Semrush 30 Days Free Trial (Pro or Guru Account): Semrush Review 2024

If you are looking for Semrush free trial then this article is the most useful one for you.

From the details of this article, you get a Semrush Pro or Semrush Guru account for free, for 30 days.

With the help of Semrush, it is easy to perform Competitor analysis, SEO audit, keyword tracking, keyword research, etc. If you intend to boost your search engine traffic then it is important to attain the maximum information about your site keywords and also necessary to collect your competitor’s keywords.

The best thing is that the Semrush offers 7 days trial for free. This means that using Semrush free trial, you get to use this tool for first 7 days and then make a decision. 

In this article, you would get a special promo that offers you 30-days free trial. Make sure you use this special promo given in this Semrush Review before the offer expires.

There are many people who are confused about what actually this tool is. Well, it is a perfect search marketing tool for all the bloggers who want to boost the traffic of their blogs/websites, assess traffic of other websites or search for the best keywords that boost their leads and sales

What is Semrush and What Exactly This SEO Tool Does?

In the present section of this Semrush review, you will know more about what this tool is and how it operates.

In simple terms, the Semrush is famously known as a competitor’s keyword research tool. It is extensively used for performing keyword research, SEO audit, backlink analysis, and much more.

Using the Semrush tool, you can conveniently find profitable keywords regardless of the niche. For any casual or serious bloggers, the semrush competitor’s keyword research tool is highly useful.

You can use the below link to receive the free version of Semrush Pro Account:

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The Semrush is the top-notch search engine marketing tool that helps digital marketers and bloggers of all levels.The users can easily examine their competitors’ traffic. Briefly, this tool is the best tool to spy on the website of your competition.

This tool estimates their existing website traffic, top-notch keywords, backlinks and much more.

This tool is not just beneficial for competition keyword research, it also gives a broad outline about organic research, backlinks, search positions, and the advertising research.

Certainly, Semrush is one of the decent SEO tools recommended by SEO experts. There are many marketers and bloggers who use it regularly basis to examine rankings and keyword positions. Moreover, this tool is the best one to perform keyword research.

One of the happiest news for bloggers of India is that Semrush recently started its Indian database. Before some time, the Indian database as well as keyword results was not available.

Now, every Indian user gets advantage from this functionality. It helps to search the highly profitable keywords as well as research their competitors.

Using this article, you get 30-days free trial for Semrush Pro Account. There are many benefits of using Semrush Pro trial account for the duration of 30 days.

Generally, you only receive 7 days trial account, but with the help of this special link, you can receive it for 30 days.

It is important to note that the code is active and it will stay active for the next several days. It provides 30-days free access to the Semrush Pro account.

To use it, you need to fill in the credit card info to sign up. However, you can easily cancel it whenever you want before the trial period gets over in case you forget to cancel within 7 days after you have been billed.

Hence, you would not lose anything if you do not like their features.

How to get Semrush Pro Free Trial for 30 Days Worth $99.95?

The Semrush free trial helps users to use this tool for a few days. There is the facility of Semrush Pro Account and Semrush 30 days guru account for free.

Using the service of free Semrush Pro Trial account for 30 days, you can try out its features for one month and know whether it suits for your website or not.

Follow the below steps to receive a Free trail of Semrush Pro account for 30 days:

Step-1: Click on the below link to receive your 30 days Semrush account for free. This link comes with coupon code applied.

Special Link To get Semrush Free Trial

After clicking on this link, you will be taken to the co-branding page.

Now click on the “Claim your free 30 day trial” button to proceed. Now you need to register by mentioning your email and password you want.

Step-2: In this step, you would be redirected to the page in which you have to mention your billing details.

Step-3: In this step, you need to fill up your details like password, email, and billing info to receive your Semrush Pro account. Actually, this account worths $99.95.

But using the above link, you get this account free for duration of 30 days. You can readily begin using this keyword research tool to increase your website’s search engine rankings.

After you have clicked on the “Place The Order” button, a new Semrush account is created without any fees. Now you receive the Full Access to Semrush Pro account without any charges for the coming 30 days.

Use the below link to try out Semrush Guru account for free for duration of coming 14 days worth $100.

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You are now ready to use full features of the Semrush tool for the coming 14 days. In case you are not satisfied with them then you can cancel this account by sending an email to address:

How to get Semrush Free Trial of Guru account for 14 Days Worth $100?

Are you interested to know how to receive Semrush Guru account free for next 14 days that actually worth $100? Well, follow below steps in this Semrush review to know more:

Step-1: Click below link to receive Guru account from Semrush. In this link, you are inquired to register for an account.

