What is SEO Site Audit? How to Perform an Site Audit with Semrush Easily Tutorial

Want to know how to SEO site audit with SEMRUSH. 

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Search traffic is one of the most vital aspects for any website. It is true that writing a great quality content brings in good traffic. However, you may still struggle to boost your search traffic even after writing great content. One thing you have to consider is performing a site audit. This is where the Semrush comes into play.

With this SEMrush Site Audit tool, you could utilize its site audit feature for finding as well as fixing your site concerns.

Boosting website traffic is actually difficult irrespective of the type of industry. Especially when you are novice to online world, this is overwhelming.  The website traffic is the currency online, chiefly the organic search engine traffic.

In case you are facing problems with boosting your search engine traffic then your site may be facing certain issues.

At this point, the SEO site audit proves to be useful. Now let’s discuss what it means by the SEO site audit and the way to easily perform website audit with Semrush.

The present post also discusses about the Moz site audit tool. Hence, you will get a good overview on which one to choose. Now let’s first understand what SEO site audit is:

What is SEO site audit?

Do you wish to receive plenty of idea on how to enhance your search traffic? Well, they you can perform SEO audit on your site.

SEO site audit includes the following:

  • Finding out your website problems (like duplicated content, broken links, missing alt tags, etc)
  • Resolving those issues to receive more search traffic

The tools such as Semrush prove to be useful when you are performing site audits.

The Semrush Site Audit tool can easily crawl any website to find out the technical SEO issues and offer data for the purpose of analysis. Through this site audit tool, it is possible to carry out a detailed technical SEO audit at fast speed.

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How SEO audit can help?

Do you write great content but yet facing issues with how to increase your search traffic? Well, then you have to carry out the site audit to detect as well as resolve all of your website issues. Thus, you can let it rank better in the Google search rankings.

At this point of time, a tool such as Semrush proves to be useful to find out the place where your content is lacking off on opportunities to receive more earch traffic.

The site issues can be broken links, duplicate content, nofollow attribute warnings, lengthy title tags, and some intense technical issues. Whatever the issues are the SEO audit assists you in detecting them. Moreover, it assists you to solve the on-site issues and enhance search engine rankings.

The SEMrush Site Audit lets you determine about the several SEO issues that you generally ignore. This entire process is automatic and you would receive a weekly report when you carry out site audit. Hence, you can easily resolve all the errors and issues.

After that, wait for the upcoming audit report to know how successful your comprehensive SEO of the blog is. Whenever required, you can manually execute SEO Audit tool for any website.

The tutorial below highlights steps to boost your entire website’s SEO. You can successfully find out your site SEO related problems. Furthermore, you can perceive boost in your search rankings once these issues are resolved through Semrush site audit tool.

The 3 step tutorial and doing site audit with Semrush

semrush site audit

Prior you get into the details, don’t forget to try it through the following link:

Click this link to start your 30-days free trial through Semrush (worth $119.95)

Get access to Semrush pro 30 days trail worth $119.95

Now let’s quickly discuss about how to obtain access to the Semrush Pro account that actually worth $119.95.

Step-1: Click the below special link to receive your 30 days Semrush account for free (that actually worth $119.95)

SEMrush Free Trial 30 Days

 Now you need to register by mentioning your email and password.

Step-2: At this step, you have to enter your billing details. Here, you will obtain 30 days free trial of Semrush Pro.

Step-3: In this step, enter your payment to quickly receive your Semrush Pro account free for next 30 days.

Also, you can go for Semrush Guru account which will be discussed below:

Get access to Semrush Guru 14 days trail worth $229.95

Now let’s rapidly discuss about how to receive access to the Semrush Guru account that actually worth $229.95.

Step-1: Click on the following link to receive Guru account from Semrush and also mention your details to register your account.

SEMrush Guru 14 Days Free Trial

Step-2: After you have entered your email address and password, gain access to their 30-day free trial.

After you enter your payment details, you will receive instant payment.

Why should you go for Semrush Guru plan?

