexpensive affiliate software where a traditional affiliate marketer and small business owners can easily opt for their needs of activities.

IDev affiliate tracking software is offering its services to their customers for over 15 years, and they are the #1 selling affiliate tracking software product for small business.

IDev affiliate software is offering a broad range of features, which are the best in marketing, reporting and optimizing. It has built-in security which provides the best protection from fraud preventions.

  1. Impact radius Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software Platforms

Impact Radius is the digital marketing platforms which enable the significant improvement in the return on global advertising to spend for brands and agencies.

It’s founded by the experts who previously launched commission junction, and saving and first point sites. It was started in 2008 and since then it is growing enormously. It’s having lots of unique features.

The Impact Radius offers the 100% accurate affiliate marketing tracking solution, and they can track the promo codes. Here are some of its features like call tracking, SEO friendly links, real-time analytics, ad hosting, integration with Salesforce and CRM.

Along with the above features, it has flexible monitoring method through the FTP file upload, RST file services, Pixel, and Data post.

  1. Lead Dyno Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software Platforms

Lead Dyno automatically creates the affiliate signup page for its visitors, and so you can begin to receive traffic from the affiliates.

Lead dyno also gets your own hosted and customizable pages that can track your visitor’s leads and customers. You can even track your AdWords Campaign. And it has other interesting features as well. It’s easy to use a tracking software program that can invite people to join your network via an email invitation.

Lead dyno is an easy and affordable affiliate tracking software program and its best solution for small business and websites.

  1. Click Meter Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software Platforms

Click meter is also a popular affiliate tracking platform. It is a web-based professional affiliate tracking software. It provides pay-per-click affiliation and cross-promotion monitoring.

Click meter offers the best and quick analysis of your site and monitors the result and optimize all your marketing in one place to increase the conversion rate.

It shows the visitors where they yield best conversion rates and also monitors the broken links, latency, blacklists and also the click fraud activity. Click meter is serving more than 100,000 big and small business.

  1. Hit Path Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software Platforms

Hit path is the professional affiliate tracking software where the client can properly attribute various factors of all their digital marketing efforts, and it is used to evaluate smart and measurable customer engagements.

It’s one of the fastest and user-friendly affiliate tracking software. It’s having a wide range of features along with the free training of the software and 24/7 support facility which answers all your questions in an easy way to and it also has real-time affiliate tracking data. And the easy and flexible interface.

  1. Affiliate Wp

Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software Platforms

Affiliate WP is the best and efficient affiliate marketing plugin for the WordPress users, Affiliate wp is one of the most trusted WordPress plugins for all the affiliate marketers.

It’s having higher visibility so affiliates can consistently promote their products and services and also improve their sites SEO as well.

It also helps to bring more traffic and generate more sales to increase your revenue. It’s a complete integration with all the main WordPress e-commerce and membership plugins, with affiliate wp you can easily manage your affiliates and view all the reports in your WordPress dashboard. It also has real-time reporting along with so many other features.

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These are the most popular and most used best affiliate tracking software’s in 2019. I hope you all liked this article and if you want to add any trusted affiliate tracking software then please share with us. If you are having any queries or issues related to this affiliate tracking software, then you can quickly drop your valuable comment in the comment section. We are always happy to see your comment and interact with our visitors through comments.

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