Semrush Link

SEMrush 30 Days Free Trial

Step-2: After you have fill up an email and password, you need to click on the‘Agree’ to agree their terms and conditions. As a result, you can successfully create our account and then you will be taken to their payment page.

There are no charges and you get a free 14 days Semrush free trial for accessing their Guru account. There is great saving using the Semrush 30 days guru account for free.

Step-3: In this step, you have to fill up your payment billing details to receive the Semrush Guru account at free of cost for duration of 14 days post signing up.

The process now completes. The best thing is that you can anytime cancel you want else you would need to pay $199.95 per month if you want continue use their Guru account. The Semrush special offer saves your money and provides great benefits.

Who should go for Semrush Guru account?

There are many bloggers or website owners who are confused on why should they go for Semrush Guru account and not the Pro account from Semrush. It is essential to know the important reasons involved behind this question. Once you know the reasons, you can clear your confusion and make a better decision.

The below section highlights few reasons

You would receive great access to the historical data. Using the Semrush Guru account, get the live analytical data and you can also find out all Semrush database archives.

These archives are traced up to January 2012. Hence,if you are an agency or working as an SEO expert who needs to work out with historical data, the Semrush Guru account is the best choice for you.

It provides access to multi-targeted tracking:  Are you interested to examine your online activities as well as presence with accurate targeting that contians multi-targeted tracking like device, location, and language? Well, the Semrush Guru account provides an easy access to all that. This suggests that you can effortlessly track the search visibility of any website across multiple devices as well as locations from a single campaign.

There is no doubt that you would receive all the great functionalities from the Semrush Pro account when you are using Semrush Guru. Moreover, you receive maximum limits that contain the below points:

  • Schedule PDF Reports: 20 (also includes branded PDFs)
  • Projects: 50
  • Position Tracking: 1500 keywords (which are updated daily)
  • Domain & Keyword Analytics: 30,000 results in every report (you get 5000 reports per day)
  • Site Audit: 300,000 pages/month
  • On Page SEO Checker: In this, you would receive recommendations for 800 keyword units every month
  • Social Media profiles: Allows you to track 100 and also, you can post maximum 30 social media profiles.

Without any delays, you can grab this Semrush special offer to receive Guru account for 14 days:

Grab Semrush 14 days free trial

The following section highlights the important part of this Semrush review. It presents you an idea regarding how it assists you to keep any eye on your competition and find the best keywords to boost your blog/website traffic.

In-depth Semrush Review for 2024

The in-depth Semrush review mentioned below helps you get a clear idea about the usefulness of this tool.

After using the Semrush free trial, you get an idea about the usefulness of this tool. 

In the present Semrush guide for 2024, you will get familiar about different aspects of this tool. Now let’s take a look below:

Using Semrush for competitors analysis

There are many bloggers who have already used this competitor analysis tool. One of the key reasons why most bloggers use semrush competitor’s keyword research tool is to perform competitor’s research.

It is true that your competitors have already spy on you if the performance of your website or blog is good in terms of few keywords on Google. This is the time when you have to spy on them too.

In case you wish to find the high-performance keywords that attract majority of the search traffic towards your competitor’s websites then it is better to use Semrush tool. The Competitor analysis is the largest success aspect that actually creates a large difference between a typical blog and a successful blog.

After knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your budding competitors, it becomes simpler to know how to strategically compete with them. At this point, the Semrush pro account assists you to perform a comprehensive competitor research.

The Semrush tool not just offers you an in-depth info on the number of keywords they make us of, but it also depicts the predictable traffic that it receives every day. It allows you to fill in website URL of any of your competitors to examine their existing website traffic.

In majority of the times, the Semrush gives you precise traffic info that a website receives. This is due to the fact that it updates its databases very often. Therefore, you receive the fresh data all the times.

semrush analytics tool

Finding question keywords using Keyword Magic Tool

One of the simplest approaches to receive targeted visitors from popular search engines like Google towards your website is to make use of the question keywords. For that, the Semrush tool already allocates a wonderful tool named Keyword Magic. It helps you to find question keywords.

But what does it mean by question keywords?

Basically, the question keywords are those keywords in which searchers make use of question based phrases. They help you to find details on search engines such as Google. This can be clearly understood by an example. Google is providing featured snippet answer directly for any question based phrase.

You can get answers of the question based keywords for different niches:

  • SEO industry: “What is the average bounce rate for a website?”
  • Real estate industry: “Step by step instructions to be a real estate agent”
  • If you are in the wellness industry: “What is the finest weight to age ratio”

By presenting considerate and useful answers to difficult questions, this tool helps a lot. It offers better answers than your competitors on the SERP. As a result, you can make your image as an expert on which your website audience could trust. At this point, the question keywords prove useful.