Below are some features that you obtain with Semrush Guru plan:

  • Reports per day: 5000
  • Keywords to track: 1500
  • Projects: 15
  • Scheduled PDF reports: 20
  • Historical data
  • Pages to crawl: 300,000
  • Multitargeted tracking
  • Social media profiles: 100 (for monitoring) and 30 for posting
  • Branded PDF reports

Click on the below link to receive Semrush Guru account for 14 days:

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Step 1: Create a project by listing your domain:

After you’ve logged into the Semrush dashboard, make a new project from projects. Now click on the “Add new project” for making a new project.

semrush project

After you have clicked on it, you will see a dialogue box opened up:

Now enter your domain name (for example yourdomain.com) as well as mention a name you lik. Finally, click on Save to continue.

Step 2: Check your site score:

After you made the project mentioning your domain name, the Semrush tool takes some time to analyze it. In a few minutes, you will receive an audit score for the website. This score reveals all your website problems, warnings, and errors.

Once you begin performing site auditing of your website through Semrush, you will see plenty of errors of your website which you may not know.

semrush site audit tool

When you look at the above screenshot, you will find that the site score for Digital SEO Guide is revealed as 93%. This tool analyzed certain things like below:

In total Digital SEO Guide site has:

  • 18 broken links
  • 16 Pages show a low text-HTML ratio
  • 87 Pages lack meta descriptions

Step 3: Eliminate the issues and warnings to improve your site score:

In the previous step, we found certain issues that our blog Digital SEO Guide includes.

Quick note: Our website digital seo guide records a site score of approx. 70 and we did certain modifications by correcting all the errors and warnings recently. Hence, it reached up to 91%.

One of the wonderful functionalities of the Semrush is the site audit tool. It assists those who are facing issues with producing more visitors and receive more authority for their sites.

Few of the other features that this site audit tool comes with are:

  • It assists you in searching broken links on your website.
  • You can easily find out pages with duplicate content on your website. Also, you can find out pages that lack a meta description.
  • It can easily find pages where Text to HTML ratio is low.

Apart from that, it can also find out all other concerns that are hampering your SEO progress.

Click on the below link to receive your 30-day free trial through Semrush (worth $119.95)

SEMrush Free Trial Link

As quickly you remove such issues, the overall health of your site will be better. This is the usefulness of the Semrush site audit feature.

For this case, you can carry out the below things after you find out all the errors and issues which your site possesses.

Now let’s first correct broken links because it badly influences on the user experience of a website. It is possible to utilize the broken link checker plugin from WordPress.

Through this plugin, it is easy to analyze all the broken links both external and internal linking errors. You can easily find out all the bad links and discard them.

After that, you need to again carry out the test on the Semrush Audit tool. This will let you check the performance of your site in regards of SEO Score.

Don’t forget to add meta descriptions for all such missing pages as well as check how it influences your site score. With the help of Yoast SEO, you can easily include the meta descriptions within all the pages. After the inclusion of the meta description to every such missing pages, the overall score of your site boosts.

After you complete the SEO audit through Semrush, below are certain things you should enhance to boost your overall site score as well as on page SEO.

Pro tip: As per my viewpoint, I recommend you to begin using WordPress SEO from the Yoast plugin (free). This will help you to instantly solve the problems like images without alt tags, missing meta descriptions, lengthy titles, etc.

Certain things that you should improve to boost your overall site score and on page SEO as well

