SiteBuilder Review: Pros & Cons of Using SiteBuilder

Which is the best Sitebuilder? Confused then let me guide you best Sitebuilder review for your website. Whether you are operating your business online or offline, the website is an important part of any organization for that you need the best Sitebuilder. Nowadays, a well-built website provides the validity of your organization in the eyes of the layman. However, it may seem quite easy, but it is not that simple to build a perfect website without SiteBuilder. For knitting a perfect website that will show all your desired features, you need a great tool like reliable Sitebuilder to operate. There exist many such tools that can be used in constructing a website. And is one such great tool that can help you out with such problems.

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It is not easy to choose a site builder because before you drag and drop a website building tool such as SiteBuilder, lots of points should be taken into consideration. And what are those? In this article, we will discuss them in detail. Have a look at Sitebuilder review.

SiteBuilder Review

What is

We all know that is a website building tool, but we definitely need some more information about Sitebuilder before we can assess whether it is good or not. Website building tool provides many facilities and for them, ‘convenience and control’ are the very best two. On a general scale, the more convenient a website building tool is, the less control you will have and vice versa.

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On this scale, Sitebuilder can be defined as a hosted website builder with the help of which you can easily customize your website. offers easy and quick access and set up the system over more than 10,000 templates. From blogs to small business’s portfolio, provides you with a wide range of privileges. All the templates are well designed, and all you have to do is to choose one. Also, they are perfectly categorized into different categories as well such as travel, lifestyles, etc.

Sitebuilder is mobile-friendly and provides great multimedia support too. It also has a great beginner’s package for the first time user as well.

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SiteBuilder Advantages

With so many great features, SiteBuilder has great features as well. Here, we are going to discuss the advantages of using in a comprehensive manner in this Sitebuilder review. Let us have a look.

1. Speed, Security, and Convenience

Sitebuilder provides hosting for their websites. Thus, in addition to building facilities, they also provide the hosting facility as well. So, if you are concerned about having convenience, it is well-secured with Sitebuilder. Again, this website building tool runs its software mostly on Amazon and Google which rarely go down. Thus, your website is perfectly secured with Sitebuilder.

Although does not provide the fastest loading speed, it is quite manageable. They also have a great feature of backing up data which can be a bonus point for security.

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2. Short-term pricing

Sitebuilder is free with no trial expiration if you do not want to have any sub-domain on your website. Thus, it can be said that it is a pretty good option for short-term or small business holders. However, for other more permanent websites, Sitebuilding has plans like any other website building tool available. Apart from the free option, Sitebuilder has four other paid plans which are– Personal plan, Pro Plan, Premium Plan and eCommerce Plan. The Pro Plan is the basic plan you need if you are going to a more permanent website. However, the plans of Sitebuilder are quite cheaper than any other website available.

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3. Simplicity and other features

Being simple is one of the finest qualities any website building tool can ever have. There exist many website building tools that provide so many features that it ends up complicating the whole thing. But Sitebuilder is constant on focusing its main feature, i.e. Simplicity. They have a few core features such as domain names, templates, SEO tools, blogging feature etc. which are perfectly user-friendly and it does not complicate the whole processing for you. The whole set up of is simple and perfectly straight-forward.

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4. Site Building Process

Sitebuilder’s set up process is the simplest process you can ever find. Just as I have said earlier, they mostly focus on their core feature of simplicity; their setup process is the same for every plan. It has a one-click account feature. And with the help of simple three clicks, you can publish a whole new live website. And the best part is that you do not have to buy any plan beforehand. You can set up the payment details after you have set up.

It has simple three steps– first, you have to click on ‘get started’ button. Secondly, choose the safest password for your account and thirdly, choose the base theme you will require. That’s all! After that, you are ready to publish your website. Also, after editing part of the website with the help of Sitebuilder is also great and hassle-free.

Sitebuilder site building process

5. Drag and Drop Editor

Sitebuilder is an all-inclusive website builder, and it has great advantages. While using this website builder, you do not have to write HTML or CSS code. It is a simple ‘drag and drops’ editor system, i.e. what you see in the builder; you will simply get that on your website.