Take a look at some advantages of finding and targeting question keywords inside your content:

  • The question keywords assist you to easily receive featured snippets. This is because you are answering for particular questions and Google likes it.
  • They help you receive top rankings though there is competition
  • They can direct you highly targeted visitors from the search
  • The conversion is excellent

After knowing the importance of making use of the question keywords, now let’s discuss about how to find them.

How you can find question keywords with the help of Semrush keyword magic tool?

Though you can use websites like Quora, Answer The Public, and many more to search question keywords, they are not precise. They don’t offer you much search metrics like related keywords, number of monthly searches, CPC value for the keyword, competition, and many more.

At this point, the Semrush keyword magic tool proves useful and assists you with all these things.

The below section highlights the ways to use the Semrush keyword magic tool to quickly find the question based keywords.

semrush keyword magic tool

Follow the below steps:

Step-1: Click on the below link to get Keyword Magic tool from the Semrush. You can receive 30 days of free trial for using it and then you can enter a keyword. The ‘Questions’ button is available on the right side.

Semrush Special Free Trial Link

Step-2: Now click the above link and see the list of questions containing your targeted primary seed keyword.

You can easily find lots of relevant question based keywords which you could use in your content. This provides you plenty of blog post ideas. Moreover, you can find monthly search volume, KD (keyword difficulty), trend, and many more. They help you to make decision on your question keywords with the help of the Keyword Magic tool.

To know what does it means by KD, read below:

The KD stands for Keyword Difficulty in Semrush that helps you effortlessly find keywords with low competition. Basically, KD is a score rated from 0 to 100 on the Semrush.

Generally, it is recommended to find such keywords that have low KD i.e. lesser than 50 or 60. It is also recommended to make sure the KD does not go beyond 80 or 90 because they are really tough to rank for.

In short, the Keyword Magic Tool assists you perform the below things:

  • You can receive 2+ million keyword ideas
  • You can use the Keyword Grouping to divide your keywords by topic
  • It is easy to choose the finest keywords and then save them in the Keyword Analyzer
  • You can easily export your chosen keywords to some other Semrush tools
  • It allows you to easily create up to 50 target keyword lists with the help of keyword magic tool

It is important to note that when performing keyword research using Semrush, make sure you don’tchoose the keywords with search volume exceeding 1000 per month. This is because they need much effort to traffic for your website. Select the keywords in range of500 to 1000 every month search volume or even lower. Therefore, you can successfully reach the topmost 3 or minimum first page rankings though your website is new.

It is necessary to know some significant metrics for the competitor analysis through Semrush. The below section highlights some essential elements you must know when performing competitor research as well as content analysis of your competitor websites through Semrush. Let’s look at the details of these elements:

Keyword: These are actually the keywords which your competitor website is ranking for

Pos: It is the keyword position to which the particular website is featured within the search engines such as Google. Moreover, it will be fully different depending on the geographical location fixed at the start of the procedure. The same alters time to timebased on the keyword positions.

Volume: It represents the number of searches for this particular keyword per month.

CPC: The CPC is the average cost for each click for the particular keyword. It helps you to conveniently know the value of a specific keyword.

URL: It is the relevant URL to which the specific keyword is attracting traffic.

Com: This element represents the competition level of the advertisers who are competing for this keyword. (Don’t forget tofocus on choosing keywords with a low number. This is because a lower number suggests that the term is simpler to rank for.)

Trend: It represents the overall searching pattern for the particular keyword, across the past 12 months.

Results: It shows the number of search engine results. Generally, it is better if the results are lower.

Find Highest Traffic Competitors Keywords:

This tool can be used to find the most efficient keywords for any of the website of your competitor.With this, you can know the particular keywords that attract the prominent traffic towards your competitor websites.

Generally, it is a good idea to examine few of your competitor websites with the help of Semrush Tool and observe their top performing keywords inside an Excel. After that, you can easily use such keywords in subsequent contents.

semrush free trail

Actually, this is a good chance to bring your website traffic to next level. When implementing this technique, it is certain that you can beat up all your competitors into the search rankings. This holds true if you are excellent at makingsuperior quality contents.

It is found that Semrush comes with the database of 22k+ s organic keywords for this domain. Hence, you can easily find out all performing keywords for a particular competitor with the help of this SEO tool.

Using Semrush for keyword research

How to use the Semrush for keyword research is the important part of this Semrush review.  With the help of Semrush, you can easily find out the best performing as well as unused keywords suitable for your blogs. They help to boost your search traffic.

If you are troubled with finding the finest keywords to boost your website search traffic overall then no need to worry.

