000webhost Review: Pros and Cons Of Using 000Webhost Hosting

Whenever you plan to go for something free, you need to in an ultra-conscious mood because the term ‘free’ often comes with the tag of ‘faults’. And if you are talking about free hosting services, there’s no way you can go for something random. It is true that whenever you look for free hosting services on the internet, lots of different options will come up. And it is a real challenge to pick one of all these lucrative offers. So what to do? Well, you can only run strict scrutiny into the background of every free web hosting service and their offers as well.

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And to help you out with this tough scrutiny process, here we have summed up the details of one such great free web hosting service that tops the list– 000webhost. From the name you can easily guess this cheap web hosting offers to host service from $0. And with many great features and pros attached like a tail, 000webhost is surely one of the best choices among many frauds and disappointments. Have a look.

000webhost Review

What Is 000WEBHOST?

In a nutshell, 000webhost is nothing but a free hosting service provider, and their basic offer starts from $0. However, they have amazing features and offers which make them standing outside the crowd of many other free services. They also have premium offers as well.

Why 000Webhost?

There exist lots of other hosting services that provide free hosting. So, why 000webhost? Well, this answer cannot be given in a few words or sentences. However, with a big list of features and pros, the question will be invalid at the end of this article. So, what are those features and advantages that make 000webhost one of the best? Let us find out.

Features Of 000WEBHOST

Features Of 000WEBHOST

As a free web hosting service provider, 000webhost has many great free features that can be easy bait for the customers. And the free characteristic features of 000webhost are unlimited. So, what are those features? Let’s have a look.

  1. Free Website Builder

    000webhost is a free website builder, and it will provide you with the simplest technical steps to build a website within minutes. No prior technical knowledge is required for this website building steps. However, a little knowledge of CSS will give you a much easier time. And the great part of this feature is that for this website building process, you do not have to pay a dime.

  2. 99% Uptime Guarantee Free

    Another great feature of 000webhost is that they provide 99.9% network availability for their sites. With their high-quality data centers, 000webhost operates their network using their own servers. Also, with advanced technology, they ensure sufficient bandwidth for all of their users. And you can get all these features for free of cost.

  3. Unlimited free domain hosting

    With the free upgrade, this web hosting service provides you with five free domains. And with the premium hosting on, you can get as many domains as you want. It is absolutely free, and you do not have to pay any extra buck for these features.

  4. Free PHP hosting

    Along with all these free features, you can also run PHN from your free account. You can use PHP whenever you want. To send out emails automatically to building any site online, this free PHP hosting will serve you perfectly.

  5. Free MySQL hosting

    Just like PHP hosting, the MySQL hosting of 000webhost is also free and can be operated easily with the help of your free account. The free account is allowed to have two databases, and MySQL is one of them. You can run them smoothly without any prior limitations.

  6. Free Cpanel web hosting admin panel

    000webhost has also had free Cpanel web hosting admin panel. Thus, you will always have the free Cpanel admin panel in case of any problems, and you do not have to pay for it as well.

  7. Free website template

    Along with free website building plan, you get a free website template in the 000webhost free account. With different choices of templates, it is one of the best offers that 000webhost provides.

  8. Billing software free

    No need to say, 000webhost also provides you with free billing software that saves up lots of labor in favor of the users.

  9. Free proxy

    Last but not the least, 000webhost provides you with the free proxy system as well.

000Webhost Hosting Package

Cheap web hosting

000webhost has three plans– free and two premium plans. The free plan costs $0 and provides 1000mb disk space with 10 GB bandwidth. And the other two plans are for $3.49 and $7.95 per month respectively. They provide everything unlimited.

000Webhost Free Plans

Pros And Cons Of 000Webhost

Pros And Cons Of 000WEBHOST

Depending on its features, there has to be a long list of pros and cons of 000webhost as well. At first, we are going to discuss the pros, and then we will figure the cons as well. Keep reading.

Pros of 000webhost

  1. Pricing structure

The first advantage of 000webhost is surely the pricing structure where it provides you with a hosting service free of cost. Apart from that, it has two other premium plans under minimal price, and it provides you with everything unlimited.

  1. Huge disk space and bandwidth

The second advantage of 000webhost is that it provides huge disk space and bandwidth. It provides 10 GB disk space and 10 GB bandwidth which is huge, and you will be getting that too free of cost. They also offer you to host two websites.

  1. Instant backups

Digital data is always better secured with an instant backup system. And when you are using 000webhost as your hosting service provider, the instant backup system is always included in their service.

  1. Good cPanel support

000webhost provides a great cPanel support. Apart from the latest versions, they offer 100+ auto-install scripts such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento etc. And they also support BoxBilling.

  1. Ad Support

000webhost also supports you to have your own ads on the free website. They allow you to run your own ads and that is surely an amazing feature.

  1. Email support

With their free account on, you can fully have the email support, and that is too unlimited. They also support using the mail function in their PHP version.

  1. Full PHP/MySQL support

A full PHP and MySQL support have been included along with the free account of 000webhost. Thus, you do not have to spend extra bucks to get these features on. Also, the PHP and MySQL support of 000webhost are pretty good.

  1. Customer Support

The customer support of 000webhost is amazing, to say the least. They have live chat support along with email support. They are available 24X7 too.

free web hosting

Cons of 000webhost

  1. Removed Websites without any notice

If you can search through their customer forum, you will lot of complaints about removing websites without any notice. Be it their technical issues or anything else; this is one gravest disadvantage 000webhost could ever have. Although it is free, people might never take the risk of using a free hosting service again.

  1. CPU Usage

The CPU usage of this hosting service is very low, and it can be quite annoying sometimes too.

  1. File upload limit

Along with the website removing the problem, they also remove files that are higher than 5 MB without even notifying the user. Without getting the chance of uploading files more than 5 MB, there’s no real use of 1 GB space, right?

  1. Security system

The security system of 000webhost is not that strict. 2 years back, 000webhost was hacked, and 13 million users suffered losses. Later, it was also found out that 000webhost stored their user’s password in plaintext which is quite a massacre.

  1. Slow FTP

The FTP connection of 000webhost is tremendously slow, and it took lots of time just to upload a file of 2/3 MB. So, the flow of work is ruptured.

  1. DNS system

Also, the DNS of 000webhost behaves unresponsive sometimes. Just like the FTP, the DNS system also takes lots of time and quite an effort to work out properly.

  1. Database reboots

After their hosting service got famous, 000webhost started rebooting their database quite often, and while they are rebooting their database, you cannot have the access. And that rebooting can even go for an hour or more.

  1. No SSL certificate

The one most disappointing part of 000webhost is that they do not provide you with an SSL certificate. Even services like LetsEncrypt is providing SSL certificate while 000webhost does not. And with the latest version of Google Chrome, it is kind of mandatory to have an SSL certificate; otherwise, it will not be a very good impression for your users. Also, no SSL certificate can ruin your Google rank as well.


Apart from having many cons, 000webhost is still one of the best among the free web hosting services. And it is quite popular as well because of its trustworthy customer service and free upgrades. Happy Hosting!

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