SEMrush vs Serpstat: An Honest Feature and Pricing Comparison

To improve the performance of a website, SEO tools are very useful. When mater to comes to SEO tools, there are various choices available.

The careful choice benefits you with great features without any problems. Since last year, experts have tried and tested many SEO tools that range from free to paid tools.

The good news is that it is easy to find one of the best SEO tools within your budget.

Making an investment in all-in-one SEO tools is a good choice. This is because they provide many features like competitor analysis, keyword research, technical SEO etc.

These features are useful to improve the performance of a website. Now when the matter comes to all in one SEO tool, actually, there are two tools that provide good value for money.

Names of these two tools are SEMrush and Serpstat.

One of these tools is being used by millions of people globally and the other one provides great features at cost-effective prices. To carry out SEMrush vs Serpstat comparison, this article is very useful.

To make a good choice from these tools, you would have confusion on which SEO tool is worth your money? To know this, continue reading the article below:

SEMrush vs Serpstat: Which SEO Tool Is Worth Your Money?

It becomes easy to decide which among these 2 SEO tools is best if you know their features. Take a look at the features of each of these tools:

Features List of SEMrush And Serpstat

To make a comparison of Semrush vs serpstat, you can look at the features of both these Tools. Before proceeding further, let’s discuss about the features of these SEO tools.

Features of SEMrush

  • It provides access to 40+ SEO tools
  • Backlink audit
  • Link building tool
  • Website audits
  • Keyword tracking
  • Keyword magic tool for keyword research
  • Brand monitoring tool
  • Estimate traffic of any website in the globe
  • Domain vs domain comparison
  • Analytics reports (they help you find details about paid search, organic search, or link building)
  • PPC research
  • Social media monitoring
  • In-depth competitor analysis
  • Access to SEO reports (also includes the white label)

Are you looking to get a SEMrush free trial? Well, click on the below link to receive SEMrush Pro Account, on free trial basis, for 30 days:

SEMrush Special Link To Get 30 Days Free Trial

Now let’s look at the features of Serpstat tool:

Features of Serpstat SEO Tool

Just like SEMrush, Serpstat provides a wide range of features as mentioned below:

  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Search analytics
  • Backlink research
  • Rank tracking
  • On-page audits
  • Paid advertising analysis
  • Market intelligence
  • Access to reports
  • Content marketing ideation
  • Domain vs. Domain comparison
  • Keep track on position changes of domains
  • Allows batch analysis of maximum 200 domains

Are you looking to try out a Serpstat free trial? Well, click on the below link to grab the Serpstat Pro Account, on free trial basis, for 30 days:

Serpstat 7 days free trial link

Who is the winner?

In terms of features, SEMrush wins over Serpstat. This is because it has a vast list of tools (includes 40 tools) ranging from the SEO to PPC to social media.

Overview of Both the Tools

In the SEMrush vs Serpstat comparison, you need to get enough details about both these tools.

Let’s take a quick overview of SEMrush and Serpstat.

The SEMrush was established in year 2008 and turned out to be a popular SEO toolkit. It is being used by 6+ million users globally.

semrush seo tool

The Serpstat was established in year 2013, initially, it worked as a keyword research tool.

Now, it has developed into a full SEO suite that provides everything from keyword research to competitor analysis.

Out of many SEO tools available in the market, these two tools are famous for their tons of features.

serpstat facts

Serpstat 7 days free trial link

User Interface & Ease of Use of SEMrush & Serpstat

Let’s discuss about the interfaces and know how easy it is to access. The SEMrush user interface and Serpstat user interface are designed for user convenience. But there is difference between these SEMrush and Serpstat SEO tools.

In Semrush, you can easily find everything right from the domain analytics to backlink audits to position tracking, etc. in one place.

Hence, it is easy to find and analyze all the traffic changes on your website.

The Serpstat also provides you all the reports like organic keywords, site audits, PPC keywords, site audit reports, backlink audits, etc. at one place. Thus, you can get a quick overview of the website changes.

Who is the winner?

Actually, it is a tie because both these tools provide similar interfaces. These interfaces allow you to easily access each of their tools from the dashboard. Also, both of them provide a broad range of features.

SEMrush vs Serpstat: Keyword Research Comparison

When carrying out a comparison of the Semrush vs Serpstat, you need to compare based on keyword research.

The SEMrush provides the Keyword Overview functionality. It is the simplest way to get an instant analysis of your keywords.

Also, it provides an in-depth summary of keyword metrics like:

  • CPC
  • search volume
  • SERP results data as well as a search trend
  • Keyword variations
  • Keyword difficulty
  • Questions
  • Related keywords, etc.