The Semrush keyword research tool assists you to find the highly profitable keywords in a particular niche.

Irrespective of whether you wish to find better keywords for the AdWords, PPC ads, Bing Ads or just for your blog content, this tool is the suitable keyword research tool.

semrush keyword tool

Simply fill in the keyword associated to your blog’s niche and then the tool offers you the most precise data regarding the entered keyword. 

Using these details, you can effortlessly determine whether the keywords you have typed in are suitable match for your website or not.

semrush keyword variations tools

Furthermore, the Semrush also provides you a list of every Phrase Match keywords, the question based keywords as well as the associated keywords that can be used to boost your blog traffic.

This tool comes with 150+ phrase match keywords and 1990+ keywords regarding blogging tips. Hence, you can conveniently find out the highly profitable and relevant keywords for your blogs and websites.

It is important to remember that Semrush updates the database regularly and multiple times every day. This helps you to give accurate information regarding the keyword ranking positions as well as traffic of a particular website. Hence, it assists you to find the newest report on the keyword phrases for specific targeted seed keywords list.

Click on the below link

Semrush to try out the 30 days trial at free of cost

Semrush Backlink Checker Tool

Undoubtedly, backlinks are the backbones of any website that receive higher organic traffic. In case you setup a new blog and willing to boost your search traffic then tap more backlink opportunities to increase your traffic.

Those bloggers who have already used many backlink checker tools online suggest that 90% of these tolls would not provide precise results. This is because majority of them are free and they are not updated regularly.

On the other hand, Semrush is known to be an advanced marketing tool. It helps you to examine the links of any site that you enter. Moreover, it offers precise results and the data can be used to explore the link building strategies.

For example, by getting to know who is linking to your favorite competitor website or blog, it is easy toreach to them and inquire them about linking to your websites too.

At this point of time, the Semrush Pro Free account proves useful. Whenever you enter the website URL of any of your competitor’s website inside the backlink section on the Semrush, it offers you the information of the Page Score, backlinks’ titles, and URLs of source.

Also, it offers all the extra info like external links, anchor text, and internal links to the particular URL you enter.

semrush backlink audit tool

Are you interested to find out every incoming links (containing the do-follow links) of your competitors? If yes then just type in their domain and the tool offers you a list of all relevant data of total backlinks it possess.

Whether you want to boost your organic traffic or analyze your competitor’s website traffic, an important data is required i.e.backlink analysis.

In case you know the number of links that are pointing to a website, you can easily make an effective SEO strategy for your websites. This helps to boost its rankings.

Carrying out backlink analysis is simple with the help of Semrush. This tool represents all the links in dofollowas well asnofollow pie chart option. As a result,it helps to find out the total number of quality backlinks of a particular site.

Besides, it shows you number of total backlinks a website has containing the referring domains. It is actually a good metric when examining the backlinks of a website to increase your complete search traffic.

The good thing is that you can also explore link building opportunities directly from this backlink analysis report.

After you tap on the “Referring Domains” present under “Backlinks” section on the Semrush dashboard, you will see a list of all the domains which are pointing towards your competitors website.You just need to email outreach all those bloggers who have previously linked to your competition.

In case you wish to increase your search engine traffic as well as rankings for a particular keyword, you would need backlinks. It is found that the link building is the only successful strategy that allows any website to rank at higher position in Google search results.

After you gain access to the full version of Semrush, surely, you can find out all the link opportunities resulting from competitor websites. Moreover, you can analyze the overall number of links a website receives containing the dofollow backlinks.

After you point out who is linking towards your competitors, you can make use of guest posts or the blogger outreach strategy to begin creating backlinks for your websites.

You can explorethe majority of the link building opportunities with the use of this tool. Majority of the SEO experts are attempting to take benefit of this tool to beat their competition. Hence, it relies on the way you use this tool as per your needs.

The search engine traffic is related to finding the appropriate link building opportunities. After you are ready with the list of all the websites where you could receive links from, surely, you will observe great improvement in your website organic traffic.

Moreover, you can use their Backlink Audit Tool that removes the toxic links that may bring down your rankings.

Using Semrush to Perform Full Site Audit

There are many bloggers who want to carry outa full SEO audit of their sites. Through conducting a detailed SEO audit of your websites, you can easily find out every loop hole of your websites. Moreover, you can correct them to boost your search traffic.

There are plenty of free SEO audit report tools present online that don’t work. This is because they demandyour email address but they don’t give you exact or sufficient details you need.

TheSemrush pro account allows you to easilyfind out all the big and small problems your website have.

After rectifying them, you can receive more search traffic directly from the search engines.

