9 Must Read Tips When Starting a Small Business Blog

Creating a blog for your business website is a great way to increase customer traffic and sales. Blogs help your company build a loyal customer base. The following tips will assist you creating a business blog to market and boost your company.

Starting a Small Business Blog

9 Smart Tips For creating a business blog

1.Choose a Domain For Your Website Blog

Choosing a great domain is critical when you start a business blog. You want to use a domain or subdomain (if you already have a company website) that is easy to remember. If your customers can’t forget your web address, they can’t visit your site.

Write down your top choices and list several alternatives. Include alternative extensions, such as .com and .net on your list. Once you have your list, use a domain search tool, such as this one by GoDaddy to check if the domain is available.

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Once you decide on a domain, you can register it immediately or wait until you sign up for web hosting. Some web hosting services include this for free with their service, so you can potentially save money by combining these steps.

2. Select a Website Hosting Service

The market is saturated with web hosting service providers. It can be challenging to find and choose one that is reliable and offers the features you need.

Don’t let this overwhelm you.  Once you narrow down your choices, check out the web hosting service’s website for more details. Choose the service that meets all of your unique business needs. Make sure to check online reviews! By the way, we host at Phoenixnap.com.

3. Create Quality Blog Content That Engages Your Audience

Content is the undisputed ruler of the blogging world. For search engines like Google, it is the number one ranking factor on the search engine results page. The content you write has to be useful and relevant to your potential customers or clients.

For example, if you owned a financial institution you should write blog posts targeted to helping your customers manage money. Providing this information for free will help establish credibility and likeability online, resulting in more traffic and higher search engine rankings.

If you need ideas for content, don’t worry. Check out your competitors’ blog posts for ideas. If you are still at a loss, this article has some great ideas for the type of blog posts you can create for your new business blog.

4. Add High-Quality Shareable Images

Pinterest is a blog traffic powerhouse. When you are first starting a company blog, you won’t have any authority. This makes Pinterest your friend.

Pinterest is a combination of social media platform and search engine. It’s unique in that its search results are in the form of images. That makes it important to catch the eye of potential blog visitors. To do this, you need to add images to your blog posts that are optimized for the platform.

5. Brush Up on Your Search Engine Optimization

SEO or search engine optimization is a vital aspect of blog marketing. Search engines, including Google, use SEO to decide which web pages show up on its results page. It is important to consider optimizing your content when you write every blog post.

Plan keywords to use and use them naturally throughout your posts. Also, link to high-quality sources and don’t take shortcuts to improve your rankings on the search results page.

Google’s algorithm is wise to the tricks bloggers, and businesses use to try to “cheat” SEO. Every update to their SEO algorithm targets those who try to cheat the system. If you use shortcuts, you may find your website at the bottom of the list after an update.

6. Share Posts on Social Media

After you start a business blog, you will feel relief once your posts go live. Don’t get too comfortable though. This is just the beginning. Once your content is optimized for SEO and social media and published, it is time to begin marketing.

A free and incredibly valuable source is social media. These platforms help you connect with your readers, fans, and followers. This helps your business earn trust and credibility fast.

It also allows you to show a certain amount of informal personality and humor. This is a quality that the millennial age group values highly.

Share your blog posts on all of your social media accounts. Then, interact with your followers and people who comment. This is your chance to build a relationship with customers and clients. Don’t waste it because you don’t believe it is not worth your time.

7. Build an Email List With Your Business Blog

To build and grow your business, you must utilize email marketing. Email marketing is one of the best ways to build relationships with your target customers.

In many cases, your email list includes existing and returning customers. Shouldn’t you be sharing valuable content with them first?

To start building your email list, you need to start email list building. There are a couple of ways to do this. The first is to create simple and convenient sign-up forms for your website. The second option is using a lead magnet.

8. Email Sign-up Or Capture Forms

Most email services for business allow you to create sign up forms fast and easy using a template. Once you create a form, you just have to post the provided code in the HTML portion of your post. If you use WordPress, you also have the option to install a plug-in, which will do this for you.

You can direct what your email service should do with email addresses. Once you develop a large list, you should consider using segments to keep your emails relevant to your audience.

9. Lead Magnets

You typically see lead magnets as freebies on a website. Once you provide your email address, you can download, view, or gain access to a free resource. A good lead magnet will help you build your list fast.

You can provide some items as lead magnets for your business blog. Great ideas for these are; ebooks, checklists, calendars, printables, and other useful products. Lead magnets are beneficial for both you and your prospective customer.

In Closing, Blogging and Business Success Go Hand in Hand

Starting a company blog is a great way to utilize multiple online marketing and sales resources. Having only a physical location or an online store is not enough to succeed these days.

You have to market to your audience and show your customers that they are valuable. Blogging allows you to do this and establish a positive reputation while unlocking the full power of social media.

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