Many website builders have a drag and drop feature. But then end up raising more troubles than other websites. However, in the case of, it is quite a flawless system. Sitebuilders has the simplest outlet, and all the parameters and rulers are adjustable on Sitebuilders.

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SiteBuilder Disadvantages

Till now we have discussed the good points of the Sitebuilder in this Sitebuilder review. But nothing in this world is perfect, and the Sitebuilder website tool to has many disadvantages alongside the advantages. Let us have a look.

1. SEO and Marketing Tool

The first disadvantage of Sitebuilder is SEO and marketing tools. only has the basic SEO and marketing tool that doesn’t cut the chase for every other website. They only build in a redirect and provide the HTML tag functionally. And that is all they provide. There are no Sitemaps or Schema. So, if you want to customize your big website fully, you cannot do it quite perfectly with the help of Sitebuilder. Also, they do not even get a duplicate content right. In a nutshell, Sitebuilder is the basic form of a website tool, and it only provides more convenience over control; thus SEO and marketing systems don’t fit into the feature of convenience perfectly.

2. Long-Term Pricing

It is true that does a good job in case of short-term pricing but for the long-term, their offers are not that attractive. All of their plans are straight-forward, and they do not provide any kind of discount for a yearly purchase or a purchase long than that. The pricing system is quite rigid, and that repels the customers. In comparison to other website building tools, lacks a lot in case of long-term pricing policy! It is one of their most listed disadvantages of all.

3. Access to HTML/CSS

Although it is quite right that website builders cannot provide the clients with the server access, they often give them access to the HTML or CSS of the website that you are building. The access to HTML or CSS does a good job to the website, and the clients find it easy to handle it as well. However, does not provide their customer with the HTML or CSS codes. This makes it harder for the client to get better control over their websites.

4. Customer Support

It is true that the ‘customer support’ section of any company is quite tough to criticize because not everyone gets the same treatment. Some people get a good response, and some don’t. The case is the same with as well. However, from the reviews and the information they provide about their contacts, we can say that the customer support of is not very good for nature. They have only a few phone numbers to contact them, and no live-chat feature has been provided on their official website. Also, you can contact them with any inquiries via email only. That’s a big disadvantage of Sitebuilder.

5. Growth path and platform lock-in

As I have said earlier; is a simple website that provides importance to simplicity over any other features. And as with Sitebuilder, you will have minimal control over anything; it is quite normal to expect no growth of your website. It is a big disadvantage of Sitebuilder, and because of this problem, many clients leave this platform after a while.

It has another complication too. It is not easy to migrate from Sitebuilder to other website building platform. They do not have a data export option, and also they do not have an RSS feed supporting software to sync your contents up with any other website builder like WordPress. Even if you want to migrate, you will have to bear the cost of migration as well.

6. E-Commerce Addendum gets the upper hand with their e-Commerce plan. They have great features on their new eCommerce plan, but it is not enough to run an eCommerce perfectly. Sitebuilder is not perfectly compatible with Shopify or BigCommerce. only has basic features such as a shopping cart, basic inventory management, and a payment acceptance system. But if you want any other features to be added to your e-Commerce website, you will not be able to do that with the help of Sitebuilder.

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SiteBuilder Vs Wix

Wix is a cloud-based website development platform that is quite popular and currently serving millions of people worldwide. However, the main difference between Sitebuilder and Wix are as follows–

  1. Sitebuilder has a simpler layout; while Wix has a much more complicated layout.
  2. Both have free trials and plans, but Wix’s free plans are easy to access.
  3. Sitebuilder does not support Android and iOS; while Wix supports Android and iOS.
  4. Wix’s customer support system is much better than that of the Sitebuilder.
  5. Wix has many features of marketing and SEO than that of the Sitebuilder.
  6. Sitebuilder is easy to use; while Wix can be a little harder to operate.

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The above is the Sitebuilder review. In a nutshell, if you are looking for a simple, no-fuss website for your purpose, Sitebuilder is a great choice. With a simple layout system, is perfect for first-time users. However, if you want to have a large website with more permanent plans, Sitebuilder might not be the wisest choice of all. Now, it all depends on your choice and need. If I forget anything in this Sitebuilder review then please share it with us.

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