But, performing site audit is a difficult job and demands time and resources to carry out a complete site audit. Using Semrush, there are no such issues.

Simply enter your domain info and then the Semrush will take care of the rest. You can look out at all the details of your blog like the leading 3 issues, errors as well as warnings that are key reasons for your site.

Keyword Tracking/Position Tracking: Track Your Own & Competitor Rankings

Boosting SERP rankings is the thing most smart SEO experts carry out to boost their overall website traffic. The process of tracking your current search rankings is hard if you do not use the right tools.

Are you confused about how many of your keywords are presently ranking at the top position of Google search results? Is it difficult to track all your keyword positions?

If answers to these questions are yes then Semrush helps you to track all your keywords. It makes a list of all the keywords at a single place and allows you to check their positions every time you logged inside the Semrush Pro account.

With the help of Semrush tool, you can easily track each keyword that brings traffic to your website. You can also track the traffic volumes as well as rank positions.

The good thing is that you can make use of the Semrush to track your keyword rankings on search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing. Moroever, you can easily find out the keyword positioning in the particular countries as well as device of your choice.

To do that, you need to enter the particular list of keywords you need to keep track of along with the device and country of your choice. After you have added these details, you receive the keyword ranking report inside your Semrush account

One more thing to note is you receive the updated keyword ranking report after each 24 hour. The same can be exported in PDF and CSV format.

It is found that the Semrush updates their keyword rank tracking databases each day. Therefore, you can easily know the precise positions of your keyword rankings.

Domain Comparison

In simple terms, domain comparison is the process of comparing different domains at a time by demonstrating the increase of links to a particular domain.

It gives a good idea on which domains are ranking higher in the Google search results and which domains are ranking lower. You can easily compare 4 of your competitor domains to perform a quality check.

Using Semrush, you can carry out comparison for up to 5 domains.

Make use of filters to arrange data based on specific keywords, volume, position, competition, CPC, and the total number of search results. Furthermore, you canexport this data to CSV and XLS format.

Brand Monitoring Tool: Track Your Online Reputation

Using the Semrush’s brand monitoring tool, it is possible to track your online reputation. Actually, it is very time-consuming to know the mentions and it may demand several hours of research. It is important to monitor your brand and into the digital world,your brand mentions could influence your business.

Using the advanced Brand Monitoring tool, you would automatically get notified of the latest mentions of yours as well as your competitor’s brands. Furthermore, you can examine the results in a single place. One good thing is that you can easily rack all your brand, service or product mentions directly on the social media and web.

To try out this SEO tool, you must keep in mind below points:

1. Keep track of online mentions

The Surveys prove that 70% of customers rely on the online reviews from other persons compared to information they get from ads. Hence, the process of monitoring your online reputation must be your topmost priority.

Using this Brand Monitoring tool, it is easy to keep track of the online mentions as well as customer reviews of yours as well as your competitors’ service, product or company. Furthermore, you can easily examine their potential reach in the social media and different online communities. Also, you could recognize communities in which people communicate about you and/or your competitors.

2. Find new opportunities to promote your brand

If some famousblogger in your niche or any regular customer mentions your particular brand then it influences your business very much than traditional advertising.

With the help of Brand Monitoring tool, you are allowed to know more abouthow your competitors as well as the industry leaders generate such opportunities. Moreover, you can include their best strategies by performing researching of their past and present promotional activities. It is possible to search for the new channels for distributing your content and not wasting your money and time.

3. Track and manage backlinks

When you find out mentions with backlinks, it assists you in increasing your SEO rankings. It is easy to make comparison of yourself with your competitors in regards of backlinks. In case you have backlinks from reliable and famous sources then Google identifies that you are performing good and worththe higher rankings.

Using the Brand Monitoring tool, you can recognize the backlink sources which could work as a successful marketing channel for endorsing your brand. It is found that this tool represents you the position of your brand in the market. The brand can be your name, business name or any other thing around the internet. It also shows you where your backlinks are originating from, and opportunities for you to work on them.

PPC Keyword Tool: Manage Your SEM Campaigns Effectively

The Semrush’s PPC Keyword Tool provides users the capability to manage, supervise, and execute all modifications required to their PPC campaigns. It is possible to organize your keywords at the ad group level and campaign. Moreover, you can set up successful negative keywords as well as export all the planned data inside your Adwords account.

In short, you can create a perfect keyword list for the PPC campaign.

1. You can collect keywords in different ways

With the help of this tool, you can import keywords from the current AdWords campaigns, .xsl, .csv sheets, and .txt files. It is found that this keyword tool’s interface is very simple to arrange your keywords at the ad group level and campaign level.