SEMrush also provides a wonderful Keyword Research tool named as “Keyword Magic”. This tool offers all the keywords you require to making your SEO or PPC campaigns. Many people use the keyword magic tool from the SEMrush for keyword research.

semrush keyword overview

The below section help you to use the keyword magic tool. It helps you to easily find better keywords suitable in your niche.

Step-1: Initially, click on Keyword Magic Tool present under the Keyword Research section. Now you need to enter a keyword you like to start the keyword research.

semrush keyword magic tool

In the test carried out in the example, the keyword used is “WordPress SEO”. The SEMrush shows 6,021 keyword suggestions for the particular keyword. Moreover, you can find some other metrics such as total volume for the keyword as well as the average keyword difficulty score (KD).

Note: In case you want to find PPC keywords for your ad campaigns, it is easy to use their PPC keyword tool. This tool is useful to organize keywords at the campaign as well as ad group level. Also, you can set the negative keywords and can even export the campaign for importing inside the Google Ads Editor.

Step-2: In this step, you need to find out a list of all the keyword suggestions.

The keyword magic tool provides you a broad range of keyword choices like:

  • Broad match keywords (it contains any variation of your seed keyword irrespective of the order)
  • Exact match keywords
  • Phrase match keywords

The keyword metrics include:

  • Monthly search volume
  • Keyword difficulty score
  • Search trend of the keyword
  • CPC value, competition etc.

Step-3: In this step, you need to find out the overall keyword overview for a particular keyword.

Simply click on any one of the keyword terms which you like and the SEMrush tool would show you some useful data.

semrush keyword overview tool

The data contains list of global search volume, keyword variations, and question-based keywords, etc.

Also, you can click on the “View all keywords” in order to find out more keyword ideas present around your focus keyword.

Now let’s discuss how to use Serpstat’s keyword analysis tool to easily find out keywords in a specific niche.

Step-1: First of all, go to the Overview section present under the “Keyword Research” tool. After that, you have to enter your target keyword.

serpstat keyword overview

Step-2: In this step, you can find out the number of keywords as well as PPC keywords

serpstat keyword analysis tool

The Serpstat keyword analysis tool gives more keywords data for the same keyword. On the other hand, the SEMrush keyword research tool offers approx. 6000 keywords. The number of keywords data is dependent on the keyword you choose.

For example, you get more keywords in SEMrush but sometimes you get more keywords with the Serpstat.

You can find out a list of all the PPC keywords but in the SEMrush, you need to access PPC keywords separately. Click on the “See all” button and there you can find a list of every keyword suggestion for the targeted keyword.

Step-3: In this step, you can scroll down to watch the competitors’ data for a particular keyword.

serpstat competitor overview

It is easy to analyze a list of all top-ranking competitors inside the organic search for your keyword phrase. Also, you will find a keywords list which includes keywords they are ranking for.

Who is the winner?

In this case, it is again a tie between both these tools. They both provide a long list of keyword metrics to let you perform organic and PPC keyword research.

SEMrush vs Serpstat: Backlink Analysis Comparison

When carrying out Semrush vs Serpstat comparison, the backlink analysis is very important. The Semrush and Serpstat allows you to do this easily.

SEMrush names its backlinks analysis tool by the name: “Backlink Analytics”. This can be found inside the “Link Building” section.

First of all, enter any domain you like and you will quickly get an overview.

semrush Backlink Analysis tool

The SEMrush backlinks analytics tool provides you a wide range of things like;

  • Overall number of backlinks (also includes their anchor texts)
  • Referring domains and IPs
  • Competitors
  • Indexed pages
  • Monthly visits
  • Every organic keyword your competitors are ranking for

In addition, you can scroll down till the end of the tool to find out all the top pages that help you find out a list of all the pages with a large number of links.

semrush analytics tool

If you want, you can click on the View full report for finding out all the top pages of a particular domain you like.

Serpstat provides a tool named as “Backlink Analysis”. It helps you to monitor any website’s referring domains as well as subdomains. Also, you can monitor referring home pages, links to the analyzed domain, etc.

First of all, enter any competitors’ domain and press enter. You will quickly find out the overview of the specific domain.

serpstat Backlink Analysis

You will find backlink data that includes:

  • Overall number of backlinks (also includes dofollow and nofollow links)
  • Referring domains and IPs
  • Anchor texts etc.
serpstat backlink anchors

Who is the winner?

In terms of backlink analysis, SEMrush is the winner. This is because it provides detailed data like more backlink sources. Also, it includes the referring domains with the organic keywords for which your competitors are ranking.

Serpstat is also good but it shows limited amount of backlink data compared to serpstat backlinks analytics tool.

SEMrush vs Serpstat: Technical Site Audits Comparison

One more thing to discuss in the Semrush vs Serpstat comparison is the technical site audits comparison. The Semrush and serpstat tools can perform this audit comparison.

