Comparative Study Of Some Popular Keyword Volume Tools

A comparative study of some popular keyword volume tools

Keywords are very important and crucial parts of the success of an SEO campaign. The time and efforts that you have spent on the online marketing strategy development will never be able to generate the desired results if the basic structure or the keyword research is faultful. This was the reason that Google introduced the very first and most reliable keyword research tool-Google Keyword Planner.

This free for the use keyword volume research tool was designed to support the webmaster’s in their functioning.

Today, along with this vintage and reputed tool for keyword volume research, there are many new tools have been developed to help the SEO experts. The latest version of Google Keyword Planner has the same features and new compatibilities. The list further goes on with Google keyword planner, Bing Keyword Tool, Wordtracker Keyword Tool and many other free and paid tools with many pros and cons.

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Let’s find out the advantages and disadvantages of these leading keyword volume tools.

popular keyword volume tools

Popular keyword volume tools

Google Keyword Planner

The throne of this classic keyword research tool is still unchallenged. The new generation launch of Google Keyword Planners is enriched with additional and enhanced functionality to support web developers. Here is the brief summary of the advantages that are offered by the latest version of Google’s keyword volume tool.

  1. The data are driven throughout Google itself so these are more reliable and trustworthy. The similar advantage cannot be expected with any other source or the third party.
  2. This is highly supportive to local keywords and offers some superb opportunities to the developers to take benefits of them. In the case, when you are practicing the local SEO, the local search element holds a great significance and with the help of this tool, you can easily target your search to the small town audience.
  3. The tool gives you a list or group of keyword suggestions. Though, this feature is not a new one and makes it convenient the keyword research by providing various groups of Keywords rather than a single one.

Google Keyword Planner and its inbuilt features make it more user-friendly and result oriented. The outcomes are more relevant and based on strong search procedures. There are some shortcomings or the disadvantages also with this tool on which base it is sometimes criticized.

Let’s know about them:

  1. If someone wants to work with Google Keyword planner first he or she needs to have an Adwords account first. The tool is not separately available that’s why creating an Adwords account is quite obvious.
  2. As a shortcoming of this tool, it is not suitable for broad or phrase search. While you are satisfied with limited search till the exact match and not the broad or phrase match, this is the best tool to work with.
  3. The tool is not device targeting. It does not work separately for volume search on desktop and mobile devices, it combines all that creates a confusion in some cases.

Though these are some problems with Google Keyword Planner, it offers a better service, performance, quality, and convenience than its competitors.

Bing Keyword Tool

This is regarded as the second-best alternative to keyword volume search. For those who are not satisfied with Google Keyword Planner or want an additional support tool for better coverage, you are advised to use Bing Keyword Tool.  The surpluses or the advantages of Bing keyword volume research tool can be given to these points:

  1. While you are using the Bing’s search engine, it will be the best-optimized tool. Sometimes the webmasters prefer using Bing for their online marketing planning and implementation, they should go with this tool for assuring the best results.
  2. The tool is highly compatible for range wise searches. Bing Keyword Tool offers you the great assistance while searching for volumes during the specific range of data, for example, seasonal volumes or gender-wise volume. This facility is not available with Google Keyword Planner.
  3. The tool also facilitates to find and observe the search trends. Just opposite to Google Keyword Planner, where you have to go for Google Trends, Bing Keyword tool offers this data hand on hand with the keyword research results.

Now, take took on the disadvantages or the points for which the Bing keyword tool is sometimes cannot satisfy its users:

  1. The data received here will just work with Bing only and not with Google or any other search engine. While you want to optimize your keywords or the website for Google, these data will not give you any help or support. In this way, these data are suitable for observing the trends but you will need more precise data that will suit Google as well.
  2. Similar to the Google Keyword Planner tool, this is not publicly accessible one. You always need to sign up for a Bing Webmaster Tool. Though the tool is absolutely free, with the privacy concerned with your research data, signing up is a must.
  3. The results achieved through Bing Keyword tool may be effective or work well in national or the international level. But if you need more detailed data on the local level such as state, city or the town level, you are not granted with a look at your side.

Wordtracker Keyword Tool

This is a keyword volume research tool with remarkably less use and popularity, yet it deserves the attention or the consideration as an alternative. The advantages of this keyword tool are:

  1. It gives the insights about the competitiveness of the keyword. That means you are availed not just the volume of the searches as the results, you additionally receive the volume of competitors. So if you find a keyword highly competitive, you should better to skip it.
  2. word tracker Keyword Tool is loaded with an inbuilt multiple search filter. In this way you have option limit your search to the exact match only focused on the related terms or search for keywords in any order.
  3. This is friendly with SEMRush and the paid searchers get the data from that tool as well. With a single subscription, you can use both at the same time.

Now, let’s get knowledge about Wordtracker Keyword Tool:

  1. This is a paid tool. The free version is also available, but with limited functionality. So if you want to get the best out of the tool, you will have to pay for this.
  2. The tool also requires the registration.
  3. Reliability is another issue. The received data is not backhanded by Google or any other leading search engine, the level of reliability is not that higher.

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Above described keyword research tools is the best option for keyword volume search. Though many other paid and free tools are available out there due to a limited scope of reach, reliability, and quality, they cannot be considered as an alternative.

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