It allows you to import any prevailing campaigns you have on the AdWords inside the tool to manage your existing and new campaigns in the same place.It is easy to find out the relevant keywords as well as phrase that matches. Also, you can combine keywords to make new combinations.

2. Manage and optimize keyword lists

This tool’s advanced filters enable you to select the finest keywords depending on the volume, difficulty level, CPC, and other important metrics. It also enables you to filter out the word to collect closer sub-groups of the keywords.

A button named ‘Remove duplicates’ removes several duplicates into your list. Using the ‘word count filter’, you can easily search for the long tail keywords as well as generic phrases. Therefore, you can make distinct ad groups for generic keywords and long-tail keywords. Moreover, this tool also allows you to eliminate special characters and needless figures.

It is easy to include the negative keywords at the campaign level or group level. Basically, negative keywords are those that can be added into your campaign to inform Google not to display your ads when searched.

3. Say no to cross-negatives

The majority of the PPC marketers commit one error that when their campaigns are running, they install ad groups with wide match keywords. These keywords by mistake produce the wrong ad over the results page. In case you have identical broad match keywords present in the different ad groups, surely, you can expect one ad to display. But Google shows up another ad instead.

With the use of the ‘Cross-group negatives’ feature present in this tool, it is possible to prevent any crossover amongst groups and then optimize your campaign. Whenever you manage large campaigns, this feature will save time. Also, it saves money and prevent competition existing among your ads.

4. Polish your keyword list with recommendations

It happens that you may forget duplicates, negatives or some needles elements present in your keyword list. The ‘Recommendations’ feature brings perfection to your campaign.

Make sure you always implement the recommendations in the similar order they are provided. It is known that the ‘Recommendations’ menu shows some quick links to easily optimize your campaign. Directly from there, you can clean your keywords, implement cross-group negatives and take out any empty groups. This helps very much if you have imported a campaign from the AdWords and want to boost the efficiency of your ad groups as well as ads.

Reverse engineering top performing content for better results

Using Semrush Tool, you can smartly reverse engineer social media techniques which are functioning for others. You can gather your master list of the competitor domains and begin plugging them inside the tool. In order to examine entire domain, you need to remove “https://” inside the URL and then press enter.

Evaluate properly on what you need to reverse engineer. Find out whether it is their backlink profile or organic rankings or their paid advertising campaign. You can make use of the sidebar navigation to access the explicit set of data and examine each point.

Detailed competitor analysis:

Perform deep organic research

Using this tool, anyone can carry out intense, organic research.  Click“Organic Research” available in sidebar. As a result, it will lead you to the “Positions” analysis. As default, it shows the US-specific data. However, you can modify to your country area. After you set that, examine Organic Traffic Estimates.

Spy on your competitor traffic stats

Once you have set above, you can watch Organic Traffic Estimates analysis. It gives a brief idea about the organic traffic volume of the website as well as the trend of the particular traffic over time.

If you want, you can see the overall traffic statistics of the website. Simply click on the “Traffic Analytics” available in the sidebar. When clicked, you receive a full breakdown of the way traffic passes through a particular competitor’s website. In this way, the Semrush Traffic Analytics tool helps in many ways.

Click this link to use their Traffic Analytics:

Special Semrush Free Trial Link

The above link also helps to get Semrush 14-Days Free Trial of this tool which otherwise worth $299.95.

It is essential to keep in mind that the Semrush does not include mobile traffic stats. This includes just desktop traffic statistics. The same assists you to find out keyword competition. Fundamentally, it is just an estimate depending on the keyword search volumes, organic rankings, and the typical click-through rates.

After that, you have to return to the Organic Research tab. It is found that the ‘Organic Search Positions’ feature displays you every keyword any specific page or domain is ranking for. This allows you to reverse-engineer their finest performing keywords.

It is found that the Semrush would sort such results by ‘Traffic %’. It can also show the keywords which are estimated to attract the most traffic. Moreover, it is the successfully way to explore sites of the most valuable keywords. It is easy to choose the finest performing keywords.

Assess SERP competition strength

With the help of the “Position Changes” analysis, you can modify in organic rankings for any URL or domain. Moreover, you can look at the topmost 100 organic search results for the latest keywords, improved keywords, new keywords, and declined keywords. It is also possible to filter out the results depending on either of these categories.

In case you are only much interested in the keywords which are performing good then you have to narrow it down to the “Improved” and “New” filters. This enables you to recognize plenty of long-tail keywords which your competitors are actually ranking for. It also helps you to recognize keywords which are rising in the SERPs.

PLA Research

The PLA (Product Listing Ads) shows your competitor’s ads details along with the list of CPC, titles, keywords and the paid traffic. It assists you to search the advertising as well as paid ad strategies that are being used by your competitors to boost their website sales and traffic.