The SEMrush presents a wonderful Site Audit i.e. Semrush Site Audit tool. It is a website crawler that enables you to monitor the health of a website. Also, it provides a list of all the problems your website is facing. Hence, you can solve them to increase the SEO of your site.

To use the site audit functionality, you have to make a project by entering the domain of your website. After you do it, you can operate the crawl function. Hence, it gives you an overview of the overall health of your site.

semrush Technical Site Audits

There are many things you will find in the Site Audit overview like;

  • Site Health (it shows a score out of 100 based on the number of warnings and errors found on your website, the higher better it is)
  • Errors (The total number of issues of the greatest severity found on your website. Make sure to solve them at the earliest.)
  • Warnings (The total number of issues of medium severity found on your website)
  • Notices (The total number of notices found on your website)

To find out a list of all the errors, you can click on the ‘Issues’ tab. It shows you list of warnings, errors, notices, etc. on your website. Also, it shows the recommendations.

semrush site audit issues

Make sure to begin solving all the errors to increase the health score of your website. SEMrush tool also offers you suggestions on ways to solve your errors as well as warnings.

Now let’s discuss about how Site Audits functions in Serpstat.

Just like the Site Audit tool in SEMrush, Serpstat also allows you add a new project. In that, you can add your website to carry out a complete website audit. The Serpstat site audit tool gives an overview of your site.

semrush site audit issues

Serpstat provides you an SDO score (Serpstat Domain Optimization Score). This score tells you how perfectly a domain is optimized depending on the correlation of the overall number of errors.

You also get details on;

  • High priority issues to resolve
  • Medium priority issues to resolve
  • Low priority issues to resolve
  • Viruses on your website (if any)

Once you scroll down, you will find a list of all the site audit recommendations.

Right from the missing meta tags to the AMP related issues, it is easy to find and solve various website issues on your website.

Who is the winner?

SEMrush is better than Serpstat in terms of site audits. This is because it provides you more data as well as recommendations to solve your site issues.

Pricing Comparison

Now let’s discuss about the pricing plans of these SEO tools. The comparison includes their Free plans along with free trials.

SEMrush Pricing Plans

There are 3 options in the SEMrush pricing plans. You will benefit from SEMrush free plans and SEMrush free trial.

SEMrush provides 3 pricing options:

  1. Pro
  2. Guru
  3. Business

Now let’s discuss in brief about these options:

1. Pro plan is basically the starter plan from SEMrush. It comes at a price of $99.95/month. In this, you will receive 10,000 results in each report. You get 3000 reports every day and you can make up to 3 projects. Also, you can track up to 500 keywords for tracking and up to 100,000 pages for crawling.

2. Guru plan comes at a fee of $199.95/month. There, you will receive 30,000 results in each report and 5000 reports every day. Also, you can make up to 15 projects and track up to 1500 keywords.

3. Business plan comes at a fee of $399.95/month. In that, you will receive 50,000 results in each report and 10,000 reports every day. Also, you can make up to 25 projects and easily track up to 5000 keywords.

SEMrush provides a free plan but with some limitations. In the free plan, you get the following:

  • You can make 1 project
  • You can easily track positions of maximum 10 keywords (they are updated daily)
  • It allows you to perform a site audit for maximum of 100 pages/month
  • You can easily track maximum of 5 social media profiles. You can also post to 2 networks as well as schedule 10 posts
  • It comes with on-page SEO checker in which you can receive recommendations for 10 keyword units every month
  • It supports domain & keyword analytics in which you will receive 10 results every report and 10 reports every day

Click on the below link to receive SEMrush 30-days free trial:

Special Link To Get SEMrush 30 Days Free Trial

Serpstat Pricing Plans

When performing Semrush vs Serpstat comparison, you need to know the pricing plans of both these Seo tools. Let’s learn more about Serpstat pricing plans. It comes with 4 pricing options as follows:

  1. Lite
  2. Standard
  3. Advanced
  4. Enterprise

Now let’s briefly discuss about them:

1. The “Lite” plan is known to be the most affordable plan from Serpstat. It comes at a price of $69/month. You will receive 4,000 queries every day and you get 10,000 results in each report. Using this plan, only one user can access your Serpstat account and also you will receive access to the live chat support, mobile tracking, etc.

2. The “Standard” plan comes at a fee of $149/month. It provides 5,000 queries every day and 30,000 results in each report. Using this plan, it is easy to add up to 3 team members into your account. Also, you gain access to the branded reports.

3. The “Advanced” plan comes at a fee of $299/month. It includes all things from the above two options. Also, you receive 8,000 queries every day as well as 50,000 results in each report. Using this plan, it is easy to add up to 5 team members into your account. Also, you will have access to phone support.

