Is Avast Cleanup Premium Worth The Cost?

Avast is a popular company recognized for development of high-quality security software. The most used product of the brand is “Avast Antivirus”, known as the widely used antivirus. The brand is engaged in making antivirus, anti-tracking tools, VPN software, cloud tools and many more.

Its product – avast cleanup premium is excellent security software. While going through avast cleanup premium review, it is important to know is avast cleanup premium worth the cost or not. Also, read Avast Secureline VPN review. Let’s look at its details:

Avast Cleanup Premium?

Avast Cleanup Premium works exactly as per what it is advertised. Basically, it is a premium app used for cleaning your PC.  Many people have a question on -what is avast cleanup premium and does avast cleanup premium work, the answer is yes. It works seamlessly and has been reviewed positively. It comes at a price of $49.99 per user per year, $89.99 for the span of two years or $129.99 for the span of.

You will obtain a fully featured PC maintenance program which functions well and perfectly integrate with any other Avast products which you may use and helps to keep your PC running lean. Also, read the CyberGhost VPN review.

Avast Cleanup Premium Features

Looking at the features is an important part of the avast pc cleanup review. Let’s have a look at the features:

Junk File RemoverAvast Cleanup Premium

The application is capable to discard old files, vacant the recycle bin, some files left behind while uninstalling some programs and some other type of files which are not referenced by any of the installed programs or those that are no longer used.

Registry Cleaner

The Windows registry is regarded as a database of system settings which is utilized by Windows as well as the installed programs. The registry expands as you install and uninstall the programs, the registry expands. It can slow down your PC and during those cases, this app is useful.

Avast Cleanup Premium Worth it

Browser Cleaner

The avast cleanup premium application provides facility to clear your browser and discard old plugins, remove cookies and some other tricks as well.

Remove Old Software Data

The cleanup application can remove the old software data which supports the question -is avast cleanup good. A huge portion of the cleanup activity is usually targeted at discarding files. This s software is capable to discard old data left behind due to uninstalled programs. In addition to that, it also removes obsolete and defected files that occupy extra space on hard drive.

Puts Apps To Sleep

The application program puts open apps to the sleep, in order to enhance the speed of your computer as well as to prioritize the programs currently being used.

Disk Cleaner

It is capable to clean up your hard disk and make space in your drive space.

Shortcut Cleaner

The app works as a shortcut cleaner to eliminate obsolete shortcuts present in your desktop and applications to simplify the user experience.

Optimizes Redundant Entries

The Avast Cleanup Premium app is capable to remove registry cleanup utilities. This works in a way that app looks through the different registry collections to find the errors, corrupt entries, inconsistencies, and useless entries.

Disable heavy boot time apps

The app assists to disable applications which may decrease the speed of the PC during boot time. It is true that every app need not to be automatically initiated whenever you boot your PC. The present feature assists to manage those applications.

Is Avast Cleanup Premium Worth the Cost?

Is avast cleanup premium worth it directs to a confusion many people bear in mind about Avast cleanup premium price is whether registry cleaners is capable to deliver any types of performance benefit or not? Avast Cleanup Premium WorthIn case you fail to maintain your PC for many years and if you have been continuously installing and uninstalling applications throughout that time, it is possible that you may receive an initial performance boost. Also, read best podcast hosting sites.

There are assured benefits to clean up your hard disks, clean up your old files, discarding old shortcuts, remove obsolete apps from the browser and removing junk. These benefits are enough to answer the question – is avast cleanup premium worth the price. Certain things are there which you can do for free on Windows, on your own. They are:

  • In order to clean out the junk, just right-click on a hard drive, choose Properties and then Disk Clean-up.
  • To prioritize programs that begin with Windows, you need to right-click the Windows Taskbar, choose Task Manager, and then choose the startup tab.
  • Make use of the Services tab, located inside Task Manager to Open Services and put programs to sleep.
  • To disable and/or discard old browser extensions, choose Add-ons inside your browser.
  • You can easily drag and drop a desktop shortcut which is of no use to the recycle bin, in order to eliminate it.

While continuing avast cleanup premium review, the question arises – is it worth $50 per year? The answer is No. This is because you can carry out a majority of the functions from the Windows. Moreover, the performance advantage of cleaning up the registry is yet unproven. It is found that there are lots of free alternatives that you can use like CCleaner. This free version comes with every essential feature that you may need and its premium version comes at an affordable cost of $14.99. Don’t miss the SiteBuilder Review.

Windows can clean up hard disks, old files, eliminate old shortcuts and remove your browser junk files. Such facilities are provided by Avast Cleanup Software but not at free of cost. The key benefit of this app from Avast is the psychological advantage. It works on an idea that your PC is being monitored and got its performance enhanced by a popular company with an outstanding reputation. It is known that the actual physical performance advantages would be insignificant when you work to maintain your system appropriately.


This is all about Avast cleanup premium price and features. Avast is widely known as an outstanding company that provides the best security products. However, it is not recommended to pay so high for a program that can just duplicate the features already possible from within Windows.

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