In simple terms, the PLA ads are cost per click ads (CPC) which majority of the eCommerce sites and online marketers purchase via Google AdWords to boost their search traffic. They are usually paid ads that boost search traffic. You can save money using the Semrush promo code. It assists you to find out the appropriate PLA ads without delays. You can easily inspect the high performing CPC ads of your existing competitors.

Advertising Analysis Tools

In case you desire to check out your competitors’ advertising positions, this feature helps you. You can carry out your competitors’ advertising analysis to get info of their paid strategies. It is identical to the aforementioned PLA research.

Semrush Pricing Options

Knowing the pricing options is the important part of the Semrush review. Click on the below link to get your Semrush Promo Code or the Semrush discount 2024.

Ultimately, it assists you to receive the Semrush Pro Account at free of cost for the upcoming 30 days.

SEMrush Free Trial

Semrush presents 3 pricing options:

  1. Pro starts at $99.95/ month
  2. Guru starts at $199.95/ month
  3. Business starts at $399.95/ month

Semrush Pro Account Features:

  • 10,000 results per report
  • 3,000 reports per day
  • 5 projects
  • 500 keywords to track
  • 100,000 pages to crawl

Semrush Guru Account Features:

  • 30,000 results per report
  • 5,000 reports per day
  • 50 projects
  • 1500 keywords to track
  • 300,000 pages to crawl

Semrush Business Account Features:

  • 50,000 results per report
  • 10,000 reports per day
  • Unlimited projects
  • 6000 keywords to track
  • 12,00,000 pages to crawl

Click the below link to receive free account of Semrush Pro Account for 30 Days:

Special Link To Get SEMrush Free Trial

How to Save Some Money on Semrush Purchase?

If you like to take the great benefits of Semrush tool, you can save money by buying any of the Semrush Account in advance and that too for the period of next 12 months.

  • Pro Account for 12 Months: Fees $999.40 -Save $200
  • Guru Account for 12 Months: Fees 1999.40 – Save $400
  • Business Account for 12 Months: Fees $3999.40 – Save $800

Click on the below link to save up to $800 when you buy the Semrush Tool

SEMrush Trial Link

Overall, if you are looking for an SEO tool, the Semrush is one of the best ones.

How to use Semrush competitor research tool to increase your site’s traffic?

Are you interested in knowing the ways touse Semrush more effectively? Well, you can implement the below tips and find the ways to boost your overall website’s traffic.

  • Search for a competitor website related to your industry who is receiving plenty of traffic
  • Inspect your competitor domain inside the Organic Research Tool with the help of Semrush
  • Analyze their traffic as well as Keywords Trend
  • Search the number of backlinks
  • Don’t forget to check the Pages section, and then filter the particular URL for which the competitor domain is currently ranking for
  • Into the Page section, click on the keywords to get a huge list of the keyword ideas  for which the website is ranking for.

Without any delays you can click below link to get 30 Days Free Semrush Pro Account which actually worth $99.95.

Semrush Special Trial Link

Don’t forget to check the website trends graph. If the graph is coming downwards, it suggests that they are not supervising their lost backlinks.

Pros and Cons of Semrush Competitor Analysis Tool

In most of the Semrush reviews you see on Google search, they do not cover the advantages and disadvantages. So, read below:

Pros of Semrush:

  • It is a comprehensive SEO tool
  • This tool helps to find the high potential keywords with precise data
  • It tells you how well or bad a website is performing on the Google? For that, use their site audit tool
  • Semrush comes with the biggest database in the world and the updating is done frequently
  • Semrush is extensively used by 4+ million people
  • You can easily find profitable keywords
  • You can easily estimate traffic of any site
  • Semrush tool allows you to track your site keyword rankings
  • This tool could be used to carry out site audits to find and resolve your site’s technical as well as SEO related problems
  • Competitor research is excellent

Cons of Semrush:

  • The pricing is slightly higher especially for beginners
  • It demands your time to get used to it.
  • Occasionally, the backlinks data is not correct

Do I recommend Semrush SEO Tool?

Obviously yes, it is recommended to use Semrush.

If you read this in-depth review, you know the worth of the Semrush. This tool is highly useful for those people who wish to beat their competitors and make good positions on Google SERPs.

Avoid using it if you demand quick results. This is because SEO is a long-term game.

Make sure to grab it at free of cost for 30 days and begin using it to get excellent results.

Semrush competitor analysis tool: Is it good for you?

If you wish to know the keywords your competitors are currently using, the Semrush tool is the best choice. Also, if you are willing to know about the superb performing keywords as well as the backlink analysis, go for this tool.