4. The “Enterprise” plan comes at a fee of $499/month. It comes with everything from the ‘Advanced’ plan. You will receive 12,000 queries every day as well as 75,000 results in each report.

Using this plan, it is easy to add up to 7 team members into your account.  Also, you will gain access to white label reporting.

The Serpstat SEO tool provides a free plan with some limitations. You get the following in its free plan:

  • Search analytics: 10 queries every day
  • Backlink Analysis: 10 queries every day
  • 10 pages for the site audit
  • Make 1 project

Click on the below link to get Serpstat free trial:

Serpstat Special Link

Who is the winner?

Serpstat is the winner because it is quite cheaper than the Semrush SEO tool. The SEMrush SEO tool is somewhat expensive.

Pros & Cons of SEMrush and Serpstat

Pros and cons of SEMrush:

The next part of the Semrush vs Serpstat comparison shows the benefits and limitations of these two Seo tools. The Semrush and serpstat SEO tool come with unique pros and cons.

Let’s first look at pros and cons of SEMrush:


  • Provides a lot of tools compared to Serpstat
  • It provides precise keyword volume data
  • It provides SEO reports along with white-label access as well as custom reports
  • The competitive research shows you the amount of traffic a site receives, which keywords generate more traffic to a website, number of backlinks a site has, what keywords they bid on in PPC, etc
  • The keyword research is useful because it allows you to find many metrics like historical search trends, approximate monthly search volume, “keyword difficulty” scores, etc.
  • Backlink audit feature allows you to find out all the links your website has.
  • The PPC analysis allows you to easily find out opportunities for the advertising keywords. It helps you to know what your competitors are performing in paid search
  • The site audit functionality checks the health of your site. Hence, you can find and resolve your website issues
  • Social media tracker allows better competitor analysis to make a solid social media tactic
  • CPC Map functionality monitors the average CPC within your niche from various regions


  • It comes with a large learning curve (There are more than 40 SEO tools from SEMrush and it can be confusing to scroll initially)
  • Keyword or traffic volume accuracy is not good

Pros and cons of Serpstat

It is important to know the pros and cons of both these Seo tools. The Serpstat SEO tools ca dirve traffic to a website. Let’s know its pros and cons:


  • Cheaper in price than SEMrush (suitable for beginners)
  • It provides a free option in which you can register for the Serpstat at free of cost. This allows you to change daily limit to 30 queries.
  • It offers full analytics at the URL level not only the domain level which is great
  • Offers you more keyword suggestions
  • The keyword research is better
  • It provides you online chat support
  • The paid search is affordable
  • The keyword difficulty is less
  • It can carry out full competitor analysis 


  • It does not offer so many backlink data like SEMrush does. Sometimes its keywords data is not accurate.
  • Serpstat does not offer features or tools for social media. You get those features in SEMrush.

FAQs About SEMrush and Serpstat SEO Tools

Below are few of the FAQs about these two SEO tools:

1. How can I receive SEMrush for free?

The users can benefit from SEMrush free plans. It provides a free plan with limited features that allows you to add just one project. If you want to receive SEMrush for free, click on the below link to get a 30 days free trial:

SEMrush Special Link

2. What is the cost of SEMrush plans?

SEMrush comes with 3 pricing plans. The Semrush Pro plan charges at $99.95/month, the Guru plan charges a fee of $199.95/month and the Business plan charges a fee of $399.95/month.

3. How to cancel the SEMrush free trial?

If you are not satisfied with SEMrush and want to cancel SEMrush trial then you can send a cancellation request email to The cancellation requests are usually processed in 1 business day.

4. How to cancel my Serpstat account?

If you want to cancel your Serpstat account then can contact their support team through online chat. Also, you can send email at

5. Is there any Serpstat free trial available?

The Serpstat offers 7 days free trial to let you learn its features. Follow the instructions given on the page to get its free trial.

Click the below link for its free trial:

Serpstat 7 Days Free Trial Link

6. Is it possible to use premium tools like SEMrush or Serpstat at free of cost?

Just like all the premium tools, Serpstat provides you free trials. The SEMrush provides free trial for 30 days but Serpstat provides a 7 day free trial.

Using the Serpstat free trial, you don’t need to enter your card number. Hence, the signup process is easy.

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Final Thoughts: Which is Best SEMrush or Serpstat?

The detailed comparison of Semrush vs Serpstat as above helps you to make a better decision. Both these Seo tools come with great features. Semrush is suitable for people who want an all-in-one Seo toolkit. It helps you to perform SEO, PPC, SEM, social media, brand monitoring, content marketing, etc. If budget is not a problem then SEMrush is a good choice.

For people on a limited budget, Serpstat is a great choice. It also provides great features at an affordable prices. Without any delays, you can try out any of these tools.

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