5 SEO Common Misconceptions You Should Avoid

If you are a website owner, you have probably read online that you need SEO or search engine optimization to enable your business to gain traction and have more visitors coming your way. That’s true, but unfortunately, some business owners are misinformed about how to use SEO to their advantage. You should attempt to know more about which SEO strategies can help you and which ones are false and misleading.

Here are the different SEO misconceptions that you should dodge so that you gain a better understanding of what really works for you.

SEO Common Misconceptions

Top 5 SEO Common Misconceptions You Should Avoid

Misconception #1: Ordinary People Cannot Understand SEO 

This is false because ordinary people CAN understand SEO when it is used properly. For example, ordinary people can craft SEO-friendly titles because that is commonsensical. You just need to write a title that will directly describe the content of the article. It’s not really a big mystery; it just has to be relevant, meaning that the title should be related to the article that is being displayed.

Misconception #2: Google Algorithms Make Life Confusing For SEO Practitioners

A competent SEO specialist like SEO Gold Coast will be able to tell you about the role of Google algorithms in dictating how SEO will make the search for your website query-related. This simply means that when a netizen searches for something online, the Google algorithm will interpret the search term and locate the correct pages that will adhere to that search term. 

SEO practitioners know that this means the pages on your site have to be relevant to the search term. That way, netizens will get an answer to their query through the pages that crop up after a search. Google algorithms were not created to confuse or confound anyone – they are simply an application of math that makes it easier for netizens to find what they are seeking. It is then up to the searchers to choose and decide which website answers their query according to their preference.

SEO Common Misconceptions You Should Avoid

Misconception #3: Article Titles Are Not Necessary When Crafting SEO

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Your website articles should definitely be SEO-ready by the time you upload them. Articles with poorly crafted titles will get lost in the swamp of forgotten content online because the search engine will not pair them up with ongoing searches by netizens. You definitely need SEO-friendly titles so that people will click on your site. Think of article titles as your first investment in content that follows SEO rules.

Misconception #4: All Websites Load Slowly So Speed Is Irrelevant In SEO

This is one of the most far-out ideas online and one of the most counter-productive. The truth is, a website that loads slowly is a liability for the owner of the site. Why? Because netizens are anxious to get solutions to their problems under time pressure. If you don’t invest in a website that loads quickly, netizens will look elsewhere for solutions to their problem – preferably from a competing website that does load fast. If you think netizens will hang around to see what your site is loading, you are very mistaken and that may mean the demise of your business. For best results, invest in Expert SEO Services instead.

Misconception #5: Keyword Density Will Make Your Content Stand Out

This is incorrect not because keyword density is no longer popular but because the new Google algorithms no longer support the practice. There was a time when content writing required a lot of keyword density to be incorporated, even if it made writing articles a bit of a struggle. Back then, it was believed that if you stuff your article with a lot of keywords, more people would be able to access and use your article because the page would shoot up to the top of search results. You may have realized by now that keyword density just makes it harder for good writers to craft articles with a logical flow. So you need to stop creating content that emphasizes keyword density, and instead, make content that is more query-related.


The reason SEO misconceptions are flourishing on the Internet is that many people aren’t educated yet about what SEO is and how it can help website owners gain a viable online presence. Actually, SEO is mostly commonsensical and just requires a bit of practice to master. Although some people may still find it difficult to understand SEO strategies, the good news is that there are SEO specialists who can do a great job making SEO-friendly websites and content. This means that you can do what you do best, which is basically running your business.

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