In order to estimate the traffic of a particular website, this tool provides precise results. There are plenty of tools available to analyze their website traffic but this tool is the reliable source because it has latest options to provide precise results to the users.

Whether you wish to boost your income by endorsing the suitable affiliate products or boost the organic traffic of your website by making use of the finest keywords used by your competitors,the Semrush SEO Tool is the best choice for you.

There are many bloggers who are uploading articles on their blogs to boost their website search in order to make higher sales and boost the revenue to earn passive income. For those bloggers, the Semrush is the finest tool for you.

Without any delays, click below link to begin using Semrush:

SEMrush Free Trial Link

FAQs About Semrush SEO Tool And Semrush Trial Accounts

The following section discusses about some important questions and answers you should know regarding Semrush review. It also discusses questions about the Semrush free account.

1. How can I get Semrush free trial?

It is a good chance to grab the Semrush free trial. The Semrush trial permits you to use it for 7 days.

However, the Bloggers Passion is tied up with Semrush to offer you Semrush Free Trial for 30 days. Click below link to get Semrush Pro account at free of cost for 30 days.

SEMrush Special Link

2. What To do with a Semrush free account?

The free account of Semrush provides you everything you expect from a premium monthly plan. This suggests that for keyword research, competitor analysis to backlinks, etc, this Semrush free version helps you a lot.

3. Can I do domains comparison using Semrush?

Yes, it is possible to easily perform detailed domains’ comparisons with the help of the Semrush. For that, you have to use the Domain Vs Domain feature in which you can enter any two or multiple domains which you want to compare. After that, Semrush will instantly get all the important details that you want to analyze your competitors. Keep in mind, you can enter maximum 5 domains that you want to compare sing the Semrush domain vs domain tool.

4. What does Semrush do exactly?

Semrush is primarily used as a competitor research tool. Moreover, it can be used as a comprehensive SEO toolkit in which you can do below things:

  • Keyword research
  • Keyword rank tracking
  • Site audits
  • Backlink analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Content creation ideas
  • Site positioning
  • Semrush updates its databases regularly to provide you precise and latest data
  • Advertising analysis tools for finding out the best performing ads
  • PLA (Product Listing Ads) shows your competitor’s ads details
  • Domain comparison

The greatest reason for using this tool is that they presently have 28 databases from India, US, and Europe. Irrespective of where your target market is located and irrespective of your industry, you can choose the relevant database to search for the profitable keywords to produce more sales and traffic.

5. What are the best alternatives to Semrush Tool for keyword research?

There are some Best semrush alternatives. Though Semrush is a wonderful tool for finding highly profitable keywords, if you want the best alternatives of Semrush for keyword research, try out any of the following tools.

  • KW Finder
  • Ahrefs Keywords Explorer
  • Long Tail Platinum Cloud

These 3 tools are premium tools and they provide you wonderful features to easily find out the profitable keywords having low competition.

6. Is Semrush worth paying for?

Yes, it is good to invest in Semrush. It is a premium tool and the starter plan charges you $100 per month. Though it may seem a costly tool chiefly for the beginners, there are many useful features. Those bloggers who have been using it for years have recommended this tool to all the beginners and experienced bloggers. This tool justifies the price.

There is an important reason why more than 4 million people globally use the Semrush. It provides you easy access to plenty of tools which you could use to find out traffic-generating keywords, inspecting your competitors sites, know and resolve your site website SEO related problems, know about the highest performing keywords along with pages of your website, makes comparison of domains, easily track your keyword rankings, etc.

7. How much does Semrush cost?

Currently, Semrush provides 3 pricing plans for subscriptions done on monthly basis. These plans arePro (at $99.95), Guru (at $199.95) and Business (at $399.95).

These 3 plans are recurring subscriptions and it means that you need to pay every month until you close the account. Whenever you want, you can cancel your Semrush account anytime

If you are confused about which Semrush plan suits you, it is recommended to go through this link to know the suitable pricing plan that meets your budget and website requirements.

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Final Thoughts

After going through the above Semrush Review, it is necessary to conclude about this tool. If you wish to spy on the competitors and know about their advertising strategies, the high-performing keywords that attract traffic and the backlinks’ sources, etc. go for the Semrush tool.

Being an online marketer or a blogger, it is very important to keep an eye on your competitors and carry out keyword research. The Semrush 30 days free trial allows you to effectively perform competitor analysis without any hassles.

When you receive the Semrush Free Trial of its pro account for 30 days, make sure to grab it soon. This is because it is a limited period offer. This review and the Semrush Pro account at free of cost for 30 days benefits many bloggers.

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