  1. HTML markup- If you are worried regarding the SEO then you must continuously analyze this key area. But, if you use a quality theme then it will not create an issue.
  2. Titles- Title is something that appeals to readers at the first place and it also attracts search engines. Ascertain that your titles are unique, accurate and appropriate to the content. In case you want to find out title duplication, it is possible through the Google Search Console. Open the Google search console and then click on “Search Appearance”. In that, you will see Screaming Frog’s Page Titles tab and HTML Improvements. Now you need to check with it to know whether that particular title is available or taken. But, if your site is a WordPress site, then Yoast plugin will meet the needs.
  3. URLs- For each post, you write on your site, the URLs you include must be short and user-friendly. Also, it must include a keyword.  Within WordPress, there is an option to use the permalinks and WordPress performs this automatically.
  4. Meta description – Keep in mind that you have to make the description that is so unique and related to the page content under 172 characters. Also, make sure you add relevant keywords within it. Moreover, you can check description through the Screaming Frog other than the Yoast and few other SEO plugins.
  5. Headings tags- To provide appropriate format and structure to the content and let it work as scannable, make use of the H1 tags inside the titles.
  6. Precise Content- The WordPress Yoast plugin analyzes whether or not your content is exceptional, accurate and useful. It works as the perfect plugin to effectively optimize content of your blog.
  7. Images – In case you include any images within your content, keep in mind that the file titles, ALT tags, SEO markers for those images include keywords and are narrative too. WordPress comes with an image plugin to test this. But, Screaming Frog comes with its own section in which you can decrease the image size to let it load quicker.
  8. Links – With the growth of the site, the odds of dead links would also raise. Though there is a relatively decent WordPress plugin to recognize broken links, actually, there are a few good dead link checkers as well, and they are available online.
  9. Keywords – WordPress Yoast plugin successfully optimizes just one page for each focus keyword. In case a repetition takes place, Yoast will find it out.
  10. Technical errors – Open the Google Search Console account to detect out crawl errors. In case you find out any then make corrections in the nonexistent pages along with the 404 error. This suggests that you can redirect the URLs of such pages to those places with vital information.
  11. Duplicate content – In order to find out the duplicate content problems on your site, you can use Siteliner.com. Also, you can take help of the Google Search Console. Check under HTML Improvements to do needful modifications.

By doing this, you can know SEO weak spots of a particular site. Next, you can prioritize each issue and correct them gradually. Also, you can perceive how each alteration puts a positive effect on your website. Keep in mind that you have to use plenty of plugins and tools in case you are manually performing SEO audit for a website.

However with Semrush, it is easy to detect and solve all the technical SEO issues resulting from your website with simplicity through thier Site Audit functionality.

Irrespective of what type of services you are providing online, it is necessary to find out what is going on in the market. For outranking your competitors, you must know what the correct keywords are to be targeted for your site. Also, you should know your site issues and about the competitor’s backlinks.

Pricing of Semrush

Semrush provides 3 pricing packages as mentioned below:

  1. Semrush pro
  2. Semrush guru
  3. Semrush business

Now let’s quickly discuss each of them to know which one is the best choice for your blogging requirements.

Semrush Pro: Using Semrush Pro account, you receive the below features:

  • Reports per day: 3000
  • Results per report: 10,000
  • Keywords to track: 500
  • Pages to crawl: 100,000
  • Social media profiles: 50
  • Projects: 5
  • Scheduled PDF reports: 5

Cost: $119.95 per month

Semrush Guru: Using Semrush Guru account, these are the features you get.

  • Reports per day: 5000
  • Results per report: 30,000
  • Keywords to track: 1500
  • Pages to crawl: 300,000
  • Social media profiles: 100
  • Projects: 50
  • Scheduled PDF reports: 20
  • Branded PDF reports
  • Gain access to Historical data

Cost: $229.95 per month

Semrush business: Using Semrush Business account, get these features:

  • Reports per day: 10,000
  • Results per report: 50,000
  • Pages to crawl: 1,000,000
  • Keywords to track: 6000
  • Social media profiles: 300
  • Projects: 40
  • Scheduled PDF reports: 50
  • Branded PDF reports
  • Product Listing Ads
  • Historical data
  • Multi-user management

Cost: $449.95 per month

Now let’s discuss about some other site audit from Moz.

Moz Site Audit Tool

Apart from Semrush, there is one more wonderful SEO tool named as MOZ SEO Tool. The Semrush and Moz are the impeccably optimized SEO tools. They possess their own exceptional features.

Similar to Semrush, Moz provides site auditing which assists in finding out the SEO issues. Also, it resolves them.

