Tools and Techniques To Perform Competitive Keyword Research

Tools and techniques to perform competitive keyword research Process

Something that is really interesting about keyword research

The first step of each online marketing campaign is competitive keyword research and analysis. With this, a company can target its short term and long term traffic to the website, turn the visitors into potential customers and ultimately increase the sales and profits.

But, have you any idea that the keywords that most of the SEO experts find out are useless and unproductive. The reason is the process they follow. Usually, they type the main keyword in the Google Keyword planner and sort the results on the spreadsheet to figure out the suitable results. The problem is that about thousands of other SEOs and online marketers have already searched the same keyword using the same process. And if your website is rather new and you are working with a low authoritative domain, you are in a problem situation and you must find out a realistic keyword that can rank your website higher.

competitive keyword research

competitive keyword research

To redesign and re-plan your content marketing strategy, first of all, you need to understand that exactly what is the competitive keyword research. Actually, is more art than science. Though there are many tools and techniques to perform keyword research, they just start the process not finish. This is the mannerism of understanding and influencing the readers. For the experienced and skilled SEOs, the keyword research process is the way to figure out how much traffic they can drive towards their website for free.

With keyword research and its volume you are able to understand:

competitive keyword research

competitive keyword research

  1. What is the main problem your potential readers are facing?
    If there are 10000 people who have searched for a particular keyword, it means that it is a big problem and a group of readers is looking for the solution. It gives you an opportunity to create the content in this relation and influence them to use the products and services offered by you.
  2. What is the language they are using?
    While you know how the readers or audiences are describing their problem, you can develop more compelling content that will directly hit their nerve and motivate them to deal with you.
  3. What are the hot topics of the current time?
    As per time, the keywords also gain and lose their popularity. With proper keyword research, you can easily find out what topics are mostly searched by a large number of people at the current time and you can focus them, especially while developing the promotional content.

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Now, when we know how a proper and systematic competitive keyword research and analysis can help you to win the online marketing challenges, let’s get familiar with some interesting methods of finding keyword research.This will exactly guide you to figure out what is really meant for your audience and how to create your own reader’s persona.

competitive keyword research

  1. Students are your best audiences: This group of audiences is highly educated, technology-friendly and open-minded who welcome the changes and innovations. They are also the main buyers of various products. They can be very helpful to sense the mood of the market and finding the latest trend of the popular keyword. There are two methods by which you can understand this community:
    • Find out what they already like. You can do it by following the social media trends and popular blogging, e-commerce, and education websites.
    • Get an idea that what are they searching for. As any other age group, the students also face some problems and seek the solutions, with a smart eye on the online behavior you can easily understand these issues and pull out the most relevant keywords from them.

      competitive keyword research process

      Readers are the best keyword

  2. Find out the question that readers usually ask: The questions from the readers are the best keyword in themselves. Here are some ways so that you can extract keywords from the questions asked by the readers.
    • FaqFox ( ): This is a very convenient and handy tool that is used to generate the content and keyword ideas by entering a forum into it.
    • Scarp a forum: There are many websites online that cover many big forums. You can find the keyword idea from here and also can be familiar with the language currently followed by the readers.
    • Q n A sites: If you want to get the ideas from the questions asked by the readers, it is the best way. Go on any popular Q n A website such as Quora, Yahoo Answer, Stack Exchange, Ask Meta filter and Wiki answer. These websites also suggest you the better ideas as they present the algorithm of most popular searches both present and the past.
  3. Twitter chats are the hidden treasure: Twitter is the widely used social networking platform, yet most of us are unaware of its real power in content marketing and keyword research. Its features can be effectively used in successful Hash-tags are such one that particularly represents the subject of talk, chats, and discussion among the people active on Twitter. The followings are the options that can be used to pick the keyword suggestions from the popular hash-tags and other terms:
  4. Do not rely on just one or two tools: It will be really smart to not put all eggs in a single basket. Though you are working with the tools that are good, each of them has its own limitations. So if you want to get a complete set of keywords you have to use a different set of tools.


Always remember that keyword research and competition go hand in hand and you need to analyze the competitiveness of each keyword to assure its productive use in your content marketing campaign. It is also good to pass on the particular keyword that is used by most of the professionals and goes with the next option which will give you better visibility and comparatively higher rankings. To know more on competitive keyword research, you can read our suggested articles. If you have any query related to this article then please share with us in the comment section.

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