The Beginner’s guide to online marketing

The Beginner’s guide to online marketing

This article has been inspired from one of the leading online marketers, digital influencers of the world – Mr. Neil Patel. In one of his market leading blogs – Quick Sprout, he very well articulates the concept of digital marketing, how it works, and how it needs to be leveraged on. What’s unique about that blog post is the details and word choice – anyone hardly with any knowledge about digital marketing can very well understand the topic like a pro would do.

Digital marketing is the talk of the day, it is moving faster than the speed of the light literally and in the coming days it is going to change how the digital eco system works. In fact, it is already changing a lot of things. If you are a brand and yet to make a visible digital impact, you need to switch to the digital source as quick as you can.

Benefits of having a proper digital marketing strategy –

  • You develop a credible online presence.
  • You can stay ahead of your competition.
  • You can monitor the growth aspects.
  • You can reach out to the improved variety of customers.
  • You can develop an inflow of revenue.

start doing your digital marketing

Digital Marketing

But how to start doing your digital marketing?

We take a look –

Be laser focused on your customers:

You need to be very much focused on your core audience. Your marketing strategy needs to be built around their interest, and attention. As a good brand that wants to develop an improved brand presence and reward loyal customers with their usable service, you need to build a personal connection with them, and cleverly craft customer value proposition that funnels back the ROI for your valued company. The entire process of developing a customer retention plan, customer engagement ecosystem and customer reward monitoring system is a cohesive process that you need to work around. Be laser focused on your audience.

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Build your marketing framework:

Building a marketing framework refers to building a process that involves a detailed understanding of campaign management, devising a methodology that works, and improving on the management aspects. The frame work means what you want to post (content) what and how to, and that how you would focus on your core strategy without having to classify your work as general. The Quick Sprout’ blog has very well articulated step by step guide about how to build a framework that works.

Develop a brand story:

Did you know most of your customers want to listen to a story than a sales pitch, today’s audiences are clever and they are very careful about what to buy and why, so if you are thinking that you can get their attention by boring sales pitches, you need to rethink? To develop your brand story, you need to come up with a particular process. That if your customers are working on the aspect, you need to be telling a story revolving around the process. The better you are at storytelling, you can evenly manage your audiences.

CO – Conversion optimization is important:

Besides developing a great brand story, and sources to get the traffic you should work on important work such as generating process build up a system to regularly generate customer revenue. Conversion optimization necessarily refers to the process of converting first-time visitors into customers.

Build audience connections with content marketing:

Content marketing is the buzzword today. To improve your brand presence virtually, you need to ensure that your brand is making a great impact. Content marketing refers to the process of developing improved variety of content that your audience likes to read and then promoting the content to sources.

Get customers with paid advertising:

Along the organic way to reach your customers, you as a website developer and manager, need to incorporate other ways to get revenues. Paid advertising is one of the classic ways to get your customers from even sources. You can use paid advertising sources to improve your brand value.

Amplify your marketing – with email marketing:

It is great to start off content marketing and then gradually move to it with email marketing. Write for your audiences and then clearly help them get your advice and suggestions with the help of email marketing. If your email marketing is done properly, you can assure great results. With the help of email and content marketing process, you can improve your brand value.

Start affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing is one of the buzzwords in marketing. If your product is good, and that you understand your market, you can start off to improve the sale of your product/services with the help of affiliates. A good affiliate marketing is very much crucial to have your product reached to the proper audience. Very often affiliates marketing has helped companies gain improved variety of traffic and sales with the help of proper ideas and processes.

 Get the word out with the help of PR:

Press release is a good source to improve your marketing campaign. If your ideas are unique and that if you properly apply ideas then you publish your press release into important sources. The process of PR is very important when it comes to improving the rank of your website.

Improve the community:

Build your website, blog, and start developing a community around it. If your blog is good, your website improved and that you are getting in an improved variety of audiences by ensuring they are talking about you, you can even start a community.

Other important things –

Before you start developing a great website and brand with the help of digital marketing it is important that you are doing it after understanding who your audience are, if you are articulated about who your audiences are, and how to improve your and presence online, you can actually improve your digital marketing.


The complete process of how to start your digital marketing is thoughtfully articulated in the website of Quick Sprout. If you want to read our other articles on how to improve your digital marketing process, you should read our other blog.

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