Moz’s SEO crawl tool finds out the duplicate content along with titles, errors, and server redirects inside the title tag or the URL.

1. Scrape up to 1 million pages:

Moz’s crawler comes with the capacity to scrape off any public website consisting of maximum 1 million pages. It lets you easily recognize the issues that influences on your SEO performance and work on to enhance your website’s potential to be crawled through the search engines.

2. Schedule Crawl Alerts:

Using the Moz Pro’s site crawling tool, it is possible to carry out limitless audits of any public website. Moreover, it provides instant data regarding the issues affecting your SEO performance.

The crawl test tool submits rogerbot directly to your site or to your competitor’s site. Next, it finds errors like title tags, 500 status codes, etc. But each account comes with a limit of, 2 crawl tests every day. The results can be saved in a CSV format.

You can observe the crawl results after resolving a few crawl errors on your website.  However, Moz crawl test tool offers Moz Pro account subscription. It lets you plan weekly crawls to recognize new issues.

3. Check crawlability issues:

The broken links and duplicate content and are few of the key factors that come into the way of the growth of any website. Using the Moz Pro’s crawl tool, it is easy check for website crawlability as well as indexing issues like duplicate content and title, missing page elements, broken links, meta descriptions, crawl errors, and title tag issues.

Moz Pro Pricing

Moz offers various pricing options. The below section discusses their pricing packages

  1. Standard
  2. Medium
  3. Large
  4. Premium

Now let’s quickly discuss about their 4 pricing alternatives.

Standard: Using their standard package (comes at a price of $99 per month), you get the following features:

  • 5 Campaigns
  • 100,000 Crawled Pages/Week
  • 300 Tracked Keyword Rankings
  • Does not allow site recrawl (unlike Semrush)
  • 5 Keyword Reports/Day

Medium: Using their standard package (comes at a price of $149 per month), you get the following features:

  • 10 Campaigns
  • 500,000 Crawled Pages/Week
  • 750 Tracked Keyword Rankings
  • Instant Site Recrawl
  • 30 Keyword Lists
  • 5,000 Keyword Reports/Month

Large: Using their standard package (comes at a price of $249 per month), you get the below features:

  • 25 Campaigns
  • 1,250,000 Crawled Pages/Week
  • 1,900 Tracked Keyword Rankings
  • Instant Site Recrawl
  • 60 Keyword Lists
  • 15,000 Keyword Reports/Month

Premium: Using their standard package (comes at a price $599 per month), you get the below features:

  • 100 Campaigns
  • 5,000,000 Crawled Pages/Week
  • 7,500 Tracked Keyword Rankings
  • Instant Site Recrawl
  • Speed Crawl (10x faster)
  • 100 Keyword Lists
  • 30,000 Keyword Reports/Month

From the discussion of Semrush and Moz Pro pricing plan, it is clear that Semrush wins.

What makes Semrush outstanding compared to Moz site audit?

If you are still confused on why to go for Semrush site audit tool compared to Moz, then below are few of the key benefits of using it.

1. Check your site’s health:

Using the Semrush Site Audit tool’s report, it is easy to find out your website and offer it more accessibility for search engine robots.

In case you wish to perform an SEO-test using Semrush Site Audit reports, then you can setup an audit campaign.

After you set up it, you could:

  • Optimize your internal and external links.
  • Add tags wherever they are missing.
  • Create meta descriptions, titles, and other HTML tags exceptional and understandable for users as well as search engines.
  • Correct the broken images and serve them an alt attribute.
  • Find out and erase error pages.
  • Find out duplicate content pages.
  • Resolve other issues that are negatively affecting your SEO progress.

Keep in mind that you don’t go above your crawled pages limit.

Click the below link to begin your 30-day free trial using Semrush (worth $119.95)

SEMrush Free Trial 30 Days

2. You can prioritize SEO issues and fix them:

Semrush Site Audit tool finds out issues concerned to crawlability, images, content, links, coding, and accessibility. The report displays the most commonly found issues on your site.

If you wish to resolve any issue all through your whole website, look at the SEO analysis report. It shows the URLs of every webpages influenced by the issue.

3. Track your SEO progress:

You can often supervise your website’s health through Semrush SEO analysis report. It is possible to plan a technical site audit on weekly basis. It will automatically begin crawling your website. After finished, you would receive a notification.

By executing website SEO audits often, you would track the progress of health of your website.

4. Fix hreflang mistakes:

When the matter comes about International SEO, the hreflang are basis. It informs Google which page must be displayed to visitors based on their location and language. Hence, if you incorrectly execute hreflang tags, it badly influences the user experience and also damages SEO of your website. For finding out and fixing hreflang errors, you can use the Semrush SEO Audit feature.

5. Detect security issues:

Presence of HTTPS on your website is a significant ranking factor for search engines. It suggests the users that you can look for their security and privacy. Site Audit offers a new HTTPS report that rapidly finds out security issues on your site. It informs when your SSL certificate is about to expire or if it get registered to a wrong domain name.

It also warns you regarding the internal links to non-secure pages and missing redirects from the HTTP to HTTPS versions of the same page. Also, it warns about the HTTP URLs within your sitemap and the usage of HTTP on those pages with password fields.

It is possible to export .pdf file of the site audit report. If you provide SEO services, this feature assists you in transforming a prospect into a client.

4 factors to consider while doing site audit

Irrespective of which tool you use for the site audit (like Semrush, Moz, or any other tool), below are some significant factors you have to consider to gain the most benefits of site audits.

1. Site speed:

One of the key aspects that search engine looks after is the user experience. In case your website fails to load quickly then end-user will not visit your website again. Hence, checking website speed is so much important.

There are various free online tools which you could use. It is advisable to use the Google’s pagespeed insights tool to go with with its expectation.

2. Indexing and accessibility:

Users’ communication with your site is recorded only while your website is accessible through their usability. This suggests that whether your search engine crawlers and visitors can access your webpages or not.

For that, your website needs to be appropriately indexed. If not, it depicts 4xx or 5xx server errors or it can be 3xx redirect errors. But, such SEO audits are quite simple to perform through Semrush.

3. Mobile-friendly test:

Nowadays everyone uses mobile phones. Google has upgraded to a mobile-first index for publishing search results that suggest that the online businesses require a responsive website which performs great on mobile devices as well.

To carry out a quick test, you can use mobile-friendly testing tools from Google.

4. Content:

In absence of content, it is pointless to discuss about the SEO because content is the key driving force for SEO. Put focus on posting high-quality content which adds a great value to your readers. When you write detailed content, you will automatically surpass your competitors.

By performing content audit, it is easy to find out the strengths and weaknesses of your site. Search engines rank pages; they don’t rank websites. The foremost task of a content audit is performing the identification of those pages that rank.

While optimizing your content, remember to keep the highly relevant keywords in the following sections:

  • Meta description
  • Opening paragraph
  • Page Title and URL
  • First 100 words
  • Alt tags in images
  • At least one subheading
  • Metatags

These corrections provide effective results to increase SEO rankings. This helps you perform an instant audit on your website. To make sure your website does not miss out any valuable traffic then you can perform audit checks at least every 3 months.

In short, site audit helps you to boost your website’s on-page SEO, find out redirect chains and loops which can damage SEO, analyze a domain’s use of markups, sitemap, HTTP status codes, internal links and hreflang tags. Also, it prioritizes the greatest important pages first that comes with the largest issues and also resolves it.

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Final Thoughts

Analyzing and resolving all your website SEO related issues is certainly the most significant step.

To attract more search traffic towards your sites, remember to carry out site audits often (at least once per month). For that, the tools like Semrush proves to be beneficial.

Click this link to Try Semrush tool Free for the 30 days (worth $119.95)

Semrush lets you find great keywords, find link-building opportunities, and analyze the competition. Also, it helps you to perform in-depth SEO site audit for any site to attract search traffic.

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